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2Pac interview On KMEL radio, '96

Interview with Tupac Shakur by Sway of The Wake Up Show. It first aired on KMEL's Westside Radio on April 19 1996. Transcribed by KMEL's Davey D
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  2Pac On KMEL's Westside Radio Program interviewed by  Sway ..4/19/96 transcribed by Davey D   E arlier this year..Friday April 19 1996, Tupac Sa!ur  graced the airwaves of KE! adio#s Westside Radio  progra$ in %an Francisco.&ere, in an historic interview he let the entire 'ay Area (now e)actly what he was feeling and thin(ing at that point in ti$e. For those who weren#t *p on the bac(drop at the ti$e that interview aired, +ac had not spo(en to anyone e)tensively since -oining eath ow. &is alb*$, #All Eyes n e# was the alb*$ of choice for $ore then a few head0 especially here in the 'ay Area. he ad oy / Deat Row  conflict was at an all ti$e high... 2o one fro$ the eath ow ca$p had spo(en on co3fo*nder Dr Dre #s depart*re. ore i$portantly, +ac had not been thro*gh the 'ay inwhat see$d li(e years...y boy Sway  of Te Wa!e #p Sow  was the person as(ing the *estions.. $ irst o% a&& 2Pac congratu&ations on your successMost peop&e %rom te ay (rea cou&dn't )e tere )y your side)ut we %e&t &i!e wit every episode you went troug we were terewesaw you troug te media and we were rigt tere roters gotta a &otta &ove %or you ere in te ay (rea and we wanna !now wen you're p&anning on coming )ac!* 2Pac+ 5#$ co$in# bac( for s*re..and 5 love the 'ay. Everywhere 5 go..and every episode 5#ve  been thro*gh, 5 always felt li(e 5 was sharing it..both the good ti$es and the bad ti$es with the 'ay Area. 5 felt li(e whatever 5 a$ the 'ay Area had so$ething to do with $a(ing $e. %o if 5#$  bad they had so$ething to do with $a(ing $e and if 5#$ good they had so$ething to do with $a(ing $e. 'etween the east coast, the 'ay Area and !A and 'alti$ore, those places $ade $e....5owe the$ everything. 5t#s not li(e 5 -*st got love for one bloc(. 5 got love for those co$$*nities.. 5 got love for those areas beca*se everything abo*t those areas $ade $e who 5 a$...Fro$ the crac( heads to biggest ballers to the teachers to the principals in schools to the police that p*lled $e by the ar$ to the $a$$as on the bloc(. o everybody who help raise $e and 5 appreciate it...ith all $y fans 5 got a fa$ily again.hen 5 started rappin# 5 was tal(in# abo*t bro(en ho$es and now everybody is alright again -*st  beca*se of $y fans being behind $e..they $ade it $ore then -*st an artist thing..instead it was li(ethe$ saying #hey that#s o*r ho$eboy and we s*pport hi$. 5 appreciate that... 5 went to -ail and they$ade $e n*$ber one.. 5 appreciate the$ stic(in# *p for $e when everyone was (ic(in $e when 5 was down... hat#s love and 5#ll never trade for the 'ay and hilly and all those areas and all those ghettos and towns..5 love y#all..don#t let this east coast west coast thing get to yo*... 5 love yo* with all $y heart with everything. 5 do this for y#all.... , t seems &i!e every time you come up someting appens to )ring you )ac! down Wen you're caugt up &i!e tat wat is it tat goes troug your mind wen you got mi&&ions o% %ans wondering a)out you* 2Pac+   5t h*rts $e in one way beca*se they be loo(in# at $e saying #a$n yo* got everything  why are yo* doing this7# 5n $y heart 5#ll be saying #a$n yo* (now 5 don#t wanna go to -ail..5#$ trying to live.# n the other hand, 5 can#t really ta(e it personal beca*se 5#$ a reflection of the co$$*nity... All yo*ng 'lac( $ales are going thro*gh that..5t#s happening with a lot of yo*ng 'lac( fe$ales also yo*ng white $ales... A lot of $inorities are going thro*gh that where they try to co$e *p and get p*lled bac( five steps...o $e it#s not personal beca*se they#re all going thro*gh it. he only thing that $a(es it different and srcinal with $e is that people get to watch it fro$ beginning to end li(e it#s a soap opera. 8o*get to watch $ine and with everyone else they get to hide and go to their ho$es and get over it. ith $e yo* see $e dealing with $y greatest pains. 8o* see $e get over things.... W at went troug your ead wen you got sot in -ew .or! and tat wo&e comp&ication*   2Pac+ 5 can#t front. 5t slowed $e down. hat went thro*gh $y $ind was #li(e da$n 5#$ shot#. 5 *sed to believe 5 co*ld never be to*ched. %o now 5#$ $ore caref*l. %o$e people $ay say 5#$ disrespectf*l..b*t 5#$ $ore ca*tio*s beca*se 5 have been shot. 5 (now what that feels li(e. 5#$ not trying to be in that predica$ent. 5 (now we all have choices to $a(e and $y choices have already been $ade even if 5 wanna change it. hat 5 learned in -ail is that 5 can#t change. 5 can#t live a different lifestyle..this is it. his is the life that they gave and this is the life that 5 $ade. 8o* (now how they say #yo* $ade yo*r bed now lay in it7 5 tried to$ove... can#t $ove into so$e other bed. his is it. 2ot for the co*rts. 2ot for the parole board. 2ot for nobody. All 5#$ trying to do is s*rvive and $a(e good o*t of the dirty,nasty, *nbelievable lifestyle that they gave $e. 5#$ -*st trying to $a(e so$ething good o*t of that. 5t#s li(e if yo* try and plant so$ething in the concrete..if it grows and the rose pedals got all (ind of scratches and $ar(s, yo*r not gonna say #a$n loo( at all the scratches on the rose that grew fro$ the concrete#. 8o*r gonna say..a$n A rose grew fro$ the concrete7 ell that#s the sa$e thing with $e.. Fol(s sho*ld be sayin# #a$n he grew o*t of all that7.. hat#s what they sho*ld see. roter you must )e tru&y )&essed to go troug a&& tese tria&s and tri)u&ations you've )een troug and you're sti&& maintaining Even now tey're sti&& comin' a%ter you .ou got tese demons and o)stac&es tat !eep comin down arder and arder ,t seems &i!e everytime you turn around/ you got some)ody !noc!in' on your door trying to ta!e someting %rom you   2Pac+  hey co$e harder and harder. 5t#s li(e everyti$e 5 thin( this is it and 5 go all o*t to beat that and 5 win or 5 lose...5 co$e into the ne)t one and it#s worse. 5t#s li(e the twilight 0one. 5t#s li(e so$e evil, *nstoppable shit that won#t let $e go. 5t#s got it#s hands on $e and it wants to see $e fail. 5n $y $ind so$eti$es when 5#$ dr*n( or 5#$ -*st laying down..5 (eep thing to $yself, #a$nis this tr*e7.. A$ 5 gonna fail7 A$ 5 s*pposed to fail7 %ho*ld 5 -*st stop trying and give *p7 '*t then 5#$ li(e #2aw, hold *p hold on..that#s e)actly what they#re waiting on $e to do#... hey#re waiting for $e to give *p. %o now this is -*st a f*n little ga$e that 5 cry at so$eti$e..that 5 la*gh at so$eti$e..that 5 s$ile at and have good ti$es and bad ti$es..'*t it#s a ga$e. 5t#s the ga$e of life....o 5 win or do 5 lose7. 5 (now one day they#re gonna sh*t the ga$e down b*t 5 gotta have as $*ch f*n and go aro*nd the board as $any ti$es as 5 can before it#s $y t*rn to leave...  0 ow did you %irst get down wit Suge Knigt and Deat Row*   2Pac+  5 *sed to always see %*ge. hen they did the so*ndtrac( for Murder Was Te 1ase  and5 was going thro*gh all those legal proble$s..&e was li(e #8o give $e a song dog#. 5 gave hi$ a song and 5 got the $ost 5 ever got for a song. 5t was da$n near an alb*$ b*dget. 5 got so$ething li(e +:: tho*sand dollars for one song and they didn#t even *se it. '*t 5 still got paid for everything 5 did for the so*nd trac(. 5 re$e$ber when he did it.. &e did it not beca*se he was  -oc(ing $e, b*t beca*se he (new 5 was having cra0y legal proble$s and 5 was a $an. &e had as(ed $e to co$e to eath ow and 5 told hi$ 5 wasn#t ready,. 5nstead of ta(ing it personal he did that for $e and 5 appreciated that. %o when 5 was in -ail -*st sittin# there..5 was gonna *it rappin# b*t then Pu%%y  and iggie ca$e o*tin i)e Maga3ine  and lied and twisted the facts. All 5 wanted to do was end everything and wal( away fro$ the shit. 5 wanted to get o*t the ga$e. 5#$ trying to get o*t the ga$e and they wanna dirty *p $y $e$ory. hey wanna dirty *p everything 5 wor(ed for. %o instead of *ittin# it $ade $e wanna co$e bac( and be $ore relentless to destroy who *sed to be $y co$rades and ho$eboys. hese g*ys were $y closest clic(. 5 wor(ed hard all $y life as far as this $*sic b*siness to bring abo*t east coast west coast love and $a(e everybody feel co$fortable. 5 drea$ed of the day when 5 co*ld go to  2ew 8or( and feel co$fortable and they co*ld co$e o*t here and be co$fortable. %o when people as( $e abo*t this east coast/west coast thing it#s not silly at all...b*t yo* can#t disrespect the love. 8o* can#t disrespect the peace treaty.. hat#s -*st li(e when the 5ndians $ade dealswith the white d*des and they wo*ld -*st co$e and rape their wo$en and shoot#e$ *p and leave...of co*rse the 5ndians aren#t gonna love white people no $ore.. hey#regonna want to (ic( *p so$e d*st *ntil people thin( abo*t it and re negotiate the ter$s of the treatyand that#s where this east coast west coast st*ff is at right now. e gotta have this beef and these words and this dialog*e *ntil we can re negotiate the ter$s of the treaty. 5 love the east coast..5 fro$ the east coast, b*t they have to *nderstand yo* -*st can#t be saying shit abo*t *s and thin( we#re not gonna ta(e it personally... 8o* -*st can#t be calling *s fa(ers and pretenders and non3creative and say we can#t freestyle..and we -*st sit bac( and say #2aw it#s cool #ca*se we love the$  beca*se they started hip hop#. &ell no, we#re gonna ta(e it personal, -*st li(e a (id wo*ld when his  bigger brother who ain#t doing his shit steps to hi$. hat#s li(e a little brother $a(ing lots of cash and the bigger brother co$in# along and sayin# #8o* owe it all to $e# hat#s wrong.. on#t be $ad  beca*se the little nigg*h is co$in# *p P ac you gave a &ot o% &ove )ac! to some ay (rea artist &i!e E456/ Rappin' 5Tay/ Dru Down and te wo&e crewta&! a)out wat made you decide to wor! wit tem   2Pac+  'eca*se 5 can#t always be in the 'ay. 5 (now how the 'ay is. he 'ay is the type of placewhere if yo* ain#t there they#re gonna tal( abo*t yo*. 5 wanted the$ to (now that 5 love yo*, 5 feel yo* and 5#$ gonna represent for yo*. 5 (now 5 gotta a certain a$o*nt of acclai$ so 5 bring the 'aywith $e... 5 (now E456 is what 5 was when 5 was with Digita& #nderground . &e is the 'ay right now ..hi$ and 5Tay . %o 5 get the$ on $y alb*$ to represent the 'ay. 5t shows we still have love and we#re still all good. 'y *s being representatives we bring the 'ay where ever we go.. appin# 4ay has always been raw to $e and 5 li(e his style. hen 5 was in -ail 5 *sed to always listen to st*ff so when 5 got o*t we clic(ed and did the song. 2ow he#s in -ail and 5 gotta do what he did for  $e. hen 5 was in -ail he *sed to send o*t sho*t o*ts and show s*pport, so now 5 s*pport 4ay. Everybody pray for hi$ and send letters. 5 hope the brother gets o*t of -ail as soon as possible.. ; appin# 4ay was released in <*ly #96=. 8o* (now its a str*ggle for every yo*ng 'lac( $an... 8o* (now how it is only >od can -*dge *s. - ow is te east coast 7west coast )ee%/ rea&&y )ot coasts* Or is it ad oy and Deat Row * 2Pac+  5t#s not both coasts. hat it the people on the East coast are real pro*d and real c*lt*ral and real strong li(e we are on the west coast. hat happen was iggie  ca$e at a ti$e -*st li(e 0it&er  did with the >er$ans. 'iggie ca$e at a ti$e when they were open to so$ebody saying#e#re the $aster race and these g*ys ;west coast= are nothing. hey#re pretenders and this is why we#re not $a(in# it in the b*siness. 5t#s beca*se of these g*ys. his is why we#re not doing nothing. %o the east coast really not hatin# *s or (nowing anything abo*t *s..have -*st been listening to their s*pposed to be leader. hey were listening to the person who#s s*pposed to be representing# for the$... hey didn#t (now that what they were doing was ending o*r c*lt*re. e ;west coast= held itdown for yo* all. hat#s how 5 felt. 5 was in tears.. hen LL  was o*t there dancin# with wo$en in silver s*its which 5#$ not $ad at..beca*se 5 $ight do that one day.. '*t when the East coast was trying to be creative and test other bo*ndaries we were holdin# it down with this hardcore shit. 5t $ight not have been what yo* ;east coast= wanted b*t it (ept rap alive for years. 5t (ept $oney co$in# in. 5t let the$ ;the world= notice *s. %o how co*ld yo* ;east coast= loo( at *s and say #8o*#re not good eno*gh#7 e#re fro$ a bro(en ho$e. 8#all ;east coast= didn#t teach *s this.. we ain#t got no s*bways and graffiti. 5n spite of the gangs and all of that we still ca$e *p with this c*lt*re. 5 feel li(e we never got what we deserved. 5 too( it personal beca*se 5#$ fro$ the East coast and 5 (now abo*t that c*lt*re b*t 5 (now abo*t this ;west coast= c*lt*re beca*se 5 was here when it was being p*t down...%o now 5#$ doing what the East coast wo*ld#ve did if the west coast did this to the$... 5#$ riding..for $y side. 8o*#re wrong..5t#s not right.. ecogni0e *s. he only way the east coast is gonna recogni0e *s if for *s to do it on record, by $oney, by sales and by representing. <*st li(e KRS4One ...when PM Dawn  got on stage and he had been tal(ing shit abo*t hi$..what did K %3ne do7....;&e b*$ r*shed hi$= %o why are  people telling $e 5#$ wrong for doing what 5#$ doing. hey love K %3ne.. &e is hip hop..a$ 5 correct7 5#$ $ad at 'iggie and 5#$ r*shin# the nigga. hat#s the proble$7 As soon as the east coast separate the$selves fro$ 'iggie we will do shows in the east.. Everything is bea*tif*l..'*t so far the east coast has been with hi$. Everything 5 read..every letter 5 read. every interview 5 read .nigg*hs (eep saying #F*c( +ac..'iggie 'iggie this and 'iggie 'iggie that li(e he#s representin# everyone fro$ the east coast.hat#s why 5 attac( the way 5 do.. 5#$a general and 5#$ a s$art general and 5#$ not gonna attac( at no blind soldier. 5#$ gonna attac( those who attac( $e. he only reason why people was $ad was beca*se 5 ca$e o*t of -ail and $ade this a reality. hen 5 got o*t of -ail the east coast west coast shit was really started. 1a&i%ornia Love , when 5 was singin# p*t it down. and now nigg*hs is $ad beca*se $oney is f*c(ed *p, attit*des have not as safe as it *sed to be. 2igg*hs gotta thin( abo*t their  b*siness and that#s what 5 wanted to happen..2ow let#s go to the table..!et#s tal(..!et#s $a(e  peace..let#s wor( it o*t...let#s give the co$$*nity the $oney.
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