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    Department of Education Region I Pangasinan Division II Villasis II BACAG CENTRAL SCHOOL SY 2017-2018 2 nd  Quarter Test INDUSTRIAL ARTS 6 Name:________________________________ Score:_________ I. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. A transparent finishing material that comes from gum, linseed oil, and resin. a. Varnish c. stains b. Enamel d. paint 2. It is the process of whitening or removing the colour by sunlight exposure. a. Pyrography c. preserving b. Bleaching d. dyeing 3. To compute the unit ______ of each finished article, add the cost of materials and cost of labor. a. Cost b. Earned c. Gain d. Revenue 4. The sum of mark-up price and capital is the _____________. a. Revenue b. Selling price c. Expenses d. Inventory 5. Refers to the amount of money received in exchanged for the product sold. a. Revenue b. Selling price c. Expenses d. Income 6. Refers to the amount of money paid in exchanged for product received and purchased. a. Revenue b. Selling price c. Expenses d. Income 7. Here are some importance of production plan, except one. a. Reduced labour costs by eliminating wasted time and improving process flow. b. Reduced inventory costs by decreasing the need for safety stocks and excessive work-in-process inventories. c. Optimized equipment usage and increased capacity. d. Improved the air quality index 8. Which of the following cannot be recycled? a. Milk cartons b. Plastic water bottle c. Glass container d. Napkin 9. What is the importance of recycling? a. Recycling conserves natural resources .  b. Recycling is fun. c. Recycling makes people busy. d. Both A and B 10. In classifying waste materials what are the things we have to consider? a. The physical appearance of the materials. b. The common characteristics of the materials. c. The color of the materials d. The size of the materials II. Choose the correct answer inside the box. Tester male plug Combination pliers screw driver Electrical wires holder  _____1. An electrical tool which is used to twist or splice an electrical wire.   _____2. An instrument used to test if the gadget is functioning or there is a flow of electricity in the connection made?  _____3. A part of a lamp that holds the fluorescent tube.  _____4. Tools used in tightening and loosening screws.  _____5. An electrical material which is used as a connector or path where electricity flows. It can be duplex, solid or stranded. III. Arrange the scrambled letter. Refer to the clue on the right side. 1. T O L U I N G N I _________________is the process of making on the outer parts of any shape, object or any figure by the use or lines 2. G N S A H I D _________________is the process of marking the inside of an outline to project shadows or degrees of lightness and darkness 3. W G R N A D I _________________is an art represents objects or any form on a surfaces using lines. 4. K H C E S T G N I ________________is the process by which an image is drawn in a loose manner. 5. IELN ________________    is a continuous mark made on a surface and connects a point into another. IV. Direction: Answer the puzzle below. Across 2. marketing encourages online interaction between your customers and your business using various social networking sites 3. offers you a variety of different ways to market your product or service on a website or by email Down 1. content captures more audience time than any other media and is targeted at home audiences. 2. allow for marketing tactics that let you reach customers directly on their mobile devices 4. is cost effective, and the audience is usually loyal to a station's program format V. Write S if the situation shows as safe practice, writes U if it is an unsafe practice.  ______1. Never use equipment with frayed cords, damaged insulation or broken plugs.  ______2. Avoid water at all times when working with electricity.  ______3. Never touch or try repairing any electrical equipment or circuits with wet hands.  ______4. If you are working on any receptacle at your home then always turn off the main switch. T S O I R T M O   ______5. Always use appropriate insulated rubber gloves and goggles while working on any electrical circuit. VI. Write C if the statement is correct and write W if the statement is wrong.  _____1. Always use tools with non-conducting handles when working on electrical devices.  _____2. An experienced electrician can do some repairs of electrical appliances even with wet hands.  _____3. To test the hotness of an electric iron, you can use back part of your hand.  _____4. Unplug the equipment if water spilled into it.  _____5. An electrical current passes to the person as you touch a live wire. VII. Find the parts of your house. It can be diagonal, horizontal or vertical. List down all possible answers. L K F E V T B D X W B S I P O H N N O Q I O E T V F S X M O A N D D C N I N G A R E A E F H T U N H J K K D G C E I L I G N N K O A H N A T J K R B M W T D I N I N I G O R E A C O M P O R T R O O M T J Z E V R U R O M Q R O O F C W A L L H G 1. ____________________________ 6. __________________________ 2. ____________________________ 7. __________________________ 3. ____________________________ 8. __________________________ 4. ____________________________ 9. __________________________ 5. ____________________________ 10.__________________________ VIII. Direction: Put a check (/) if proper sorting of waste materials and X if not. 1. Things used everyday should be near the work place. 2. Remove unnecessary items or materials from the work place.. 3. Decide what is necessary and what is unnecessary inside the work place. 4. Assign cabinets / racks for materials according to its uses. 5. Identify waste materials as reusable, recyclable or residual. Good Luck…..  Prepared by: George E. Montero Teacher  Key to corrections I. 1. a 6. c 2. b 7. d 3. a 8. d 4. b 9. d 5. a 10. B II. 1.   Combination pliers 2.   Tester 3.   Holder 4.   Screw drivers 5.   Electric wires III. 1.   Outlining 2.   Shading 3.   Drawing 4.   Sketching 5.   Line IV. Across 2. Social media down 1. television 3. internet 2. Smartphones 4. Radio V. 1. s 2. s 3. s 4. s 5. s VI. 1.   C 2.   W 3.   W 4.   C 5.   C VII. 1-10 VIII. 1- 5 √  
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