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50_tests for FCE Practice

50 great tests to get ready for FCE exam.
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  TEST 1 J I. Put one correct word in each gap. 1.  'Where do you from Janice?' 'I live in Birmingham.' 2.  I must ask someone to help me my maths homework. 3. If you need me, just call me and I'll be there as as possible. 4.  Michael isn't more experienced I am but he earns more money. 5. Maybe the future people will live on other planets. 6. It was raining hard we were driving back home. 7. The children are already forward to summer holidays. 8. Isn't it time you started revising for your examinations? 9. This is the most beautiful place I have been to. 10.  Children, don't forget to your teeth before going to bed. III.  Write in the correct words. 1.'Why  is Steven so worried?' 'I'm afraid he has i d the maths exam.' 2.  Last week, Greg and I had a terrible _ u r .I called him a fool and he said that I was a witch. We haven't spoken since that time. 3. I never take much g g _ with me when I go on a trip. Just some clean underwear and a few T-shirts and my toiletries, of course. 4.  Jackie says if he had a lot of money, he would n _ it on sweets. 5. Could I have another e of the cheese cake, please? It's so delicious. 6 II.  Put the words in the correct form. 1. We don't let our children play with the neighbour's dog. We think it's DANGER 2. 'Look at Cindy. Isn't she dressed?' 'Indeed. She is.' PRETTY 3. The of our students can speak foreign languages. MAJOR 4. Thank you for your to the party. We enjoyed every INVITE moment spent with you. 5. If your plane is late, we'll wait at the airport till your ARRIVE 6. Tom's got a heart. His girlfriend left him yesterday. BREAK 7. Have you made a yet? Are you going with us or DECIDE staying at home? 8. There was a lot of in the classroom when we played LAUGH a practical joke on our teacher. 9. Mr Robson knows a lot about plants and flowers. He's worked as a GARDEN for over twenty years. 10. Don't be so boy. Your turn will come. PATIENT  6. Look what you've done You've scratched your father's car. He's going to be very g with you when he learns about it. 7. I asked for-an apple pie but s a _ of it the waiter brought me a scone. 8. Fortunately, all the passengers of the sinking ferry _a g_dto escape before it went under water. 9. I wish we hadn't come too late to the cinema. Then, we wouldn't have had to sit in the first _ o _ . 10.  You may _ h these old rusty tools away. They're absolutely useless. IV. Choose the correct answer. 1.  Your clothes are all wet them off and dry them over the fire. a) Put b) Make c) Take d) Wear 2.  My friends me a surprise by bringing me flowers and gifts on my birthday. a) gave b) did c) fulfilled d) caused 3. Professor Wilson is respected for his great of ancient civilisations. a) skill b) knowledge c) intelligence d) education 4.  The red tie doesn't well with the green shirt. I think you should put on the grey one. a) run b) drive c) walk d) go 5. Nobody likes Agatha. She always about her rich family. a) enjoys b) boasts c) praises d) admires 6. It to me that Mark doesn't love me any more. He's always smiling at other girls. a) seems b) views c) understands d) observes 7. Stojks are known to build their nests on roofs and chimneys where they eggs and bring up their young ones. a) lay b) settle c) plant d) rest 8. I've shown you all the most interesting historical places in the city for the old town square. This you will see tomorrow. a) apart b) instead c) except d) besides 9. These cakes and cookies look so delicious. They make my water. a) tongue b) lips c) throat d) mouth 10.  We were not to touch anything in the museum. a) said b) told c) spoken d) talked 7    TEST 2  ~ZZZ1 I. Put one correct word in each gap. 1.  You can depend John. He will never let you down. 2.'  you like me to show you round the house?' 'Yes, please.' 3. Peter's very shy. He always red when a girl comes up to talk to him. 4.  What me happy is the fact that I have a big loving family. 5. 'Who does this farm to?' 'It's mine.' 6 I went to live abroad, I would certainly miss my family and my friends. 7. This old wooden church was built by the local people many centuries 8. Brian Dodson, mother teaches me French, is my best friend. 9. Chuck doesn't have any brothers or sisters. He is an child. 10.  How about a photo of the castle ruins? It will look great against the setting sun. III.  Write in the correct words. 1.  My n _ of view is completely different from yours. I disagree with you. 2.  Maybe your sister will e us some cash if we promise to give it back soon. II. Put the words in the correct form. 1. There's no between these two paintings. They DIFFER look the same. 2. Will you leave the room while  I 'm taking off my KIND clothes? 3. Our school theatre is giving a public of  Romeo PERFORM and Juliet  tomorrow. I'm playing the part of Romeo. 4. The negotiations will continue until a mutual is AGREE reached. 5. Deborah spent all her years at her grandparents' CHILD in the countryside. 6. We didn't like our stay in the hotel. The service were very FRIEND toward us. Almost rude. 7. 'What shall I do with these old paint brushes?' 'Throw them away. USE 8. You didn't get a point because your answer was CORRECT 9. There is every that the north road will be jammed. POSSIBLE We advise you to take the M5'. 10. The management's decision to lower the wages caused a lot of ANGRY among the factory workers. 8
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