31/10/14 600D Review

31/10/14 600D Review
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  Date:  31/10/14 Clip Name Shot Type Camera Movement Usable? Comments MVI_0733 LS Static Yes Time lapse of sunset. Framing with silhouette sharp, colour grading and clouds show transition of time. MVI_0734 LS Static No Slightly soft and out of focus. MVI_0735 LS Static No Horizon line not level. MVI_0736 LS Static Yes Time lapse of sunset. Clear transition from day to night to show progress. Clouds once again demonstrate transition of time. Correctly exposed. MVI_0737 LS Static Yes More definition than MVI_0734, although due to zoom and fading light slightly noisy. MVI_0738 LS Static Yes Experimenting with viewing the moon through another lens, here using a telescope. Creates an interesting effect which can be edited down. MVI_0740 LS Static No Out of focus. MVI_0742 LS Static Yes Usable from 00:55:11, use of lens, interesting restriction of footage. MVI_0743 CU Static Yes Time lapse of the moon. In focus, transition of moon across sky evident.    MVI_0744 LS to CU Static No Testing zoom and exposure. MVI_0745 LS Static No Framing off for purpose of double exposure. MVI_0747 LS Tilt Yes Deliberately out of focus for bokeh, soft colour grading lends itself to srcinal intentions of the music video. MVI_0748 LS to CU Zoom Yes Deliberately out of focus for bokeh, zooming motion enlarges bokeh, could be used as an overlay for the double exposure footage. MVI_0750 LS Static No Due to fading light levels and exposure setting, noise levels high in clip. MVI_0751 LS Zoom No Central point of zoom not clear, resulting in an out of focus image. Noise also evident. MVI_0752 CU Static No Not in focus. MVI_0753 CU Static Yes Shallow DOF and in focus of leaves, illuminated from behind, movement of wind adds interest to the shot. MVI_0754 CU Static Yes Focus on leaves, same colour grading as MVI_0753, doesn ’ t fill frame making it suitable for double exposure edit.    MVI_0755 CU Static Yes Same framing as MVI_0754, clip transitions to out of focus, could be interesting device to use between cuts in the final video. MVI_0756 CU Pan Yes Usable from 00:14:35. Restricted framing which may be unsuitable for double exposure.
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