429 History Taking and Physical Examination Booklet 2nd Edition 2013 (1)

429 History Taking and Physical Examination Booklet 2nd Edition 2013 (1)
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    0   Second Edition 2013    1 إرخآ   ف   ث   ه   ىو ..  أ   ىع   يك ..   ددا   ر   تج   ود .. د      ةضإ ..   مجأ   ه   لا   اذ   ن ..   ةز   ع   ها   ا   ط   ارش 424 ا   اذ   سسأ   ع   يى   يا  :   د ا ءد،  كا ، غا ى، كا ززا ع، زا    ………………………….   إ  عدا * * * جعع إ   أ   ةظ   ه   نك   نإجرو   حارورا   درا   ع   لصاا :  ق   م   ىى ..   لع   قر 42:   يشا ن   برا ءاررا روا مرح  رسلا قشما ط   صخا فع   يهزا فه      2 NOTE: This is the second edition of this booklet. Spelling mistakes have been corrected, some figures and definitions have been added for a better understanding.. (: General Structure of history taking and general examination 3 History and Examination of the Cardiovascular System   15 History and Examination of the Respiratory System   30 History and Examination of the Gastrointestinal System   45 History and Examination of the Nervous System 59 History and Examination of the Genitourinary System 91 History and Examination of the Rheumatological System 99 History and Examination of the Endocrine System 113 History and Examination of the Hematological System 120 How to Report your Examination? 127 Frequently Asked Questions& Cranial Nerves 133 References  151 Contents Confidence comes from the continual repetition of certain activities..Listen, see, be involved & try yourself.. Prepare for a new Challenge..    3 General Structure of History Taking, and General Examination:    History Taking: 1.   Personal data 2.   Chief complaint 3.   History of the presenting illness 4.   Past history 5.   Medication history 6.   Blood transfusion 7.   Allergies 8.   Menstrual history 9.   Family history 10.   Social history 11.   Systemic review 12.   Summary    General Examination: 1.   General appearance 2.   Vital signs 3.   The hand 4.   The head 5.   The neck 6.   Lymph nodes 7.   Lower limbs 8.   The back    Important Analysis Do Not Fear Mistakes
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