4 Lessons on How to Amplify Your Story Online

4 Lessons on How to Amplify Your Story Online
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  TORY ONLINE / 1  INTRO:Are you making the most of your OTA presence?CHAPTER 01: The role of OTAs in the travel shopping journey CHAPTER 02: Establish and ramp up your OTA presence with engaging visuals CHAPTER 03:Get to know the travel shopper personasCHAPTER 04: Do’s and Don’ts of visual marketing on OTAs CHAPTER 05: Take advantage of OTAs todayAbout Leonardo 02040712182224 Table of Contents  ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  DON’T SHY AWAY FROM OTAS: 4 LESSONS ON HOW TO AMPLIFY YOUR STORY ONLINE / 2   Thanks for downloading! As a savvy hotel marketer, you know the more visible your hotel is online, the more travel shoppers you’ll reach. But did you know that the OTA channels can be used as an effective marketing platform? Through this eBook, you’ll discover what a valuable resource Online Travel Agencies can be for your property, and how you can use them to your benet. OTAs play a crucial role in the travel shopping journey as consumers are looking to the web for inspiration and information about hotels. The wider your presence is online, the more visible you’ll be to them! I hope you enjoy the eBook, and that the information helps you learn how to tap into the wonderful marketing opportunities offered through OTAs online. John McAuliffe PresidentLeonardo   share this e-book DON’T SHY AWAY FROM OTAS: 4 LESSONS ON HOW TO AMPLIFY YOUR STORY ONLINE / 3  are you making the most of your ota presence? The online travel market has, after more than a decade, reached a certain level of maturity, and one truth has become clear – online travel agencies are here to stay. The names “Travelocity” and “Priceline” are as well-known as “Marriott” and “Holiday Inn.” Today’s smart hotel marketers are taking advantage of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) as an effective marketing platform. Studies show travelers are using OTAs for more than just booking trips; just as many, if not more, are using OTAs simply as one part of a multi-stage travel shopping  journey – a journey that includes a hotel’s own branded website, travel review sites, social media and more.OTAs are thriving in today’s web-centered world, meaning now is the time for hotel marketers to make the most of these channels and allow your hotel to stand out online. DON’T SHY AWAY FROM OTAS: 4 LESSONS ON HOW TO AMPLIFY YOUR STORY ONLINE / 4
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