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  Roll 5 D10s (One from each page) these are the current drinks available at any random bar. 1. ame! qâc , a semi-alcoholic porridge made from crushed barley. The barley is germinated to release sugars, then left out in the open to ferment for a few weeks. After fermentation, it is mixed with honey or yak milk. ost!  0.05 old #R!  ! .  ame! argoyle #odka. $t%s like gasoline, with a minty fla&or. 'ade from fermenting tree roots. ost!  0.5 old #R!  1((. ame!  )lf Aminiotic *ine, a modern delicacy, made from the fruity amniotic fluid left behind from an el&en birth. +istilledand aged for hundreds of years. ost!  500 old #R!  !5!. ame! Tass eer- essentially liuid emotion. aptures the feeling of falling in lo&e in midsummer,. ost! 5 old #R!  105. ame! The +runken +uck./ $t%s basically a near gallon sied stein of hard, cheap liuor, topped with a cracked duck egg, then lit on fire. $t reuires a fortitude sa&e to finish it +1 2, then a fortitude sa&e to not throw up +1 2 ost!  ( old #R!  (03. ame! /rown smoke/4 a sweet and bitter brown coloured digestif made from local herbs. ost!  0.1 old #R!  3. ame! ikker4 a wodka like spirit made from potatoes, usually mixed with concentrated fruit6uice. ost!  0.1 old #R!  1 7. ame!  8al eer. A dwar&en been made from fermenting mushrooms. ost!  0.07 gold #R!  159. ame!  :umine   Puh-mine 24 a 8alfling wine that is brewed from pumpkins. ost!  0.15 gold #R!  (10. ame! /auldron liuid/ 4 a wine like be&erage made from a horrible mixture of bloodorange and licorice, a recipe stolen from ancient #ampyr people. ost!  0. gold #R!    Roll 5 D10s (One from each page) these are the current drinks available at any random bar. 1. ame! rotiggit eer. This sweet dark frothy honeybeer is famous for its thick layer of froth. ost! 0.1 gold #R!  5 . ame! ;inderry- 8uman apple mead ost!  0.05 gold #R!  !(. ame! $lliandu is a brewed concoction made from the inner bark of pine trees. :roduces mild hallucinogenic effects.-5 to all imitati&e<spot<listen rolls. ost!  0.15 gold #R!  7!. ame! =umpberry wine is normally ser&ed chilled. *hen filtered, looks like a pink-tinged clear liuid. umpberry fla&or particularly the 6uice2 is famed for its unusual ner&e-stimulating properties >5 to imitati&e rolls2 ost!  0.5 gold #R!  95. ame! actus 6ack, the fermented sap of the common coral cactus. ?ne shot is enough to induce blackouts in most drinkers. ost!  0.1 gold #R!  (53. ame! =ama is a sweet, frothy ale with the thickness of gra&y. $t%s a drink made from the potato-like =ama berries. ost!  0.1 gold #R!  5. ame!  Aiit pronounced /$ eat/2 is a drink made by an el&ish tra&eler named ;ii%rui, who took popular drinks from around the world and mixed them together. $t%s a mixture of teuilla, melon 6uice, coffee, and xocol@tl. ost!  0.5 gold #R!  97. ame! rown 'old eer  $ *eakest of the dwar&en brews,  popular among poor and destitute, as it costs little. ost!  0.0 gold #R!  (9. ame! ?rc lug hampagne. ig fat ca&e slugs are hollowed out, filled with ingredients, and allowed to hang for a few months. The end product is a fruity, bubbly champagne. ost!  0.( gold #R!  1 10. ame! Triple distilled :remium dwarf spirits.   +warf pirits are, perhaps, the strongest drink around. ost!  5 old #R!  501.  Roll 5 D10s (One from each page) these are the current drinks available at any random bar.ame!  +awrfhead tout, 'ost common of the dwar&en brews  ost!  0.15 old #R!  15 .  ame! Bire beer is made in part from peppers, gi&ing it a &ery hot fla&or. Though no stronger than many other beers, it has set many a warrior to tears. ost!  0. old #R!  (. ame!  Byana Blight, An el&en beer, light and easy to drink. Those unused to drinking it find its taste &ery dry.  ost!  0. 5 gold #R!  !!. ame! Brost wine- +elicate white whine created from an exotic blend of grapes growing only in the colder areas  ost!   gold #R!  5. ame! il&erforge beer , rewed with a &ery dark, painstakingly slow roasted malted barley, with an ample amount of hops, a slight licorice-like aroma and a fla&or reminiscent of dark chocolate.  ost!  0.( gold #R!  33. ame!  Cindlewell, gnomish wine that is distilled to the point of being flammable. er&ed in tiny single ser&ing bottles. ost!  1 gold #R!   . ame! ?ften called %the dregs%, Tiefling tea is generally a mix of other spirits boiled with tea lea&es. ost!  0. gold #R!  107. ame!  Bruit :ate%. Dotten and fermenting fruit mushed into a apple-sauce like paste. ost!  0.01 gold #R!   9. ame!  Thuskid beer, ?rc eer, The palate of Thuskid is best described as %a rotting cow that caught fire%  ost!  0.1 gold #R!  910. ame!  ake, )l&ish brew made from rice and honey  ost!  0.15 gold #R!  71.  Roll 5 D10s (One from each page) these are the current drinks available at any random bar.ame!  ;nockings beer, made from crushed and fermented assorted nuts and seeds. ost!  0.15 gold #R!  3 . ame!  8unter%s rew , A strange drink mix of the local beer and different animal bloods. ommon bloods used are &eil, &enison, bear, swine, and dragon. ost!  0. gold #R!  3(. ame!  +ouble-pipe inger , a halfling whiskey with the soothing taste of ginger. ost!  0. gold #R!  10!. ame!  Breny *ater. An extremely potent clear alcohol, known for sending barbarians into rage and making e&eryone else irritable and surly. *ill sa&e of 10, or immediately start a fight with the nearest stranger. ost!  0.5 gold #R!  175. ame!  Benwick wine, A wine fermented by fishermen using a uniue type of sea-weed. The wineEs texture is murky and green, and its taste is uite hea&y. 'any people liken it to drinking grass.  ost!  0.( gold #R!  73. ame!  ;nuckle ones, made from fermenting the bone marrow of cattle and sheep. Tastes sharp and &ery dry. ost!  0.1 gold #R!  5.   ame!  )mbrosic Ale , A powerful ale used to get creature drunk, e&en if they are normally incapable of being so. $ncluding constructs, consciousnesses, undead, and ghosts. ost!  0.( gold #R!  1 7. ame!  ?ilslick, lack hard alcohol that supposedly contains petroleum. tains the teeth, lips, and tounge black. ost!  0.1 gold #R!  9. ame!  ;raken%s lack harger , a bitter whiskey made from burnt grains. $t produces a &ery bitter and strong taste. ost!  0. 5 gold #R!  1310. ame!  Bae wine. 'ade from enchanted flowers and grasses. >1 to any charisma rolls for 1d! hours after in6ected. ost!  ( gold #R!  151.
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