3U CompactPCI Spacewire Datasheet

cPCI 3U for FMS apps
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  Based on the successful insertion of SpaceWire into current missions such as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and future networking requirements of our customers, this board is the first of an expanded set of planned offering of SpaceWire products (boards, boxes, software and support) to address a wider variety of applications and improve the infrastructure of the network.The 3U-160 CompactPCI SpaceWire board can be operated either as a stand-alone board or integrated with host processors such as the RAD750®single board computer. In addition to the base support software accompanying the board, BAE Systems offers additional software for utilizing the embedded microcontroller on this board either as a remote assistant to other processors on the PCI bus, or as a standalone microcontroller taking advantage of the memory on this board. The CompactPCI interface employs Hypertronics connectors. With minor limitations, it is compatible with 64-bit CompactPCI backplanes. The PCI interface is also capable of acting as the PCI central resource. Form factor– CompactPCI 3U (100 mm by 160 mm)– Weight: 500 grams (TBR)Temperature range– -55 deg. C to +70 deg. C (TBR)Radiation hardness– Total dose: > 100 Krads (Si)– SEU: <8e-4 errors/card-day with 8 MB SRAM– Latchup: immunePower dissipation– < 5 W typical– 2.9 A maximum operational currentPower supply – 3.3V– 2.5V generated on cardInterface performance– Up to 4 SpaceWire links @ 264 MHz max.– 32-bit, 33 MHz 3.3 V PCI: 132 MB/s burstMemory (selectable)– Error corrected start-up memory (256 KB EEPROM or 64 KB PROM)– Error corrected SRAM (up to 8 MB)Software features– C Compiler, assembler, linker, and simulator available for embedded microcontroller– Example start-up ROM and VxWorks board support package provided – Green Hills INTEGRITY real-time operating system can serve as alternative board support package– Users guide provided– Optional available middleware layer for SpaceWire network discovery, management, and performance monitoring The new 3U-160 CompactPCI SpaceWire board available in engineering and flight versions provides the ability to interface between a 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI bus and a four-port SpaceWire router. The board architecture includes on-board processing and memory capabilities with up to 8 MB of error-corrected SRAM. The 3U-160 CompactPCI SpaceWire board can be obtained in either two or four SpaceWire port versions, where the four SpaceWire port version has a wider front panel header that covers more than one slot of a standard CompactPCI backplane. 3U-160 CompactPCI® SpaceWire interface board FEATURES AND CAPABILITIES  … QTECH USAMCM 304033.000MHzD443 9412 I R OMR9601SCVoltageReg 3.3Vin,2.5Vout   QTECH USAMCM 304050.000MHzD443 9412QTECH USAMCM 304066.000MHzD443 9412  … BAESYSTEMS 238A790-114Y3.3V PROMQML (USA) 01338414889-1 BAESYSTEMS 238A790-114Y3.3V PROMQML (USA) 01338414889-1   BAESYSTEMS 238A790-114Y3.3V PROMQML (USA) 01338414889-1 BAESYSTEMS 1RU44251A137-527FlightMILLENNIUM6704   BAESYSTEMS 1RU44251A137-527FlightMILLENNIUM6704   BAESYSTEMS 1RU44251A137-527FlightMILLENNIUM6704   BAESYSTEMS 1RU44251A137-527FlightMILLENNIUM6704   1RU448396844-7FlightSpaceWire(USA) 0622 BAE SYSTEMS 2044 FrontBack  This document gives only a general description of the product(s) or service(s) and, except where expressly provided otherwise, shall not form any part of any contract. From time to time, changes may be made in the products or the conditions of supply. ©2010 BAE Systems FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: PUBS-10-D61 BAE Systems9300 Wellington RoadManassas, Virginia 20110-4122Telephone 866 530 for open publication on 07/10 Not Just a SpaceWire Router The 3U-160 CompactPCI SpaceWire board can stand alone or be integrated with other CompactPCI Boards such as the 3U RAD750 Single Board Computer. In either case, the board-processing function can easily be extended by taking advantage of the on-board embedded micro controller. A memory subsystem on the 3U-160 CompactPCI SpaceWire Board comprised of non-volatile start-up ROM and volatile SRAM is provided for local code or data storage. The CompactPCI connector set provides the means to interface with other system components across the PCI Bus. Flexibility The 3U-160 CompactPCI SpaceWire Board supports the installation of up to three oscillators to clock the “system” logic, PCI Bus logic and SpaceWire logic respectively. The system oscillator, along with the installation of the appropriate jumpers and the SpaceWire ASIC, can be used to clock the entire Board. The other two oscillators, for clocking the PCI Bus logic and SpaceWire logic, can be optionally installed if other frequencies are desired. Product ordering information 8451580-ZZZZZZZZ UART signaling levels: L = LVDS; R = RS-422SRAM volatile memory (error corrected): 4 = 4 MB; 8 = 8 MB; X = unpopulatedSUROM non-volatile memory (error-corrected): E=256 KB EEPROM; P=64 KB PROM; X=unpopulated# of SpaceWire ports provided: 2 or 4SpaceWire oscillator: 5 = 50 MHz; X=unpopulatedPCI oscillator: 3 = 33 MHz; X = unpopulatedSystem oscillator: 6 = 66 MHz; 8 = 80 MHz (future)Version: E = engineering; F = flightDiscretes PCI bus SUROM: choice of either256 KB + ECC EEPROM (128K x 8 x 3 chips)or64 KB + ECC PROM (32K x 8 x 3 chips) SRAM 4 MB + ECC (512K x 40 x 2 stacks)or8 MB + ECC (512K x 40 x 4 stacks)33 MHzSpaceWireportSpaceWire tick-in/time-inSpaceWire tick-out/time-outLocal memory address and controlsLocal memory dataVoltage regulator 3.3 to 2.5VPCIoscillator HypertronicscPCIconnectorJ1, J2 9-pin microD connectorSpaceWireport9-pin microD connectorSpaceWireport9-pin microD connectorSpaceWireport9-pin microD connector50 MHzSpaceWireoscillator66 or80 MHzSystemoscillatorDiscretesUART portJTAG portBufferBuffer Testconnector RS422 or LVDSStandardDesign options SpaceWire ASIC – PCI 2.2 bus interface– PCI arbitration/resource controller– 4 port SpaceWire router with 264 Mb/s links– Memory data/address interface– PROM, SRAM, EEPROM I/F with bit and Nibble error correction– Auto Memory Scrubbing– Timers, interrupts and discretes– 16550 compatible UART – JTAG controller (slave)– DMA controller– Embedded microcontroller– 32 KB embedded SRAMCompactPCI is a registered trademark of the PCI Industrial Manufacturers GroupVxWorks is a registered trademark of Winder River SystemsINTEGRITY is a registered trademark of Green Hills Software, Inc.
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