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  DESIGN REPORT FORMAT The following format should be followed for a design report 1 . The completed report should be bound with a cover.1. Title Page: The title of the design project is to be in the center of the page. Below it list the following items:a)Date: b)Course/ection:c)!nstructor:d)Team embers: 2.Executive Summary: a)The purpose of the e#ecutive summar$ is to provide %e$ information up&front'such that while reading the report' a reader has e#pectations that are fulfilled on a continuous basis. (e$ to a good ummar$ is the  first sentence' which must contain the most essential information that $ou wish to conve$. b)The summar$ is to be written as if the reader is totall$ uninformed about $our  project and is not necessaril$ going to read the report itself.c)!t must include a short description of the project' the process and the results.d)The #ecutive ummar$ is to be one page or less with one figure ma#imum.*. Table of Contents: !nclude section titles and page numbers. +. Design problem and objectives: ,ive a clear and concise definition of the problem and the intended objectives. -utline the design constraints and cost implications.a)!nclude appropriate bac%ground on the project for the reader to be able to put the information provided in conte#t. b)The final project objectives must also be presented in the form of a set of technical specifications.. Detailed design documentation: how all elements of $our design including an e#planation of a)ssumptions made' ma%ing sure to justif$ $our design decisions.  b)0unction of the $stemc)bilit$ of meet ngineering pecificationsd)rotot$pes developed' their testing and results relative to ngineering pecificationse)Cost anal$sisf) anufacturing processes usedg)D02 resultsh)3uman factors consideredi)ll diagrams' figures and tables should be accuratel$ and clearl$ labeled with meaningful names and/or titles. 4hen there are numerous pages of computer&generated data' it is preferable to put this information in an appendi# with an e#planation in the report narrative.5. aboratory test plans and results for all portions of the s$stem that $ou built and tested. 4rite a narrative description of test plan6s). 7se tables' graphs' and wherever 1  This format is taken from one used, with permission, in the Electrical Engineering Program at The Milwaukee School of Engineering.   possible to show $our results. lso' include a description of how $ou plan to test the final s$stem' and an$ features $ou will include in the design to facilitate this testing. This section forms the written record of the performance of $our design against specifications.8. !ill of materials: arts costs include onl$ those items included in the final design.  detailed bill of materials includes 6if possible) manufacturer' part number' part description' supplier' 9uantit$' and cost.. antt c#art: how a complete listing of the major tas%s to be performed' a time schedule for completing them' and which team member has the primar$ responsibilit$6and who will be held accountable) for each tas%.;. Et#ical Consideration: rovide information on an$ ethical considerations that govern the product specifications $ou have developed or that need to be ta%en into account in potentiall$ mar%eting the product.1<. Safety: rovide a statement of the safet$ consideration in $our proposed design to thee#tent that is relevant.11. Conclusions: rovide a reasoned listing of onl$ the most significant results.1=. $c%no&ledgments: >ist individuals and/or companies that provided support in the wa$ of e9uipment' advice' mone$' samples' etc.1*. 'eferences: !ncluding boo%s' technical journals' patents.1+. $ppendices: s needed for the following t$pes of information:a)Detailed computations and computer generated data. b) anufacturers? specifications.c)-riginal laborator$ data.+<@eport0ormat.pdf 
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