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  MEEN 3340Engineering AnalysisFall 2014 Catalog Data: Physical and mathematical aspects of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, and electrical systems are introduced. Analysis techniques for modeling the dynamic  performance of lumped mass systems are presented and applied. Both formal analytical and extensive computer methods are utilized for the determination of modelresponse. Instructor Dr. Jiang Jenny Zhou ffice! # $herry %ngineering BuildingPhone! &#'())#()**#%mail!  +enny.zhou Textboo: -atsuhio gata, System Dynamics, &th %dition. Prentice /all, ## !e erences: 0.1illiam J. Palm 222, System Dynamics,  3c4ra5 /ill, ##6 .$harles 3. $lose, Dean /. 7rederic, and Jonathan $. 8e5ell,  Modeling and  Analysis of Dynamic Systems , 9 rd  %dition, 1iley, ## 9.%. B. 3agra:,  An Engineer’s Guide to Matlab , 9 rd  ed, Prentice /all, 8e5 Jersey, #00 Meeting ;< 0 !&6( !#6 p.m. =#9 $herry %ngineering Building # ice $ours ;< !#6(9!#6 p.m., or :y appointment To%ics 0.2ntroduction to system dynamics .<evie5 of >aplace transformation 9.3athematical modeling of mechanical systems&.3athematical modeling of electrical systems6.3athematical modeling of thermal and fluid systems=.;ransfer function approach to modeling dynamic systems*.;ransient and steady(state response analyses ).3A;>AB?@23>28- :asics'.3A;>AB?@23>28- applications in the @ystem Dynamics &ra'ing (olicy Attendance 0# /ome5or 0#Cuizzes 0# Pro+ects 0# %xams =#  <egular attendance to the lectures is required. ;here 5ill :e one or more home5or assignments for each chapter covered during thelecture. ne 5ee 5ill :e given to complete each home5or assignment. %ach home5or solution must :e turned in on each scheduled due date. As there is a strong correlation :et5een doing the home5or and doing 5ell on the exams, it is truly the students :enefit to 5or on all the pro:lems. Aca'e)ic Integrity During exams, colla:oration is never authorized. 7or pro+ect and home5or, colla:oration is expected to remain 5ithin assigned groups. Please refer to the sections related to academic integrity in student hand:oo of >amar niversity.  Tentati*e Course #utlineClass Contents1 @ylla:us, $h 0! 2ntro 2 $h ! $omplex num:ers, >aplace transform 3 $h ! 2nverse >aplace, Partial fraction expansions, .D.% 4 $h ! .D.%s + 3atla: >a: 0 ( Basics , $h /1 due, Cuiz 0 - $h 9. ! 3echanical %lements, 3oment of 2nertia, examples . $h 9.9 3odelling! 8e5ton nd >a5, 3(- system, 3ass(spring(damper system / $h 9.9! 3odelling E %nergy method, %xamples 10 $h9! %xamples 11 %FA3 A, $h 9 /1 due 12 $h &! ;ransfer 7unction 13 $h &! ;ransfer function, 3atla: in transfer function, %xamples E 9 types of pro:lems 14 $h &! ;.7., 3atla:, D7 pro:lems 1+ $h &! %xamples 1, 3atla: >a: ! 3atla: application in sys dyn. 1- $h &! /1 due. Cuiz 1. $h =! %lectrical @ystem E 9 elements 1/ $h =! 2mpedance method 20 $h =! p(Amp 21 $h =! %xamples 22 $h =! /1 due, Cuiz 23 3atla: >a: 9! 3atla: and @imulin  24 Pro+ect 0 due, %FA3 B 2+ $h *! /ydraulic sys 2, $h *! 3odeling of hydraulic sys 2- $h *. %xamples 2. Pro+ect Due, <evie5 2/ 7inal starts. %xam9 8otes!0.;he course outline is su:+ected to change.  Course #utco)es pon completing this course, students 5ill haveGaH an a:ility to apply no5ledge of mathematics, science and engineeringG+H an a:ility to use the techniques, sills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering  practiceGH some no5ledge of calculus(:ased physicsGlH an a:ility to apply advanced mathematics through differential equations E)ergency (roce'ures 3any types of emergencies can occur on campus, instructions for specific emergencies such as severe 5eather, active shooter, or fire can :e found at!20!rocedures20 amar20#ni$ersity20including20%cti$e20&hooter.pdf  Aca'e)ic Continuation (olicy 2n the event of a campus closure due to hurricane or other disaster courses 5ill continue after a four day lapse to allo5 time for evacuation. ;his course 5ill :e conducted via email and :lac:oard. @tudents must  :egin checing their >amar email address and :lac:oard for 5here instructions and course materials and required student 5or 5ill :e sent and received :y the instructor.
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