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  2B or not 2B consulting Syndicate Exercise 2  Principle #1 Name Maximise Benefit To the Enterprise (Business) Statement All IT initiatives must maximise benefits to the enterprise as a whole Rationale Move focus towards an integrated enterprise  –  the whole needs to be greater than the sum of the parts. Benefits to the enterprise are maximised by delivering on business goals  –  increase revenue, reduced costs, improve customer service, exciting organistion. Implications Business units must measure results against business goals of enterprise (i.e. increase revenue, reduce costs, improve customer service). Business units must be prepared to comprise on individual and local goals in favour of goals of organisations (e.g. develop solutions for reuse) Funding models to reflect enterprise orientation rather than silos or local goals.  Principle #2 Name Data is an Asset (Data Principle) Statement The integrity and availability of data must be protected and enhanced by IT initiatives. Rationale Supports improved customer service by enabling tracking of packages from pick up point to delivery point. Implications At all points along the supply chain, data is to be carefully recorded, stored and shared. Data semantics must be agreed by all those that collect, share and use data. Data as an Asset, must be managed and governed to ensure value of asset is maintained. Ownership, Stewardship roles and responsibilities must be established.  Principle #3 Name Buy over Build (Application Principle) Statement IT solutions will leverage COTS in preference over in house developed solutions. Rationale Speed delivery of solutions to this business. Leverage industry best practise. Reduce risk of new IT solutions. Implications Adopt and adapt processes and way of doing things. Migration from custom legacy software to package based software. License & Support costs. Vendor Management. Exception: In house developed solutions to preserve or create competitive advantage.
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