6-Surat al-an'am

Al Quran
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  Surat Al-'An`ām (The Cattle) - عنلا   ةروس م ! #  ا  $%! #  ا  & ا   م   *+  to top Muhsin Khan : All praises and thanks be to Allah, Who (Alone) created the heavens and the earth, and srcinated the darkness and the light,  yet those who disbelieve hold others as equal with their Lord. Sahih International : [All praise is [due to Allah , who created the heavens and the earth and !ade the darkness and the light. hen those who disbelieve equate [others with their Lord. Tafsir Jalalayn : #raise, which !eans to describe in beauti$ul ter!s, be, [ever established, to %od: is this !eant to be in$or!ative, so that one believes in it& 'r, is it !eant as a eulogy, or both& hese are three possibilities, the !ost likely o$ which is the last, as the haykh [al*l al+-n al+ahall- states in [his co!!entary on s/rat al+0ah$ [1. 23:24 Who created the heavens and the earth 5 6e singles out these two $or !ention because $or the observer they constitute the !ost aweso!e [visible creation4 and 6e appointed, 6e created, darknesses and light, that is, every darkness (7ul!a) and every light: the use o$ the plural only in the case o$ the $or!er is because it [darkness has !any causes4 and this is one o$ the proo$s o$ 6is 'neness4 then those who disbelieve, despite the e8istence o$ this proo$, ascribe equalsto their Lord, they worship others equally. Indonesian : egala pu9i bagi Allah ang telah !enciptakan langit dan bu!i dan !engadakan gelap dan terang, na!un orang+orang yang ka;r !e!persekutukan (sesuatu) dengan uhan !ereka. *,  to top Muhsin Khan : 6e it is Who has created you $ro! clay, and then has decreed a stated ter! ($or you to die). And there is with 6i! another deter!ined ter! ($or you to be resurrected), yet you doubt (in the <esurrection). Sahih International  : =t is 6e who created you $ro! clay and then decreed a ter! and a speci;ed ti!e [known to 6i!4 then [still you are in dispute. Tafsir Jalalayn : =t is 6e Who created you $ro! clay, by creating your $ather Ada! $ro! it4 then 6e decreed a ter!, $or [each o$ you, at the conclusion o$ which you die. A ter! is stated, ;8ed, with 6i!, $or your resurrection4 yet therea$ter  you, ' disbelievers, doubt, you are uncertain about the <esurrection, when  you know that it was 6e Who initiated your creation, and 'ne Who has the power to initiate [creation, is even !ore capable o$ bringing you back [to li$e a$ter death. Indonesian : ialah ang !enciptakan ka!u dari tanah, sesudah itu ditentukannya a9al (ke!atian!u), dan ada lagi suatu a9al yang ada pada sisi+>ya (yang ia sendirilah !engetahuinya), ke!udian ka!u !asih ragu+ragu (tentang berbangkit itu). *  to top Muhsin Khan : And 6e is Allah (to be worshipped Alone) in the heavens and on the earth, 6e knows what you conceal and what you reveal, and 6eknows what you earn (good or bad). Sahih International : And 6e is Allah , [the only deity in the heavens and the earth. 6e knows your secret and what you !ake public, and 6e knows that which you earn. Tafsir Jalalayn : 6e is %od, the 'ne worthy o$ being worshipped, in the heavens and in the earth. 6e knows your secrets and your utterance, what you keep secret and what you utter openly a!ong yourselves, and 6e knows what you earn, what you do o$ good and evil. Indonesian : an ialah Allah (yang dise!bah), baik di langit !aupun di bu!i4 ia !engetahui apa yang ka!u rahasiakan dan apa yang ka!u lahirkan dan !engetahui (pula) apa yang ka!u usahakan. *.  to top Muhsin Khan : And never an Ayah (sign) co!es to the! $ro! the Ayat (proo$s, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) o$ their Lord, but that they have been turning away $ro! it.  Sahih International : And no sign co!es to the! $ro! the signs o$ their Lord e8cept that they turn away there$ro!. Tafsir Jalalayn : >ot a verse (!in *ya: !in introduces a relative clause) o$ the verses o$ their Lord, in the 1ur?*n, co!es to the!, that is, [to the eccans, but they turn away $ro! it. Indonesian : an tidak ada suatu ayatpun dari ayat+ayat uhan sa!pai kepada !ereka, !elainkan !ereka selalu berpaling dari padanya (!endustakannya). */  to top Muhsin Khan : =ndeed, they re9ected the truth (the 1uran and uha!!ad AW) when it ca!e to the!, but there will co!e to the! the news o$ that(the tor!ent) which they used to !ock at. Sahih International : @or they had denied the truth when it ca!e to the!, but there is going to reach the! the news o$ what they used to ridicule. Tafsir Jalalayn : hey denied the truth, the 1ur?*n, when it ca!e to the!, but there shall co!e to the! the news, the consequences, o$ what they were !ocking. Indonesian : esungguhnya !ereka telah !endustakan yang haq (Al+1uran) tatkala sa!pai kepada !ereka, !aka kelak akan sa!pai kepada !ereka (kenyataan dari) berita+berita yang selalu !ereka perolok+olokkan. *  to top Muhsin Khan : 6ave they not seen how !any a generation be$ore the! We have destroyed who! We had established on the earth such as We have  not established you& And We poured out on the! rain $ro! the sky in abundance, and !ade the rivers ow under the!. et We destroyed the! $or their sins, and created a$ter the! other generations. Sahih International : 6ave they not seen how !any generations We destroyed be$ore the! which We had established upon the earth as We have not established you& And We sent [rain $ro! the sky upon the! in showers and !ade rivers ow beneath the!4 then We destroyed the! $or their sins and brought $orth a$ter the! a generation o$ others. Tafsir Jalalayn : 6ave they not seen, in their travels to yria and to other places, how !any, (ka! is predicative [and not interrogative, !eaning B!any?) a generation, [how !any a co!!unity o$ past co!!unities, We destroyed be$ore the!4 We established the!, We assigned the! an [established place, in the earth, through strength and abundance, as We have not established, [as We have [not assigned, you (there is a shi$t in the address here $ro! third person [to second)4 and how We unleashed the heaven, the rain, upon the! in torrents, one torrent a$ter another, and !ade the rivers to ow beneath the!&, beneath their dwellings. hen We destroyed the! because o$ their sins, because o$ their denial o$ the prophets4 and We raised up a$ter the! another generation. Indonesian : Apakah !ereka tidak !e!perhatikan berapa banyak generasi  yang telah 0a!i binasakan sebelu! !ereka, padahal (generasi itu) telah 0a!i teguhkan kedudukan !ereka di !uka bu!i, yaitu keteguhan yang belu! pernah 0a!i berikan kepada!u, dan 0a!i curahkan hu9an yang lebat atas !ereka dan 0a!i 9adikan sungai+sungai !engalir di bawah !ereka, ke!udian 0a!i binasakan !ereka karena dosa !ereka sendiri, dan 0a!i ciptakan sesudah !ereka generasi yang lain. *0  to top Muhsin Khan : And even i$ We had sent down unto you (' uha!!ad AW) a essage written on paper so that they could touch it with their hands, the disbelievers would have said: C his is nothing but obvious !agicDC Sahih International

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Jul 23, 2017
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