372452467 AP6 A3 Ev4 Desarrollo CueStionario HTML5

AP6 A3 Ev4 Desarrollo CueStionario HTML5
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   DEVELOPMENT “ HTML5 QUESTIONNAIRE ” Presentado por: ELQUIN ENRIQUE LEMUS TRONCOSO SERVICIO NACIONAL DE APRENDIA!E SENAAN LISIS # DESARROLLO DE SISTEMAS DE IN$ORMACI%N &'()  *+at ,s HTML5-HTML5 .,// 0e t+e ne. standard 1or HTML2 T+e pre3,o4s 3ers,on o1 HTML HTML 62'(7a8e ,n (9992T+e ,nternet +as 7+aned s,n,1,7ant/; s,n7e t+en2HTML5 ,s des,ned to de/,3er a/8ost e3er;t+,n ;o4 .ant to do on/,ne .,t+o4t re<4,r,nadd,t,ona/ p/4,ns ,t does e3er;t+,n 1ro8 an,8at,on to apps 84s,7 to 8o3,es and7ana/so de 4sed to 04,/d 7o8p/,7ated app/,7at,ons t+at r4n ,n ;o4r 0ro.ser2Is a/so 7ross=p/at1or8 >,t does not 7are .+et+er ;o4 are 4s,n a ta0/et or a s8artp+onea net0oo? or a s8art TV@2Can a/so 0e 4sed to .r,te .e0 app/,7at,ons t+at st,// .or? .+en ;o4 are not on/,ne*or?,n ro4p ,n7/4des AOL App/e M,7roso1t Mo,//a IBM Opera and +4ndreds o1ot+er 3endors2Ho. d,d HTML5 et started-HTML5 ,s 7ooperat,on 0et.een t+e *or/d *,de *e0 7onsort,48 >*C@ and t+e .e0H;pertet App/,7at,on Te7+no/o; *or?,n ro4p >*HAT*@2*HAT* .as .or?,n .,t+ .e0 1or8s and app/,7at,ons and *C .as .or?,n .,t+FHTML &2' ,n &''G t+e; de7,ded to 7ooperate and 7reate a ne. 3ers,on HTML2So8e r4/es HTML5 .ere esta0/,s+ed:  Ne. 1eat4res s+o4/d 0e 0ased on HTML CSS DOM and !a3aS7r,pt  Red47e t+e need 1or eterna/ p/4,ns >/,?e 1/as+@  Better error +and/,n  More 8ar?4p to rep/a7e s7r,pt,n  HTML5 s+o4/d 0e de3,7e ,ndependent  T+e de3e/op8ent pro7ess s+o4/d 0e 3,s,0/e t+e p40/,7T+e HTML5 IDOCT#PEJIn HTML5 t+ere ,s on/; one ,dot;peJ de7/arat,on and ,t ,s 3er; s,8p/e:IDOCT#PEJ +t8/JM,n,848 HTML5 do748entBe/o. ,s a s,8p/e HTML5 do748ent .,t+ t+e 8,n,848 o1 re<4,red tas:IDOCT#PEJ +t8/J+t8/J+eadJ8eta 7+arsetK”UT$=)”Jt,t/eJT,t/e o1 t+e do748entt,t/eJ+eadJ  0od;JContent o1 t+e do748ent0od;J+t8/JHTML5 Ne. $eat4resSo8e o1 t+e 8ost ,nterest,n ne. 1eat4res ,n HTML5:  T+e 7an3asJ e/e8ent 1or &' dra.,n  T+e 3,deoJ and a4d,oJ e/e8ents 1or 8ed,a p/a;0a7?  S4pport 1or /o7a/ storae  Ne. 7ontest=spe7,1,7 e/e8ents /,?e art,7/eJ 1ooterJ +eaderJ na3J se7t,onJ  Ne. 1ro8 7ontro/s /,?e 7a/endar date t,8e e8a,/ 4r/ sear7+Bro.ser S4pport 1or HTML5HTLM5 ,s not ;et an o11,7,a/ standard and no 0ro.sers +a3e 14,/ HTML5 s4pport2B4t a// 8aor 0ro.sers >Sa1ar, C+ro8e $,re1o Opera Internet Ep/ore@ 7ont,n4e toadd ne. HTML5 1eat4res to t+e,r /atest 3ers,ons2HTML5 Re1eren7es:At *S7+oo/s ;o4 .,// 1,nd 7o8p/ete re1eren7es a0o4t tas  /o0a/ attr,04tes standarde3ents and 8ore2Ne. e/e8ents ,n HTLM5T+e ,nternet and t+e 4se o1 t+e ,nternet +as 7+aned a /ot s,n7e HTML 62'( 0e7a8eastandard ,n (9992Toda; se3era/ e/e8ents ,n HTML 62'( are a0so/4te ne3er 4sed or not 4se t+e .a;t+e; .ere ,ntended2 A// t+ose e/e8ents are re8o3ed or re=.r,tten ,n HTML52To 0etter +and/e toda;s ,nternet 4se HTML5 a/so ,n7/4des ne. e/e8ents 1or dra.,nrap+,7s add,n 8ed,a 7ontest 0etter pae str47t4re 0etter 1or8 +and/,n andse3era/ AP/s to dradrop e/e8ents 1,nd eo/o7at,on ,n7/4de .e0 storae app/,7at,on7a7+e .e0 .or?ers et72T+e ne. 7an3asJ e/e8ent Ta Des7r,pt,on 7an3asJ Used to dra. rap+,7s on t+e 1/; 3,a s7r,pt,n >4s4a//; !a3aS7r,pt@  Ne. 8ed,a e/e8ents Ta Des7r,pt,on a4d,oJ De1,nes so4nd 7ontest 3,deoJ De1,nes a 3,deo or 8o3,e so4r7eJ De1,nes 84/t,p/e 8ed,a reso4r7es 1or 3,deoJ and a4d,oJ e80edJ De1,nes a 7onta,ner 1or an eterna/ app/,7at,on or ,ntera7t,3e 7ontest > a p/4= ,n@ tra7?J De1,nes tet tra7?s 1or 3,deoJ and a4d,oJNe. 1or8 e/e8ents Ta Des7r,pt,on data/,stJ Spe7,1,es a /,st o1 pre=de1,ned opt,ons 1or ,np4t 7ontro/s ?e3eenJ De1,nes a ?e;=pa,r enerator 1,e/d >1or 1or8s@ o4tp4tJ De1,nes t+e res4/t o1 a 7a/74/at,onHTML5 Can3as:T+e 7an3asJ e/e8ent ,s 4sed to dra. rap+,7s on t+e 1/; on a .e0 pae2T+e ea8p/e at t+e /e1t s+o.s a red re7tan/e a rad,ent re7tan/e 84/t,7o/orre7tan/e and so8e 84/t,7o/or tet t+at ,s dra.n onto 7an3as2*+at ,s Can3as-T+e HTML5 7an3asJ e/e8ent ,s 4sed to dra. rap+,7s on t+e 1/; 3,a s7r,pt,n>4s4a//; !a3aS7r,pt@2T+e 7an3asJ e/e8ent ,s on/; a 7onta,ner 1or rap+,7s2 #o4 84st 4se a s7r,pt toa7t4a//; dra. t+e rap+,7s2Can3as +as se3era/ 8et+ods 1or dra.,n pa+ts 0oes 7,r7/es tet and add,n,8aes2
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