62272921 Testring Installation and Commissioning of Lt Meters

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  TESTRING, INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF LT METERS Er. K.V.Surya Prakasa Rao  The meters are required to. be tested to ensure proper working so that the accuracy is maintained within permissible limits under I.E. Rules. The meters are to be checked and calibrated with various adjustments.  As per Indian standard specification-722 (ISS-722) a meter should pass the following two types of tests ã Type test. ã Routine test  Type Test These tests are carried .out by the manufacturers at the National Testing Laboratory or at any approved testing Laboratory. Test certificates are to be submitted to the purchaser. Utilities also depute a representative from time to time for random selection of three meters from a lot for testing in the laboratory in the presence of the representative.  1. Insulation Resistance Test   The insulation resistance with a 500 V megger, between meter current circuit, voltage circuit, both coupled together and meter body shall have a value not less than 5 Mega ohms. 2. High Voltage Test  The insulation between current circuit and potential circuit and with respect to body shall withstand application of 2000 volts (R.M.S.) for one minute. 3. Creeping Test  In creeping test with no current in the current coil and with rated frequency, the rotor of the meter shall not make a complete revolution at any voltage between 80 percent of the lowest and 110 percent of the highest rated voltage. 4.. Starting Current Test   The rotor of a meter shall start and continue to run when meter carries the following currents at maximum value of voltage range and U.P.F. ã Percept _of basic ã  Current ã (A) Meter with dial and pointer type to register 0.5 percent ã (B) Meter with cyclometer type to register 0.75 percent ã (C) Meter with M.D. Mechanism and 1.0 ã Cyclometer type to register
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