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  3M Products Electrical You’re in a demanding industry. To be successful, you need a wide range of reliable products designed to effectively manage your daily processes. You need a supplier with a solid understanding of your industry and the technology that drives it. Quite simply, you need 3M. The Electrical Markets Division designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of products that can address your diverse applications. Widely recognized for our innovation, quality, reliability and global corporate strength, 3M has the  products and services you need and the name you trust. In your business, power, technology and reliability are essential. 3M delivers that and more. We have the power of a diversied, global manufacturer with more than 60,000  products in our line; a reputation for technical excellence and innovation; and employees committed to delivering quality products and service to you, our valued customer.This total quality management philosophy is evident in all our manufacturing facilities located in countries throughout the world. We are committed to achieving registration of these 3M manufacturing locations under the ISO 9002 quality system standard; one more reason 3M  products will continue to provide in-place, reliable  performance over time. Our commitment and capability doesn’t stop with electrical  products, it starts there. To explore the many ways we can serve you, contact your local 3M representative today. PHONE 800-245-3573FAX 800-245-0329  ii PHONE 800-245-3573We Understand the Value of Your Time. This catalog is designed to make it easier for you to nd the products you’re looking for. The following diagrams point out how the design can help you nd the right product faster than ever. 5 FAX 800-245-0329Scotch ®  Vinyl Insulation Tape 22 Scotch Vinyl Insulation Tape 22 is one of 3M’s thickest (10-mil) vinyl electrical tapes. It is designed for insulation applications that require greater mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Scotch 22 seals in all kinds of weather and provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection with fewer wraps than thinner tapes. Scotch ®  Vinyl Electrical Tape 66R Conformable 10-mil thick Scotch Vinyl Tape 66R is designed to perform in a continuous temperature environment up to 220°F (105°C). It has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture and varying weather conditions (including ultraviolet exposure). Scotch 66R, with its combination of elastic PVC backing and rubber adhesive, provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection. 3M Electrical Tapes Training Kit In this kit you will find supplies for the following applications:Insulating & wrapping a split bolt ã Insulating & wrapping a motorlead connection ã Insulating & wrapping an inline splice ã Insulating & wrapping a bus bar  ã PREMIUM VINYL ELECTRICAL TAPES FEATURES ADVANTAGES BENEFITS  All-weather tape designBest adhesion and handling in all weather colnditionsMakes job easier and eliminates redosResists weather, UV resistance, abrasion, and corrosionLong lastingLower maintenance costFar exceeds minimum agency requirementsHighest quality in product categoryProvides freedom from worry Tape Training Kit Flyer: 80-6016-0212-3CD: 80-6016-0213-1Student Kit: 80-6114-2896-4 under extreme weather Holds strongconditions.  3 M T A P E  S  ã  V i    n  y l   E l    e  c  t  r i    c  a l   T   a  p  e  s  Product subsectionProduct specifications 2 Phone number to place an order 1 Product features, advantages and benefits 4 Tips and information 8 Packaging, minimum order, and UPC code 6 Related products 5 Pack-together kits 73     13 FAX 800-245-0329FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Whatdoestheinsulationgripdo?Theinsulationgripprovidesa“second”crimponthewireinsulationprovidingadditional wirestrainrelief.It’sexcellentforhighvibrationapplications.Which3MtoolscanIusewith3mterminals?Thehandyreferenceguideonpages135-136givesyouavarietyofchoices oftoolstousewith3Mterminals.What’sthedifferencebetweeninsulated andfullyinsulateddisconnets?Insulateddisconnectshavebarrelinsulationonlyandfullyinsulateddisconnectsare insulatedfromthebarreltothereceptacle/tab.Whattemperaturesdo3Mterminalswithstand?Non-insulated3Mterminalswithstandtemperaturesupto347°F(175°C).Insulated3M terminalswithstandtemperaturesupto221°F(105°C).     i   n  g    i i : i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii ii ii. i i. i i i i i ii i ii. i ii i i i i i i i i i. i i iiii i. i i i i i i i . i i i i i i i i .i i . i i i i i i. i i i seven colors: , red, white, yellow, blu, n and clear . i i i . ii i i— i i. ii i i: i i ; i . . . . . : i i ii i . : i i. S pecification and Ordering Information for 3M Thin-Wall Tubing FP-3 01  As sortment Kits DescriptionUPC(051135-)CaseQty.ASSORTEDCOLORSKIT376775kits KitContents:KitQuantity:3/32 (2,35mm)35–1/8 (3,18mm)28–3/16 (4,75mm)21–1/4 (6,35mm)21–3/8 (9,53mm)14–1/2 (12,70mm)14– ASSORTEDBLACKKIT381395kits KitContents:KitQuantity: , , , , , ,  iii FAX 800-245-0329   Numbers to Call for Product Information Phone and fax numbers are printed at the bottom of the page to make ordering easier. To make sure you get the right product for the right job, or for more information about a particular item in the catalog, 3M has set up the following phone numbers: For technical information, call: 512-984-5000 or 512-984-5555.ã To leave a message for a 3M sales representative (when you know the 7-digit phone number), call: ã 1-800-545-3573.To request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), call: 651-737-7222 or 1-800-364-3577. (refer to the 3M price ã sheets for specic products on which MSDSs are available).For information on 3M products not listed in this catalog, call: 1-800-3M HELPS (364-3577).ã 3M may also be located on-line at MSDSs are also available on-line at Product Specifications Included in this easy-to-read section are product descriptions, specications, applications and other useful infor  -mation to help you better understand the product before ordering. Product Subsection These different colored headings/tabs along the edge of the page make locating specic sections easier and help you identify from which section you are currently ordering. Features and Benefits Each section includes a quick-reference chart to help explain the features, advantages and benets of each  product at a glance. Product Referral Generator With 3M’s full line of electrical supplies, this section has been added to help you nd related products easier. The included information is your link to accessories, tools, or other related products that may be useful. UPC Codes, Packaging, Minimum Order The Ordering Information charts provide a clear reference for UPC codes, minimum order information, and  packaging information on related products in a clear format that makes ordering and gathering information easy. Pack-Together Kits 3M offers the convenience of packing products that are used together. Lugs, mounting brackets and parallel clamps may be ordered packed with a termination kit. Connectors may be ordered packed with splice kits. There is special handling involved in pack-together orders and it may take longer to process than ordering separately. Tips and Information It’s important for you to get the right product right for the job. That’s why 3M has introduced special features to help you learn more about the products offered. Look to these special sections for information about the product, about using the product correctly, and about ordering the best 3M product for your specic task. 12345678  iv  PHONE 800-245-3573 Table of Contents TAPES 1  Glossary of Taping Terms 3 Vinyl Electrical Tapes 4 Insulating and Splicing Tapes 9 Sealing and Insulating Mastic Tapes 14 Corrosion Protection Tapes 17 Mining Tapes and Kits 19 Special Use Tapes 21 Packaging and Palletizing Tapes 27 WIRE CONNECTORS 31  Spring Connectors and Tools 32 Crimp Sleeve Connectors 37 Insulation Displacement Connectors and Tools 38 Scotchlok Connectors and Tools 42 Moisture Guard Connector 46 TERMINALS, KITS AND TOOLS 47  Glossary of Terminals and Tools Terms 48 Ring Tongues 53 Multi-Stud Ring Tongues 78 Standard Forks 79 Block Forks 85 Flanged Block Forks 93 Locking Forks 98 Butt Connectors 107 Female Disconnects 113 Male Disconnects 121 Flags and Multi-Stack Disconnects 125 Adapters 126 High Temperature 128 Closed End Connectors 131 Parallel Connectors 133 Pin Terminals 134 3M ™  Highland ™  Bagged Terminals 135 Kits 142 Tools 143 3M Terminal Stud Size Chart 146 American Wire Gauge 146 LUGS AND CONNECTORS 147  Copper Connectors 149 Copper/Aluminum Connectors 151 Copper Lugs 152 Copper/Aluminum Lugs 155 Oil Seal Lugs 157 SC Series Stem Connectors 157 CP Parallel Clamp 158 CI Series Connectors 159 CI-A Series Connectors 160 CI-T Series Connectors 160 CIR Series Connectors 161 2000T Series Connectors 162 FASTENING PRODUCTS 165  Cable Ties and Assortment Pack 166 Cable Tie Bases 170 Cable Stackers 171 WIRE MARKING AND IDENTIFYING 173  Dispensers 174 Books 179 AEROSOLS 183  Spray Adhesives 184 Insulating Sprays 186 Contact Cleaners 186 Packaging Adhesives 187 3M ™  Novec ™  Aerosol Cleaners 188
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