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  B.E/B.Tech DEGREE EXAMINATION Nov/Dec 2007Seventh semesterCompter Sc!ence n# En$!neer!n$ MG %&0%' TOTA( )*A(IT+ MANAGEMENT,Re$- t!on 200&T!me  hors M 1!mm m rs %00Ans3er A(( 4est!ons5ART A ,%0 1 2 620 m rs 1.Write the equation that would quantify quality2.what is meant by vision statement?write a sample one sentence vision statement.3.Draw the figure to depict customer satisfaction model.4.!pand s .#n afoundry the castings manufactured are inspected with respect to the four defects namely$ blow holes$core shift$ honey combing and hot tear design. Design a chec% sheet to gather data on the total number of castings found defectives due to respective above defects.&.' spindle with specifications 2( ) or* (.( mm was machined in lathe.+he standard deviation of the spindle machined was found to be (.2 mm.compute the capability inde!.,tate whether the machining process in the lathe is capable of meeting the specifications.-.#ndicate any two strengths and wea%nesses of benchmar%ing technique.  .#f the specifications are 1( ) or / for a particular quality characteristic and the average repair cost is 0s2(($determine the loss function.Determine the loss at y11..Draw the model of process based quality management system given in #, ((12(((.1(.Differentiate +, 1&4 and #, 14((1 standards.5'0+ 6 7 ! 1&  (811. 7a 8 718#ndicate the dimensions of quality with e!amples. 78728 numerate the duties of quality control 787or87b8 numerate Deming9s 14 points of management 71&812 7a8 718 numerate any eight actions that an organi:ations shall ta%e to handle complaints 78728Describe briefly any eight concepts to achieve a motivated wor%force in an organi:ation 787or8 7b8 718 #ndicate any two items that can be measured under the following titles in an organi:ation  718 ;uman resources 728 customers 738 5roduction 748 0esearch and Development 787b8 728 Describe briefly any eight criteria that need to be considered while developing performance measures in organi:ations 7813 7a8 <ollowing table contains data on the weight of plastic component in grams.+his component is manufactured using a plastic in=ection molding process.mean and range charts are required be estabilished for this process.Determine the trial central line and control limits.Draw the mean and range charts and plot the values.,tate whether the process is under statistical control.if not assume that deviation occurred due to assignable causes which are rectified now.0evise the central line and control limits.Draw the revised mean and range charts and plot the values.state the process is under statistical control. 71&8   ,ample number >easurements !1 !2 !3 !4 1 &.3 &.4( &.32 &.3- 2 &.4& &.3- &.3& &.413 &.34 &.4( &.34 &.3&4 &.& &.&4 &.& &.  &.3 &.34 &.44 &.4(& &.41 &.4( &.2 &.34- &.3 &.44 &.2 &.  &.3 &.41 &.3- &.3 &. & &. &.4 &.41( &.3 &.4( &.4 &.3-7or87b8 Describe the characteristics and applications of the following four new seven management tools 718 'ffinity Diagram 728 #nterrelationship diagraph 738matri! diagram 748 5rocess decision program chart. 71&814 7a8 718 Draw the general structure of house of quality9 and indicate the constituents in it. 78728!plain briefly @<D 5rocess 78 7or87b8 718 What are the si! ma=or loss areas that are measured $trac%ed and measured in a +5> program?#ndicate the method of measuring any two of these ma=or losses. 78728 Aist the four stages of <>' and indicate the activities carried out under each stage 781 . 7a8 Bonsider the company involved in testing the strengths of components.  Burrently ( engineers are wor%ing in the company.!plain briefly the steps that the company should ta%e to implement #,((12((( based quality system and obtain the certificate from certifying agency 71&87or87b8 718 With the aid of a pyramidial diagram$describe the documentation hierarchy stipulated in #, 14((1 standard. 78728 numerate any eight %ey organi:ation benefits achievable on implementing #, 14((1 based system. 78


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