1. Corallia Clusters Initiative Rediscover Greece: Business | Innovation | Technology Presented by: Prof. Vassilios Makios General Director, Corallia Clusters Initiative…
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  • 1. Corallia Clusters Initiative Rediscover Greece: Business | Innovation | Technology Presented by: Prof. Vassilios Makios General Director, Corallia Clusters Initiative Authors: Prof. Vassilios Makios Dr.-Ing. Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. Dr.-Ing. Nikos Vogiatzis
  • 2. [What is] Corallia?
  • 3. The Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative A Cluster Initiative (CI) coordinator • Under the Greek Ministry of Development, General Secretariat for R&T • Structured as per international CI best practices • With the operational target – mission to “Promote technology and innovation through cluster* development in order to boost growth and competitiveness in business sectors where Greece can attain a world-wide competitive advantage involving all actors in private-public partnerships.” *Innovation Clusters “groupings of independent undertakings (innovative start-ups, small, medium and large undertakings as well as research organizations), operating in a particular sector and region and designed to stimulate innovative activity by promoting intensive interactions, sharing of facilities and exchange of knowledge & expertise and by contributing effectively to technology transfer, networking and information dissemination among the undertakings in the cluster”
  • 4. [What is] Corallia actually doing?
  • 5. A catalyst/facilitator in the innovation ecosystem
  • 6. [What is] Corallia actually doing for whom?
  • 7. Profile of clusters/sectors Having strong exports’ orientation, targeting global markets Being knowledge- Leveraging top-class human intensive, high-tech, and capital in science and R&D-prone engineering Displaying already a competitive Partnered with venture advantage of capitals, business angels international caliber and other private (strategic) investors Exhibiting pre-cluster formation characteristics (more bottom-up than top- Focusing on small and down) medium enterprises that lead innovation as well as large corporations that lead product development
  • 8. Development model Phase-0: A phased Preparation Study/ development model Mapping of with Go-NoGo thematic area decisions and escalating investments Phase-1: Implementati on of pilot program Phase-2: Wide scale deployment for the attainment of a viable competitive advantage and critical mass in selected thematic area
  • 9. [What is] Corallia actually doing for whom right now?
  • 10. Completed Phase 1 (2006-2008) in Microelectronics & Embedded Systems
  • 11. Established the μΕlectronics Innovation Center in Athens • Geographical concentration and sharing of common premises at Microelectronics Innovation Centers : • Strengthening of the production chain of the ecosystem • Increase of business co-operations • Significant economies of scale [common suppliers and product promotion channels] • Activation of business relationships and common research programs, thus creating economies of scope
  • 12. Activated the innovation ecosystem Blood Donation Recycling Energy Saving
  • 13. Called Phase-2 (2009-2011) in Microelectronics & Embedded Systems Programme strategic objective: Leverage the Greek microelectronics and embedded systems industry into a leading position. Globally. Proposals Submitted: • 6 large-scale collaborative R&D proposals • 12 start-up / “seed-grant” proposals • 12 “VC/investor”-backed proposals • 36 biz dev / “horizontal”-aid proposals • 15 specific support proposals to aid the ecosystem • Requested ~100 m€ budget • 50 enterprises , 20 Academic / research organisations
  • 14. Called Phase-2 (2009-2011) in Microelectronics & Embedded Systems -con’d • Favorably-evaluated proposals: • 3 large-scale collaborative R&D proposals (~16m) • 10 start-up / “seed-grant” proposals (~3.5m) • 7 “VC”-backed proposals (~19m) • 36 biz dev / “horizontal”-aid proposals (~12m) • 8 specific support proposals to aid the ecosystem (~1.5m) • Total committed budget: 63m€ (to start with!) • 33 m€ state-aid • 20 m€ own (industry) funds • 10 m€ private (matching) investment • Budget breakdown per region • 52% Attica, 42% Western Greece (Patras), 6% Northern Greece
  • 15. Called Phase-2 (2009-2011) in Microelectronics & Embedded Systems -con’d • Indicative start-up/“seed-grant” proposals • State-of-the-art smart cameras (low cost / advanced visual perception algorithms) • Industrial control for space applications • 24GHz wireless telecom IC • Biochip for DNA analysis • EDA, RTL-co-synthesizer for IC • IC 2-D vector graphics accelerator • Video search engine without meta-data • Indicative collaborative R&D proposals • Design and development of an IC bio-sensor for genetic (mutation) analysis. • Design and development of smart, wireless, and autonomous sensors for home appliances and energy management. • Design and development of 60GHz modem for backhaul connections. • Indicative “VC/investor”-backed proposals • State-of-the-art PHY for USB 3.0 • Advanced QoS in 4G networks. • Gateway for mobile networks to enable parental control and content filtering • Breakthrough EDA for CMOS 65 nm for ultra-high frequencies. • Novel IC for connecting laptops to WiFi nets. • Semi-transparent photovoltaic panels with solid-state electrolyte. • 6 to 40 GHz IC for wireless broadband data transfer.
  • 16. Other identified clusters The preliminary 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 study of Phase-0 indicated likely conditions of clusters Phase 0 Consultation creation, aside of microelectronics Phase 1 - mi-Cluster and embedded systems, in the Phase 2 - mi-Cluster following sectors: Knowledge Phase 1 - cu-Cluster Technologies Phase 1 - bi-Cluster Energy Technologies Life Science Technologies Phase 3b - ClusterPolis Phase 3a 3CSF NSRF ....... .......
  • 17. [The way forward]
  • 18. Long-term objectives • State-of-the-art R&D between industry, Universities and Research Centers • An ideal environment for housing R&D clusters and hi-tech companies of strong orientation and international caliber • Steady partnerships with Venture Capitals • Network with and ease repatriation for human capital • Integrated one-stop-shop services • Co-operation in research and commercial level with international technology clusters • Achievement of critical mass and greater geographical concentration in the areas of clusters, capable to compete globally
  • 19. A collaborative effort Students: gain state-of-the-art knowledge US Industrialists: test the water; create design and get the entrepreneurial attitude of centers with the exceptional local capacity Silicon Valley; network to create a and repatriated management. worldwide depot of innovative Reach us to facilitate the brainpower; bridge the technology establishment. gap in Greece. Reach us with a mature business plan or to find a career path in the industry. State officials: act fast Investors: discover the Silicon Valley way. the investment opportunities and success stories of the Greek High-Tech Firms; team-up with co-investors in Greece. Reach us to find the right investment and the Greek Entrepreneurs: right partnerships. Expand revenues and partnerships. Establish a Silicon Valley subsidiary. Let’s work together for a significant presence. An open invitation to US-GR grads, professors, entrepreneurs, VCs, corporations, to join this effort
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