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  Importance of Mathematics  Raising A Mathematician  Mathematics is a science fundamental to all other sciences  It is one of the oldest subjects, and is constantly being rejuvenated  It is very much alive as it heads into the 21st century  It has applications in many fields, as well as being linked to increased learning and understanding in  general  Helps in logical thinking and improves the reasoning ability of a person  Enables one to approach situations from different angles and dig out the best possible solution  Provide guidance to hone their skills and talent To search mathematical talent (Age group:13-15) Mentor young talent Objective of ‘Raising A Mathematician’    Raising A Mathematician   Raising A Mathematician Motto of ‘Raising A Mathematician’   ã Our present day educational system gives less room for developing 'critical thinking' and 'research mentality' at a young age due to which many who are even though capable, do not pursue research ã The intention is to move out of conventional 'teaching' methods and enable a 'learning' process where the children can explore and look at mathematics with a different perspective and at a different level ã Through this program it is intended to induce a research mentality in children
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