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  2º Practice Test Unit 5 Name ............................................Class ............................................... Grammar 1Replace the words in italics using these words and making other necessary changes. should can must can’t don’t have to 1 We  are allowed to  leave when we finish the test.  2  It’s important that I   get some petrol soon.  3  It’s not necessary for us to  get a return ticket  because my dad will pick us up.  4  It’s not possible for you to  get in without a key.  5  It would be a good idea for you to  check these words in the dictionary.  5 2Choose the correct alternatie to complete the sentences. 1 You have to/ought to  go home if you’re feeling tired. 2 You mustn’t/don’t have to  learn Spanish. You can learn French instead. 3 I mustn’t/shouldn’t   eat this cake because I’m on a diet, but I will 4  You ’d better/can  leave early if you want to catch the train. 5  You can/have to  have dinner with us tonight, if you’d like to.  5 !Complete the sentences with the correct orm o the er#s gien. 1  If I !!!!!!!!!! know# the answer, I  !!!!!!!!!! tell# you. $ut I’ve got no idea 2  If I !!!!!!!!!! finish# early this afternoon, I  !!!!!!!!!! pick# up a pi%%a for dinner. 3  I !!!!!!!!!! give# all the students a holiday if I !!!!!!!!!! be# the teacher 4  &hey !!!!!!!!!! win# the match if they  !!!!!!!!!! get# one more goal.  8 $oca#ulary %Complete the sentences with the correct orm o the words gien. 1  'ulia’s university !!!!!!!!!! profess# is a very clever man. 2  &he boss sent letters to all his !!!!!!!!!! employ#. 3  (y driving !!!!!!!!!! instruct# picked me up after work. 4  &here were two !!!!!!!!!! photograph# at the wedding. 5  &he !!!!!!!!!! )ournal# wrote a good story for the maga%ine. 6  (y brother would like to be a !!!!!!!!!! science#.  6 5Complete the sentences with the correct school su#&ects. 1  In !!!!!!!!!!, we paint and draw pictures. 2 In !!!!!!!!!!, we learn how to program computers. 3 In !!!!!!!!!!, we learn about plants. 4 In !!!!!!!!!!, we listen to famous composers. 5 In !!!!!!!!!!, we learn about management. 6 In !!!!!!!!!!, we train to be doctors.  6 Gateway B1+ Tests © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011. This sheet may be h!t!c!ied and used within the class.  1  of 4  Name ............................................Class ............................................... 'Complete the sentences with these words. essay grade term timetable cheat  pass 1 I got an *+’ in my final eams. What  !!!!!!!!!! did you get- 2 If I !!!!!!!!!! this eam, I can go to university. 3 What’s on your !!!!!!!!!! at school for Friday afternoons- 4 &he teacher saw Steven !!!!!!!!!! in the test and she made him leave the room. 5 We’ve got a new nglish teacher net  !!!!!!!!!!. 6 I thought 'im’s !!!!!!!!!! about global warming was very good indeed.  6 Reading (Read the article a#out cheating and decide i the statements are true )T*+ alse ),* or not mentioned )-*. All your own work? Several years ago, students used to cheat in tests by hiding notes in books or writing things on their legs or hands. If they wanted good marks for their homework, they copied their friend’s or askedtheir parents to help out. &oday, cheating at school or university has become a lot more high tech It seems that although the Internet has had an enormous benefit in giving students access to unlimited supply of information, it has also encouraged the development of a highly successfulindustry for helping students to cheat very effectively indeed. &here are two main ways that students can use the Internet to help them get better marks at school. Firstly, they can access information and simply copy whole chunks of articles or reports into their own homework assignments and pretend that it is their own work. +nother very worrying development is the eistence of specialised websites that supply srcinal essays written specifically on demand. &his means that a student  pays a website to provide an essay with a certain title. &he website employs writers to write the essay, and the lecturers believe that the student haswritten it him or herself. It is actually possible to say what grade you would like the essay to achieve, so that the result is not too far from your own abilities. /esearch has shown that some university students are prepared to pay up to 0122 for a good essay. 3ecturers have been aware of the problem for 4uite a while now and most will use special software to scan for *copied’ work from the Internet. 5owever, this only detects chunks that are copied eactly from the web, not specially6written work. $ecause these are srcinals, it is almost possible to detect that they are not the students’ work. 3ecturers are relying on their knowledge of students’ abilities and have to be alert to new types of phrases or style that suddenly appear. What they can do is scan the web for their essay titles and check whether any appear on strange websites, but this is clumsy and not very efficient. Gateway B1+ Tests © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011. This sheet may be h!t!c!ied and used within the class.  2  of 4  Name ............................................Class ............................................... perts say that the answer is to start teaching students from the early age of 77 the dangers of copying work. +nother suggestion has been to give personalised essay titles such as8 *9ompare the  plot of ... with your own eperiences.’ 5owever, it is probably inevitable that the la%ier student will always try to find an easy way around hard work, whereas the more conscientious student will do hisown. 1 9heaters used different techni4ues in the past. &:F:;( 2 +ll essays that are written to order will get perfect grades. &:F:;( 3 9heaters can choose from a selection of essay titles on special websites. &:F:;( 4 3ecturers who are familiar with their students’ work can sometimes tell if they have cheated. &:F:;( 5 <ne solution to the problem is to havea different type of essay 4uestion. &:F:;(  5 /istening (Tests CD, Track 6) 0 ou are going to hear our people talking a#out early education. /isten and match the speakers 34 with the statements in 135. There is one etra statement you do not need. 1 &he child’s needs are more important than the  parents’.Speaker !!!  2  =eople should not have to pay for early learningfor their children.Speaker !!!  3 arly learning is beneficial for la%y children. Speaker !!!  4  9hildren should be allowed to make the most of their childhood.Speaker !!!  5 Some types of nursery schools are fun for the children.Speaker !!!   4 Gateway B1+ Tests © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011. This sheet may be h!t!c!ied and used within the class.  3  of 4  Name ............................................Class ............................................... Use o 6nglish 7Complete the second sentence so it means the same as the 8rst+ using the word gien. 4o not change the word gien. Use #etween two and 8ewords. 1 You must work hard and then you’ll get good results in your eams.Y<>If !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get good results in your eams. 2 I can’t go on the school trip because I haven’t got enough money.+$3If I had enough money, I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the school trip. 3 It’s not necessary for you to be home before 77.5+? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be home before 77. 4 It’s not a good idea to eat too much )unk food.S5<>3@;’& !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too much )unk food. 5 It’s against the rules for students to use dictionaries in tests. ;<& !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dictionaries in tests.  10 9riting 1:ou see this adertisement at a leisure centre or a summer &o#. 5elp run our summer sports programme for children and earn some money too Write to Aate Smith to tell us why you would be good for the  )ob. 9rite a letter to ;ate <mith. 9rite 12:31': words.   5  60 Gateway B1+ Tests © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011. This sheet may be h!t!c!ied and used within the class.  4  of 4
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