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     ©   A   B   V  o   l  v  o   7   1   3   1   6   3   7   5  -   4 Printed: 2014-10-27 09:10 Transport Instruction Supplier:42995 ACE ENGINEERINGS & CHEMICAS P! # 45$$$1 IN%REAttn:SAN%EEP 'HA(RE First Consignor ID:42995 ri)in*l C+n,i)n+r I%:%*te elep+ne ele.*/ ur re.erene: 27 t+er 2014 +91 80 66914343 Dear Sir, dear Madam, Enl+,ed +u 3ill .ind +ur tr*n,p+rt in,truti+n 3i 3ill e *lid .r+ 2014-10-2 . A.ter re*din) te in,truti+n6 ple*,e return te *ti+n ,eet  .*/ +r e*il 3itin tree $8 3+rin) d*,# '++in): i, in,truti+n +er, di..erent 3*, +. ++in) tr*n,p+rt, *rr*n)ed  !+l+ Gr+up +)i,ti, Serie,#'el+3 it i, *red +3 +u ,+uld ++# Ple*,e t*e ti, int+ *+unt 3en re*din) ti, in,truti+n# x (+u ,+uld ++    !ia t e #T$#S app%ication   +n !C, 3e p+rt*l# ;,er in,truti+n, *nd +ur *lid     +lleti+n d*, *n e .+und in te *ppli*ti+n#  ___ (+u ,+uld ++    manua%%& 'it a temp%ate   i* e-*il +r .*/ t+ +ur *ut+ri<ed p*rt ,ee t*le el+38#   (+ur *lid +lleti+n d*   ,8 *re: #ut ori(ed part&Carrier )#*M#Carrier contact in+ormation =$=9>0 CI S;PP( CHAIN S; INS17?1pipli* R*+M*ni '*) R+*d 6 IN%RE6452001C+nt*t per,+n: (+)e, E*il:l,r+@ti,,#+ el:A9174=$25490= Customer nit: =4$1!EASG CarrierCo%%ection Da&s.De%i!er& T&pe)%ace o+ De%i!er& / su++i H 02$--PAR S BRM MA ERIA S;PPIERS  C IN SINGAPRE For DomesticYou must always issue the Transport Booking Request before the deadline at  10:30 or Template suppliers an! 11:00  or #B suppliers on the working$!ay prior to the !ay o !ispatch%oa!ing: &oo!s an! !ocuments ha'e to (e rea!y (eore the collection window opens time (09:00) ) unless aspecial agreement has (een ma!e (etween *ol'o &roup %ogistics +er'ices) your appointe! %+, an!yoursel'es-For .nternationalYou must always issue the Transport Booking Request (eore the !ea!line at 1/:30 hr or the Templatesuppliers an! 1:00hr or #B suppliers on the three working$!ays prior to the !ay o !ispatch-%oa!ing: &oo!s an! !ocuments ha'e to (e rea!y (eore the collection window opens time (09:00) ) unless aspecial agreement has (een ma!e (etween *ol'o &roup %ogistics +er'ices) your appointe! %+, an!yoursel'es-. you ha'e any questions) please !o not hesitate to contact us- For contact inormation) see appen!i 1- (+ur, .*it.ull6 2 B *ol'o 413134/$5 P*)e 1 . $  Printed: 2014-10-27 09:10 o%!o roup $ogistics Ser!ices 2 B *ol'o  413134/$5 P*)e 2 . $  Printed: 2014-10-27 09:10 Con+irmation Form 42995 it ti, .+r +u  t*t +u under,t*nd *nd *ept !+l+ Gr+up +)i,ti, Serie, r*n,p+rt In,truti+n# Ple*,e returnte .+r  e-mai%  3itin t ree 3.  3+rin) d*, t+ te *ddre,, el+3# Ple*,e n+te t*t e-*il *ti+n 3it+ut ,i)n*ture i,*ept*le#  DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  Si)n*ture%*te : 0>?11?2014Printed N*e: Niil *inE-*il *ddre,, Niil@*een)ineerin),#+In +nneti+n 3it te *ti+n +. te r*n,p+rt In,truti+n6 ple*,e eri. t*t el+3 in.+r*ti+n i, +rret# I. n+t6 ple*,eindi*te +rret in.+r*ti+n in te ri)t *nd +lun#Ple*,e .ill in te *n)e, in ti, +lunF First Consignor 42995 42995 ACE ENGINEERINGS & CHEMICAS P! # 45$$$1 IN%RE $oading #ddress >59?16 ISHIN%HA %HAM6 RA;-RANGASA RA%RA;IN%RE6 IN 45$$$1 pening ours at goods reception 07:00 - 1>:00  9:00  17:00 Contact person Transport oo6er. SAN%EEP 'HA(RE  NIHI AIN Te%ep one numer   91-9977100>9=   91-9=2>92$415 7mai% *retin)@*een)ineerin),#+  NIHI@ACEENGINEERINGS#CM Fa 8umerDangerous goods/#D*  ;es  8o 8  ::: ;es::: 8o )%ease use C#)IT#$ %etters . o%!o roup $ogistics Ser!ices7-Mai%: !%c<ne'supp%ier=!o%!o<com
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