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WARBURTONS /43 STATION ROAD BEXHILL-ON-SEA EAST SUSSEX TN40 1RG TEL Web site: VAT NO Prices and pack sizes/weights are correct at time of going to print COMPOSTS BOWERS MULTI PURP. COMPOST 50 Litres X 50Litres WESTLANDS MULTI PURPOSE with J INNES 60 Litres X 60 Litres Litres 4.50 NEW HORIZON PEAT FREE COMPOST 50 Litres x 50 Litres TRADITIONAL ALL-PURPOSE A professional grade compost made from 100% peat with nutrients, trace elements & a wetting agent. Ideal for potting on plug plants & houseplants, filling hanging baskets, patio tubs and troughs, growing flowers, fruit shrubs and vegetables. 50 Litres x 50litres BOWERS ERICACEOUS(For lime haters) 50 Litres x 50 Litres SEED & POTTING ON COMPOST 50 Litres x 50 Litres GROWBAGS WESTLANDS 1 Growbag Growbags 7.00 (With added nutrients & wetting agent) JOHN INNES COMPOST (All grades seed & cutting, 1, 2 and 3) 25 Litres x 25 Litres TOP SOIL (Top quality screened & sterilised loam + added nutrients) 25 Litres x 25 Litres PRE PACKED 10 LITRE BAGS For an easy to carry home bag Multi purpose Cacti Ericaceous Bonsai Seed & Cutting Citrus Indoor Plant Orchid Bulb Fibre Per Bag 3.60 LOOSE COMPOST Available on selected composts Per Kilo.65p MANURES/SOILCONDITIONERS 6X (GROW ORGANIC) CONCENTRATED MANURE -100% organic manure 40 Litres 8.75 Concentrated, weed free. Conditions soil breaks down clay, produces healthy, bumper crops of garden produce ORGANIC FARM MANURE Bowers 50 Litres Bag x 50 Litre Bags MULCH AND MIX Natural alternative to peat for soil improving & mulching 50 Litres x 50 Litre Bags ORGANIC PELLETED CHICKEN MANURE (Long lasting, nutrient rich organic plant food) Tub 8.99 BARK BED & BORDER CHIPPED BARK 70 Litres bags (Special Offer) FERTILISERS/FEEDS GROWMORE 1 kg kg kg Tub x 10kg Tubs kg FISH, BLOOD & BONE 1 kg kg kg Tub x 10 kg Tubs kg BONEMEAL (Sterilised) 1 kg kg kg Tub x 10kg Tubs kg GARDEN LIME 1 kg kg kg BLOOD (Dried) 0.9kg Box 4.25 MAGNESIUM SULPHATE (Commercial Epsom Salts) 1.5 kg Box 3.99 SUPERPHOSPHATE POWDER 1.5kg box 3.99 SULPHATE OF POTASH 1.5kg box 3.99 SULPHATE OF IRON 1.5kg box 3.99 SULPHATE OF AMMONIA (Provides nitrogen, also used to activate compost heaps or green grass at 20g per sq. m.) 1.5kg box 3.99 POTATO FERTILISER (ORGANIC) 1 kg Box 3.40 ROSE FERTILIZER 1kg kg kg kg TOP ROSE 1 kg Box kg Box 8.75 TOP ROSE GOLD (Improved root development & nutrient absorption for faster healthy growth) 1kg Box 7.75 ROSE CLEAR ULTRA 1 litres (Ready to use) ml concentrate (makes 20lt) 8.95 VITAX Q4 GENERAL FERTILISER With trace elements. Original powdered formulation 1 kg kg kg kg VITAX Q4 FERTILISER (Pelleted) Outstanding fertiliser, apply through the growing season 0.9kg kg kg VITAX Q4 ROOTMORE Stimulates intensive root growth enhancing roses, trees, shrubs and edible plants 60g g 6.40 VITAX SEQUESTERED IRON TONIC Corrects yellowing leaves and poor growth 4 x 20g sachets 5.50 MIRACLE GRO All Purpose plant food 500g kg kg 9.99 MIRACLE GRO Ericaceous plant food 500g kg 5.49 MIRACLE GRO Liquid plant food (Concentrated) 1 litre (makes 180 litres) litres (makes 450litres) 8.99 MAXI CROP Liquid Seaweed extract Approved organic, improves natural plant health 500ml litre litres TOMORITE 500 ml Litre Litres 9.50 PHOSTROGEN 15 Can Can Can Can 9.50 PERLITE OR VERMICULITE 10 litre bag 7.25 GRITS, GRAVELS & SANDS GARDEN GRAVEL 1 kg kg kg kg x 20kg FLINT GRIT (Hen Grit) 1 kg kg kg kg 8.99 FINE GRIT (Chick Grit) 1 kg kg kg kg 8.99 HORTICULTURAL SAND, SILVER SAND, GRIT SAND 1 kg kg kg 3.15 PER ECONOMY BAG X ECONOMY BAGS 16.00 COMPOST MAKER GAROTTA COMPOST MAKER (Accelerates the natural process of composting) 1.5 kg kg 5.75 EVERGREEN AUTUMN LAWN FOOD (+moss killer) 100sq metre carton sq metre spreader sq metre bag LAWN TREATMENTS (We stock many others please ask for details) BOWERS LAWN SAND Controls moss (135g per sq metre) 1 kg kg sq metre tub kg Bag (treats approx 200sq.m) LAWN & TURF DRESSING Levels lawn surfaces, promotes strong root growth and improves drainage. 1 kg kg kg litre bag x 25 litre Bags EVERGREEN EXTREME GREEN 80 sq metre carton sq metre spreader sq metre bag sq metre bag EVERGREEN EXTREME FEED LIQUID 1 Litre 5.99 EVERGREEN WEED,FEED& MOSS KILLER Treats 80sq m 9.99 Treats 200sq m Treats 360sq m +10% Free Bag BAMBOO CANES (Although these lengths may change owing to metrication, present stocks are still in feet) Length (ft) each per p p p p p p 7.50 SLUG PELLETS We stock a vast range of slug pellets including the following. Please ask for more details if you do not see what you require. SLUG CLEAR ULTRA For use around flowers, fruit & veg. Rainproof for 14 days 685g 4.90 GROWING SUCCESS (Advanced Slug killer) Certified for organic use, can be trusted for use around children, pets & wildlife) 575g 5.50 SLUG GONE (WOOL PELLETS) As an organic material the wool pellets form a barrier around the plants preventing the slugs and snails from walking across the woolen mat Slug Gone contains naturally occurring slow release nutrients & will help feed plants. 1 litre litres litres litres 15.60 POLYTHENE etc. BUBBLE WRAP 1.5 metre wide 2.20 per metre POLYTHENE Clear 2 metres wide 1.84 per metre Black 2 metres wide 1.84 per metre CAPILLARY MATTING 53 cm Wide 3.90 per metre FLEECE (FROST PROTECTION) 1.5 metres wide 0.80 per metre MULCH & WEED INHIBITER SHEETING Which allows water and air to penetrate (Dark brown perforated poly film) 1 metre wide (heavy) 1.90 per metre 2 metre wide (heavy) 2.86 per metre 1.5 metre wide (thinner) 2.35 per metre NETTING WIRE NETTING 5 metre and 10 metre rolls ) Prices on Wire Mesh Panels ) application BLACK FRUIT CAGE NETTING (Heavy knitted rope 17mm mesh) 2 metres wide 2.15 per metre 4 metres wide 3.68 per metre 8 metres wide 6.90 per metre (When measuring allow 1/3 rd extra in length if full width is required please ask for further details) BLACK PLASTIC NETTING 2 Mt Wide 12mm mesh 2.40 per metre 2 Mt Wide - 19mm mesh 1.84 per metre GREEN ANTI-BIRD NETTING 2 metres wide 0.88 per metre 4 metres wide 1.62 per metre (When measuring allow 1/3 rd extra in length if full width is required please ask for further details) GREENHOUSE SHADING (GREEN) (Also used as WINDBREAK) 66 cm wide-3mm mesh 2.90 per metre 1 Mt wide 2mm mesh 4.50 per metre 1.5 Mt wide shelter net 3.90 per metre PEA & BEAN SUPPORT NETTING 2 metres wide 1.00 per metre PLASTIC TRELLIS (50MM MESH) In brown or green 50 cm wide 2.50 per metre 1 metre wide 4.10 per metre REFUSE BAGS GARDEN RUBBLE BAGS Heavy duty bags (22 x 34 ) 1 bag 43p 10 bags 4.00 BLACK BIN BAGS (18 X29 X39 - with gusset, very strong) 1 bag 20p 10 bags 1.70 WHEELIE BIN LINERS 5 bags 1.50 Large selection of slug, snail, wasp and insect killers available. A FEW OF OUR MANY AVAILABLE GARDEN CHEMICALS ROUND UP READY TO USE SPRAY 1 Litre Litres (Pump & Go) Litres (Pump & Go) ROUND UP CONCENTRATE (CONTAINS GLYPHOSATE) 140 ml ml ml Litre ULTRA 3000(For extra large areas)49.50 ROUND UP TREE STUMP & ROOT KILLER(Kills Japanese knotweed) 250 ml Concentrate SBK BRUSH WOOD KILLER Tough Weed Killer for Brambles, Thistles, Nettles and tree stumps. Kills weeds not grass 125ml Concentrate ml Concentrate ml Concentrate Litre Concentrate Spray 750 ml. (Ready to use) 6.20 PATHCLEAR 1 Litre spray (Ready to use) Litre spray (Ready to use) WEEDOL LAWN WEEDKILLER VERDONE (Selective weed killer for Lawns) 250 ml Concentrate ml Concentrate Litre Concentrate Spray 800 ml (Ready to use) 5.29 BUGCLEAR (For Fruit & Veg) 250 ml concentrate ml Spray (Ready to use) 4.99 BUGCLEAR ULTRA (Systemic action insecticide. Kills all major ornamental insect pests) 200 ml concentrate litre Spray (Ready to use) 4.95 BUGCLEAR ULTRA VINE WEEVIL KILLER 480 ml concentrate 7.25 FUNGUS CLEAR ULTRA 225 ml concentrate Litre (Ready to use) 5.99 ROSECLEAR 200 ml concentrate (makes 20lt) Litres (Ready to use) 5.75 JEYES FLUID 300 ml Litre PATIO MAGIC For use on all outdoor hard surfaces. 5 Litres (Coverage 170 sq mt) Litres (Coverage 85 sq mt) 10.50 VEGETABLE, FRUIT AND HERB SEEDS We stock an enormous range of pre packed Kings vegetable, herb and flower seeds at a very competitive price. You are always welcome to browse through the many varieties in our garden department at Warburtons. We stock the following varieties of Peas and Beans loose. (Pre packed peas, beans, French beans and runner beans also available in many varieties in our garden department) PEAS AND BEANS available loose Owing to new metrication rules we can no longer sell seeds by the pint. Customers used to these sizes should apply the following conversion where applicable: SIZE 1 = 1/4 Pint SIZE 3 = 1 Pint PEAS FIRST EARLIES SIZE 2 = ½ Pint SIZE 4 = 1 quart EARLY ONWARD Sow March to May. Well filled pods. KELVEDON WONDER 45cm very sweet, small, heavy yielding, sow March July MAINCROP sow April/May GREENSHAFT 60cm heavy crops on long, pointed pods, early main crop ONWARD 75cm the most popular. Large peas of superb flavour SIZE 1 = 1/4 Pint SIZE 2 = ½ Pint SIZE 3 = 1 Pint SIZE 4 = 1 quart 6.50 BROAD BEANS AQUADULCE CLAUDIA (for spring or autumn sowing) MASTERPIECE GREEN LONGPOD (good freezer, heavy cropper) THE SUTTON (DWARF) (spring sowing) SIZE 1 = 1/4 Pint..1.50p SIZE 2 = ½ Pint.2.80 SIZE 3 = 1 Pint SIZE 4 = 1 quart (Size 1 sows approx. 5m double rows) RUNNER BEANS STREAMLINE Reliable heavy cropping variety. SIZE 1 = 1/4 Pint SIZE 2 = ½ Pint SIZE 3 = 1 Pint SIZE 4 = 1 quart (Size 2 sows approx. 10 metres) SEED POTATOES (LOOSE) 1 st EARLY (3kg will sow approx 10 metres) ARRAN PILOT, Good yield. An old established favourite with gardeners for early bulking and maturity SWIFT - Very early, heavy crop PENTLAND JAVELIN Suitable for all soils. Scrab resistant. Good for boiling and salads. RED DUKE OF YORK Good Roasting Potato MARIS BARD Drought resistant all rounder 2 nd EARLY KESTREL, WLJA, White with purple eye. A slug resistant second-early. A high yielding variety with uniform attractive tubers. Pale yellow flesh MAINCROP (3kg will sow approx 12 metres) DESIREE, KING EDWARD, CARA PINK FIRAPPLE An attractive red skinned variety producing high yields. Pale yellow flesh. Tubers oval. Oval tubers,cream flesh High yield of large round tubers with excellent resistance to disease. Stores well This long & knobbly potato has a flavour perfect for salads. Best cooked in the skins Price of loose seed potatoes (Weight when packed) 1kg 1.70p 5kg 7.60p 10kg 11.60p 25kg 25.50p SEED POTATOES (PRE-PACKED 2 KILO NET) 1stEarly -Home Guard - -Foremost -Rocket -Premiere -International Kidney -Casablanca -Lady Christi -Winston 2 nd Early -Maris Peer -Charlotte -Estima Main Crop -Maris Piper -Sarpo Mira -Cara -Picasso 2 Kilo pre packed nets 3.60 each LAWN SEED To form a good close turf, sow evenly and reasonably thickly, allowing 70g per sq. metre 2oz per sq yard Multi Purpose seed with Rye Grass Hardwearing will produce a turf suitable for HEAVY WEAR. Mixture contents: 60% Perennial Ryegrass; 40% Slender creping red fescue 1 kilo kilos kilos sack Shady seed with Rye Grass Particularly suitable for the shady areas of the garden Mixture contents: 10% Barcampsi Tufted Hairgrass;20% Barprince Slender Creepin g R;20% Barsandra Perennial Ryegrass; 30% Barustic Strong Creeping Red; 20% Hardtop Hard Fescue 1 Kilo Kilos kilo sack Luxury seed without Rye Grass Specially recommended where a good quick growing serviceable lawn is required. Mixture contents:30% Slender creeping red fescue; 30% Chewings fescue; 30% Strong creeping red fescue;10% Bentgrass 1 kilo kilos kilos sack Hardwearing seed with Rye Grass Ideal for areas of the garden that are used frequently. Gives an attractive, tough lawn. 80% Perennial ryegrass, 20% strong creeping red fescue 1 kilo kilos kilos sack WILD BIRD WILD BIRD SEED No. 1 De-luxe quality 1 kg kg kg PEANUTS 1 kg kg kg SUNFLOWER HEARTS 1 kg kg kg SUNFLOWER SEED STRIPED 1kg kg SUNFLOWER SEED (Black) 1 kg kg kg NIGER SEED 1 kg kg kg FAT BALLS Small each 0.17p Bag x 50 Fat Balls 7.25 Box Large each 1.00 PET SUPPLIES Warburtons offer an extensive range of all pet products including pet accessories (dog/cat beds, small animal cages, bird cages, aquatic supplies, cat litter, collars and leads, health & hygiene products, bird accessories) Our staff are always happy to help and advice regarding any products that we stock. Listed below is just a very small selection of the many products that we stock. We carry a large selection of products in bulk bags (with free local delivery for your convenience) or in small quantities if you require. We have access to a huge range of products so even if we do not have the particular product that you require in stock we are always more than happy to source the product for you please feel free to ask for more details. BIRD SEED BUDGIE PARROT PLAIN MIX 1 kg kg kg COCKATIEL/PARAKEET 1 kg kg kg CANARY 1 kg kg kg FOREIGN FINCH 1 kg kg kg DOG BURNS 1 kg kg JAMES WELL-BELOVED 1 kg kg BETA PET 1 kg kg kg kg kg PARROT WITH FRUIT 1 kg kg kg POND FOODS POND PELLETS 1 kg kg kg POND STICKS 1 kg kg VALUMIX 1 kg kg DR JOHN GOLD 15 kg 11.49 CAT OMEGA 1 kg kg GO CAT 1 kg kg IAMS From per kilo 4.52 SMALL ANIMAL PROTEIN RABBIT 1 kg kg SUPA RABBIT EXCEL 1 kg kg RUSSEL RABBIT 1 kg kg GERTY GUINEA PIG 1 kg kg SMALL ANIMAL HAY Small 1.25 Medium 2.97 SAWDUST Small 1.55 Medium 3.29 Large compressed 5.50 Giant Bale WARBURTONS (Opposite Town Hall) 41/43 STATION ROAD BEXHILL-ON-SEA Web site: TEL A comprehensive range of all garden supplies seeds, composts, gardening tools, national garden gift vouchers, chemicals, hose pipes, incinerators, dustbins, sundry items. LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE OPENING HOURS Monday to Saturday 8.00 AM TO 5.00 PM
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