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1. 2nd YEAR COLUNLPam English “A” 2014 2. In this picture yo see are Patch Adams and man touch their fingers. This is a interview with Patch Adams: P: Paulina.…
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  • 1. 2nd YEAR COLUNLPam English “A” 2014
  • 2. In this picture yo see are Patch Adams and man touch their fingers. This is a interview with Patch Adams: P: Paulina. J:Juan. PA: Patch Adams. J: Mr. Patch where are you i this picture? PA: I´m in Iquitos Perú with one man. P:How are the clowing this payamedicos? PA: We use coloful clothes and any related with death. P: What are you doing? PA: We are touching fingers. Because the my work is helping pepole and steal smiles. J: What are you feelling doing this? PA: Im verry happy because i like help pepole. P: What are pepole doing in the festival? PA: The pepole danceing,singin,laugh,but the childrens not gooing at school and adult not work. J: Okey Patch, thanks for this information. P: Yes Patch, and thanks for stoping your duty to do this interview.
  • 3. ABRIL & VICTOR Text: Dr. Patch Adams and payamedicos is visiting Iquitos in Amazonian Peru. Bola roja is a clown’s organization, Belen the town he is visiting is a very poor place In Belen Iquitos haven’t water, bus, theatre, school, bank or church but there bicycle, houses and clown. Some of the professionals that you can see at the festival are doctor, psychologists, students, architects... In the festival saw no magic, dancing, puppets, kites, bubbles, bands or drums parade. To all hospitals go “Payamédicos” There are unhappy people. Dialogue: Victor: where is visiting the Dr. patch Adams? Abril: In Belen, Iquitos. Isn’t Victor: what is bola roja? Abril: Bola Roja is a clown’s organization. Victor: what are they wearing the payamedicos? Abril: use a red nose, long stockings, but not used jeans Victor: what are people doing in the festival? Abril: people at the festival play and have fun
  • 4. They are in Iquitos, Amazonian Peru. Every year Pacha Adams visiting Iquitos. The weather like is sunny and hot. Pacha Adams is wearing a colorful T-shirt, and red nose, a bird cap, a big skirt. They are walking and talking. They are felling happy because they are used to this life They aren’t going to the school, they don’t know writing and they don’t working. He is clowning because he wants equality and justice The people are dancing ,singing , laugh JUAN CRUZ DADAN – VALENTINA RAGAÑARAZ
  • 5. AGUSTINA DIHEL & LOURDES DEL BUSTO Patch Adams in Belén We choose this picture because we think if there is no love, there is no happiness, and if a sick person is not happy, can’t be cured. Personally, we admire Payamédicos, because it should be not easy to make laugh an unhappy person. The idea that we like about hospitals, it’s that if Patch creates one, he will pay same salary to doctors, nurses, cleaners, administrators; all the personal, and there will be no difference between them. In Belén, Iquitos; there’s no water, no banks, no theaters, buses or school (children hasn’t got school education). But there are big-hearted people who dedicate their time to make another happy. In the picture, they are in Belén’s street, Patch is greeting a man. (Belén is a very poor town in Iquitos, Amazonian Perú). Patch is wearing a colorful shirt, a skirt, a chicken hat, a pacifier in the neck and the most importantly, the red nose. The senior is wearing a white shirt and a green cap. Payamédicos visits Iquitos once a year to the festival. The weather it’s cloudy and hot. They’re feeling happy. Patch is greeting the senior. They’re clowning because that make laugh people, and laughs are happiness. The people dance, sing, play instruments, do magic, play and tell jokes in the festival
  • 6. Showing Happiness The Doctor Patch Adamsand Payamédicos are located in Belen, Iquitos, Amazon, Peru, once a year, Belen city they are visiting is a very poor place, in the festival there are bicycle, houses, dancing, and clowns, but there isn’t schools, theaters, water, church, bus, bank, magic, or kit, and as long as there is hot. Red Ball is organization the clowns, her clothes has many colors. The Payamédicos fun people just to get a smile. NICOLAS
  • 7. Martina, Ayelen Valentin Patch Adams in Iquitos, Perú In This picture, Patch Adams and a man are touching their fingers. Patch Adams is stand and the man is sit. The man lives in Iquitos, a little town in Perú. Iquitos is very poor and hasn´t water. Patch is wearing a full colour t-shirt, a big red nose, a chicken hat and a skirt. The other man is wearing a green cap and a white shirt. They are front of a big house. The house looks like not finish, but is not true. The people live in this condition. In the picture, you can look clothes hang on rope. The town’s people don’t work and doesn’t go to school. Everyone was in the street doing nothing. Patch Adams belongs to Red Ball, a clowns organization. Clowns -from fifteen countries- are sharing the festival. The clowns are sharing happiness. In the festival, the people is dancing, singing or playing different games. The girls are looking like Patch entertains people with their games; their joy and love have to give. And, by the end, a beauty and very true phrase: “Friendship is the best Medicine”
  • 8. In Iquitos ,Peru today is very sunny and hot and the people there is very HAPPY because the clowns are visiting the town. M- Look that girls are plying the drums parade in the street C- They are walking behind the clowns and with the children. They are so happy and funny M- The clowns are wearing a very colourful and stranger clothes, but the people here don´t have that kind of clothes. C- Yes this is a so poor place, but they are used to it. M-The children in this town aren’t go to school or studying C- But they can’t go although they won’t, because here don’t have any school. M- I don’t see any building or a bank here C- That kind of building isn’t very popular here, why they have a bank if they don’t have money? M-That’s true, is unhappy, but is the true. But now with the clowns they don’t care. C- Yeah, they are so happy with the clowns here!! M- I believe it’s so pretty they come here one day of the year!
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