2768 Significance of Jesus' crucifixion and consequences of rejection....

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  WORD OF GOD... through Bertha Dudde 2768 Significance of Jesus' crucifixion and conseuences of re!ection.... Jesus hrist died on the cross for the #ho$e of hu%anit& andhu%anit& #ants to descrie this crucifixion as a %inor (oint) as asentence of execution for a nationa$ acti*ist or e*en as an entire$&un$i+e$& %&th.... ,herefore (eo($e de(ri*e the%se$*es of e*er&entit$e%ent to God's %erc& since the& do not ac+no#$edge thisgreatest #or+ of %erc&) hence God's %erc& cannot ex(ress itse$f inthe% either. -s a resu$t their #i$$ re%ains fee$e) God's ad*ersar& ai%s tosudue hu%an #i$$ in his fa*our) i.e. the indi*idua$ does not ha*ethe strength to resist this inf$uence if he does not acce(t hrist'sact of Sa$*ation. Jesus' sacrifice on eha$f of hu%anit& can ne*er e $essened & it. o#e*er) (eo($e #ho atte%(t to de*a$ue or to co%($ete$& in*a$idate hrist's act of Sa$*ation rese%$e the (eo($e during Jesus' ti%e onearth in s(irit) thus the& a$so ha*e to acce(t the sa%econseuences) they have to prepare themselves for muchdestruction  as #as the fate of those #ho #ere hosti$e to#ardsJesus hrist on earth) #ho refused to ac+no#$edge i% as Son of God and Sa*iour of the #or$d. Since those (eo($e #ere fo$$o#ers of Satan the& a$$o#ed the%se$*esto eco%e so inf$uenced & hi% that the& o((osed a$$ e*idence of Jesus hrist in order to e$itt$e i% and to su((ress is s(iritua$acco%($ish%ent.  -nd no# hu%anit& is stri*ing to destro& #hat sti$$ testifies of Jesus'ti%e on earth and) in co%(arison) this rese%$es the sa%e chaosas too+ ($ace in those da&s. S(iritua$$& and (h&sica$$& this chaos #i$$ex(ress itse$f in co%($ete destruction #hich hu%an #i$$ can no$onger e*ade.... hrist's crucifixion #as the on$& %eans to transfor% hu%an thoughton earth) i.e. Jesus hrist's sacrifice on eha$f of hu%anit&strengthened the fragi$e #i$$(o#er of the hu%an eing) ena$inghi% to resist the o((onent's de%ands #ith con*iction #ithouteco%ing o*er#he$%ed & hi%. ,hus the ac+no#$edg%ent of God in Jesus hrist is at the sa%eti%e the %ost re$ia$e guarantee for the hu%an eing to detachhi%se$f fro% the ad*ersar&. Jesus hrist's crucifixion has gained (eo($e a stronger #i$$. ,hehu%an eing cannot a(($& this #i$$ in an& other #a& since #ithoutJesus hrist he #ou$d sti$$ e su!ect to the (o#er of God'so((onent and #ou$d $ac+ sufficient #i$$(o#er to $ierate hi%se$f. ,hus the intention of the #or$d to den& Jesus hrist is extre%e$&significant as it $essens the strength of resistance and constant$&increases the inf$uence of God's ad*ersar&. u%anit&'s conducttherefore re*ea$s e*er %ore heart$essness as a resu$t of thisinf$uence #hich can on$& e offset and neutra$ised & hrist'scrucifixion. ,he sou$s of hu%an eings are in ut%ost danger ecause the& #i$$fai$ #hen the& are ex(ected to confess Jesus hrist efore the#or$d. On$& the e$ief in hrist's crucifixion ena$es (eo($e to do soecause on$& then is their #i$$ strong enough to o*erco%e e*er&resistance. -nd Jesus hrist (aid for this strength of #i$$ for hu%an eings #ithis death on the cross.... e has re$eased the% fro% thead*ersar&'s ca(ti*it& if the& e$ie*e in i%.... -%en  /u$ished & friends of ne# re*e$ations of God 0 1nfor%ation)do#n$oad of a$$ trans$ated re*e$ations) the%eoo+$ets at3 htt(344###.erthadudde.info4eng$$  — htt(344en.erthadudde.org4
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