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  Cambridge International Diploma for  Teachers and TrainersModule 5291Design: Planning and PreparationAssignment Template for eamination in 2!12 and 2!1 #$ completing this form and submitting the assignment for assessment b$ CI% I con&rm that the assignment is all m$ o'n 'or() I ha*e appropriatel$ referenced and ac(no'ledged an$ 'or( ta(en from another source)Date of +ubmission 160313 CI% ,ni-ue Candidate Identi&er Centre number.earCandidate numberChec( digit  Candidate 0ame  ABIGAIL CLARE FERRARI  ,ni*ersit$ of Cambridge International %aminations 2!11   .our contet approimatel$ 300 words 3Please gi*e brief information about $our contet: .our professional bac(ground including $our eperience as a teacher I graduated from the University of ent in !00 #ith a !$i in Eng%ish and Ameri&an Literature$'uring this time I started #or(ing #ith students on the U government)s *+te,-U,) s&heme.initiating students to ma(e a,,%i&ations to University/ and to &onsider igher Edu&ation in genera%$ Ienoyed #or(ing #ith young ,eo,%e and he%,ing them to rea%ise their ,otentia% and/ therefore/ for the ,ast t#o years 2,re-Fairvie# I #or(ed as a 4astora% 5utor at an FE &o%%ege$ y ro%e #as&entred around students #ith %earning and deve%o,menta% diffi&u%ties/ and I &arried out a %ot of training in this area$ y ,arti&u%ar area of interest is %earners #ith Autism and As,erger +yndrome$ 'uring my %ast year as a 45/ I em7ar(ed on a tea&her training &ourse and taught one &%ass a #ee(for the year$ o#ever/ the o,,ortunity at Fairvie# ,resented itse%f to me #ith the o,,ortunities of gaining additiona% 8ua%ifi&ations as #e%% as enhan&ing my &u%tura% and trave%%ing e9,erien&es$    .our current role and responsibilities including the sub4ects3 $ou teach I am the Language A Eng%ish tea&her for 6 students aged 1!-1:. a%% of #hi&h are in Grade $5herefore/ I have the res,onsi7i%ity to tea&h Eng%ish Literature and Language s(i%%s/ as #e%% asidentifying s(i%%s ga,s and u,s(i%%ing students from a variety of &u%tures$ In addition/ I am aomeroom tea&her and the ead of ;enus +,orts ouse$ 5hese ro%es demand a high set of organisation and &ommuni&ation s(i%%s/ in&%uding many meetings #ith ,arents$  .our institution Fairvie# Internationa% +&hoo%/ ua%a Lum,ur/ is a 8ua%ified and re&ognised IB s&hoo% in a%aysia$5he s&hoo% &urrent%y has 1!0 staff #ith a,,ro9imate%y !000 students$ 5he Fairvie# +&hoo% has7een e9,anding sin&e !00 and is &ontinuing to gro#. fo%%o#ing the IB ,rin&i,%es and s&hemes$  The learning group $ou are teaching across all four Modules  indicate their age range6 gender6 group si7e6 range of abilit$6 and learners 'ith learning di8culties6 etc) I have < grou,s of Grade students #ho range from 1!-1: years of age$ Ea&h grou,a,,ro9imate%y &onsists of !< students and is a mi9 of ma%e and fema%e$ 5#o of the four &%assesseem to have an e8ua% gender mi9/ ho#ever/ the third &%ass is dominated 7y ma%es 21 =6/ #hi%stthe fourth is dominated 7y fema%es/ 216=>$ Assignment Template for 5291 Design: Planning and preparation) or eamination in 2!12 and 2!1 ) 2  Being an internationa% s&hoo%/ my %earners are varied in &u%ture/ %anguage ,rofi&ien&y/ and moreim,ortant%y in their %anguage %earning a,titude$ 'es,ite the o7vious %anguage 7arrier for some/many of my students strugg%e #ith forming their o#n o,inions and 7eing &reative$ I have 7eenfa&i%itating their a7i%ity to &onne&t %iterature to other &ommon &on&e,ts?themes that they e9,erien&ein their o#n %ives$I have a ,arti&u%ar grou, of orean 7oys #ho are una7%e to understand the themes/ &on&e,ts andte9ts they are studying for Language A$ It is very &ha%%enging to engage them in &%ass/ es,e&ia%%yas three of them do not understand Eng%ish/ and therefore do not understand me as the tea&her$ Inaddition/ I have severa% students #ho have mi%d 'ys%e9ia and one student #ho manifests7ehaviour that is in (ee,ing #ith A+'$  .our professional de*elopment during the Diploma approimatel$ 100 words 3hat do $ou epect to learn from this Module about design 'hich 'ill help $ou in the net Module6 'hich focuses on practice;  A%though I have a%ready had one year of tea&hing e9,erien&e in Eng%and/ this did not en&om,assunit ,%anning/ or #riting s&hemes of #or($ 5hrough my e9,erien&e/ I have found it 8uite &ha%%engingto @,i&(-u,@ a unit ,%an #ritten 7y another tea&her$ Ea&h tea&her has their o#n uni8ue #ay of a,,roa&hing to,i&s/ or units. I &ertain%y (no# that I have my o#n method of a,,roa&h$ 5herefore/through this modu%e I steadi%y #ant to deve%o, (ey s(i%%s in unit ,%anning so that I may go on to&onfident%y #rite my o#n units$ As the Grade Eng%ish tea&her/ I (no# the needs of my studentsand #ou%d %i(e to design a ,%an that meets a%% of their re8uirements$ 5his #ou%d ena7%e me tosu&&essfu%%y move onto the ne9t modu%e of ,ra&ti&e 7e&ause I 7e%ieve tea&hers ,erform 7etter inthe &%assroom #hen they have the autonomy of designing their o#n %essons$ In this #ay/ this&urrent modu%e #i%% &om,%iment my deve%o,ment in #riting a + and unit ,%an. #hi&h #i%%automati&a%%y &om,%iment 7y a7i%ity to ,ut them into ,ra&ti&e$ Assignment Template for 5291 Design: Planning and preparation) or eamination in 2!12 and 2!1 )   Part A: Designing the programme and the sessions 1.1.1Identifying aims and objectives approimatel$ 400 words 3hich aspects of $our professional practice 'ould $ou li(e to change and de*elop in underta(ing the Diploma6 and 'h$; It is often said that you &an te%% an a&&om,%ished and effe&tive tea&her 7y the #ay he or shefinishes a &%ass$D 2CI'55 +y%%a7us o#ever/ during my e9,erien&e as a tea&her I have at times7een una7%e/ or I have rushed/ to ,erform a measured and ,ur,osefu% summary at the end of my%esson$ I am ne# to the fu%%-time res,onsi7i%ities of tea&hing and fo%%o#ing a ,%enary$ 5herefore/ thisis a &ontinua% area of im,rovement for me$ 5his then stems onto time-management s(i%%s #herea%though some tas(s ta(e s%ight%y %onger for the students to ,erform/ I sti%% need to ,%a&e em,hasison summarising the %esson/ even if some tas(s have not 7een &om,%eted$ In addition/ I fee% I needto deve%o, my 5ea&her 5a%( 5ime versus +tudent 5a%( 5ime$ 5his is an as,e&t of my ,rofessiona%,ra&ti&e that &an 7e &hanged/ or even &ha%%enged through this 'i,%oma$ I need to %earn not to 7eafraid of si%en&e. if a student does not ans#er my 8uestion straight a#ay/ I need to 7e ,atient anda%%o# the time for the thin(ing ,ro&ess$ U, unti% no#/ I have ,ani&(ed and fi%%ed the si%en&e #ithmore o,en-ended 8uestions$ By underta(ing the 'i,%oma/ I #ant these areas of #ea(ness to7e&ome strengths$   hat important design factors are $ou considering for $our learning programme and 'h$;  A&&e,ting the &urrent times of modern edu&ation/ ,rogrammes no# have to 7e far more resour&edand in&%usive$ A&tivities must a%so 7e designed #ith the 8uestion of o# do I engage/ or a&tivatemy studentsD 5ea&hing sty%es and a&tivities are an im,ortant fa&tor in designing a ,rogramme$4re,aring for the needs of (inaestheti&/ audio/ and visua% %earners is ne&essary to intrigue and,romote %earning$ 5he im,ortant design fa&tors I am &onsidering for the ,rogramme needs to&over=the s(i%%s and &ontent to a&hieve the &riteria setsuita7%e assessments that are a&hieva7%e and rea%isti&in&%usive %earning for +E needs and %anguage 7arriers - differentiated %earning&over a variety of a&tivities to suit various %earning sty%eshave enough f%e9i7i%ity to dea% #ith ho%idays/ assem7%ies/ and other a&tivities #ithin thes&hoo% &a%endar that &an have an im,a&t on the timeframe Assignment Template for 5291 Design: Planning and preparation) or eamination in 2!12 and 2!1 ) <


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Jul 23, 2017
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