5 6sem BE EEE Syllabus 2013-14

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    M. S. RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BANGALORE-54 (Autonomous Institute, Affiliated to VTU) SYLLABUS (For the Academic year 2013- 2014) ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING V &VI Semester B. E.  2 M.S RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BANGALORE-54 (AUTONOMOUS INSTITUTE, AFFILIATED TO VTU) Vision of M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology To evolve into an autonomous institution of international standards for imparting quality technical education Mission of M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology MSRIT shall deliver global quality technical education by nurturing a conducive learning environment for a better tomorrow through continuous improvement and customization. Vision of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering To excel in engineering education and research, inculcating professional ethics in students and emerge as a leaders in the country in the field of electrical & electronics engineering Mission of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering The mission of the department is to produce graduates who are capable of taking leadership positions. Our graduates: Understand the basic principles of modern electrical & electronics technology Are able to apply their knowledge to solve problems arising in whatever career path they choose. Are sensitive to societal issues and are committed to professional ethics.  3 Program Educational Objectives A.   Produce graduates who will have the ability to apply the knowledge of basic sciences engineering sciences and electrical engineering to excel in professional career. B.   Produce graduates who will continue to enhance their knowledge. C.   Produce graduates who are confident to take up diverse career paths. D.   Produce graduates who will provide leadership and demonstrate the importance of  professional integrity. The Program Outcomes are: a.   Foundation : understanding of the fundamentals of science and engineering, and the ability to apply them.  b.   Experimentation and Data Analysis : ability to design and conduct experiment as well as to organize, analyze and interpret data. c.   Design : an ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired specifications d.   Individual & Team work  : ability to work individually and with others professionally and socially. e.   Problem solving:  an ability to identify, formulate use modern tools to solve complex engineering  problems. f.   Professional ethics : an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility g.   Communication skills : ability to communicate effectively, orally and through writing. h.   Societal impact : An understanding of the impact of engineering solutions on environment and society. i.   Curiosity : A desire and ability to engage in lifelong learning.  j.   Contemporary issues:  Familiarity with current trends in electrical, electronics engineering and interdisciplinary areas. k.   Depth : develop a passion and in-depth knowledge in a specific area. l.   Leadership:  ability to function effectively in a leadership role with respect to the management and economics of large scale engineering tasks and collaborative efforts.  4 M.S RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BANGALORE-54 (AUTONOMOUS INSTITUTE, AFFILIATED TO VTU) DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING The department has the following well qualified faculty Sl. No. Name Designation 1 Dr. S. Y Kulkarni Principal 2 Dr. N. V. R.Naidu Vice Principal 3 Dr. G. R. Nagabhushana Professor Emeritus 4 Dr.PremilaManohar Professor & HOD 5 Prof.T.K.Anantha Kumar Professor 6 Sri.T.G.Giri Kumar    Associate Professor 7 Smt.T.V.Snehaprabha Associate Professor 8 Smt. K.N. Prasanna Associate Professor 9 Dr. Sanjay Lakshminarayanan Associate Professor 10 Dr. Pradipkumar Dixit Associate Professor 11 Sri.C.Ravindra Kumar Assistant Professor 12 Sri.Victor George Assistant Professor 13 Sri. Vinayak V Rao Assistant Professor 14 Smt.S.Dawnee Assistant Professor 15 Sri. KodeeswaraKumaran Assistant Professor 16 Smt. S. Poornima   Assistant Professor 17 Sri. K.Ramakrishna Murthy   Assistant Professor 18 Smt. KusumikaKroriDutta   Assistant Professor 19 Sri. NarsimpurTushar Suresh   Assistant Professor 20 SmtArchanaDiwakar Assistant Professor 21 Smt Aruba Rajan Assistant Professor
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