The TEENs Study: glycemic control, family status and emotional burden of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in a global sample of children, adolescents and young adults LORI M. LAFFEL1, CARMEN MAZZA2, CATHERINE DOMENGER3, VALÉRIE PILORGET4, CHRISTOPHE CANDELAS4, THOMAS DANNE5, MOSHE PHILLIP6, BARBARA ANDERSON7, RAGNAR HANAS8, SHERIDAN WALDRON9, ROY BECK10, CHANTAL MATHIEU11, FRANÇOISE CALVI-GRIES12 1Boston, MA, USA; 2Buenos Aires, Argentina; 3Sanofi Paris, France; 4Sanofi Chilly Mazarin, France; 5Hannover,
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    The TEENs Study: glycemic control, family status and emotional burden of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in a global sample of children, adolescents and young adults   LORI M. LAFFEL 1 , CARMEN MAZZA 2 , CATHERINE DOMENGER 3 , VALÉRIE PILORGET 4 , CHRISTOPHE CANDELAS 4 , THOMAS DANNE 5 , MOSHE PHILLIP 6 , BARBARA ANDERSON 7 , RAGNAR HANAS 8 , SHERIDAN WALDRON 9 , ROY BECK 10 , CHANTAL MATHIEU 11 , FRANÇOISE CALVI-GRIES 12   1 Boston, MA, USA; 2 Buenos Aires, Argentina; 3 Sanofi Paris, France; 4 Sanofi Chilly Mazarin, France; 5 Hannover, Germany; 6 Petah Tikva, Israel; 7 Houston, TX; 8 Gothenburg, Sweden; 9 Birmingham, UK; 10 Tampa, FL, USA; 11 Leuven, Belgium; 12 Nantes, France    Presenter disclosure: Lori Laffel Study sponsored by Sanofi Research Support: Bayer Healthcare (grant support) DexCom, Boehringer Ingelheim   Speaker’s Bureau: N/A   Board Member: N/A Stock/Shareholder: N/A   Consultant: Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, Bristol Myers Squibb, Menarini, Bayer Healthcare, LifeScan/Animas, Roche Diagnostics, Oshadi, DexCom, Boehringer Ingelheim Employee: N/A   Other:   N/A     Despite modern approaches to T1D management, the majority of young patients fail to achieve the recommended glycemic targets 1,2    Additionally, diabetes management places substantial burdens upon patients and families  There is a need to improve glycemic control, optimize health outcomes, and limit burdens for youth with T1D and their families globally  The TEENs study offers a unique, global perspective of factors related to A1c and perceived burdens in youth with T1D and their families Background  –   The TEENs Study 1 DPV. Diabetes Care 2012;35:80  – 6. 2 T1D Exchange. Diabetes Care 2013;36:2035  – 7;  TEENs: largest, contemporary, cross-sectional study assessing T1D management and psychosocial parameters in 8  –  25 y/o USA   25 sites   499 participants EUROPE Denmark/France/Germany/ Hungary/Italy/Portugal/ Romania/Russia/Slovenia/ Spain/Sweden     111 sites   2943 participants MIDDLE EAST/ NORTH AFRICA Algeria/Jordan/ Lebanon/Morocco   33 sites   1041 participants SOUTH AFRICA    5 sites   507 participants INDIA  18 sites  500 participants LATIN AMERICA Argentina/Mexico   27 sites   470 participants Data from 5960 patients from 219 centers in 20 countries y/o, years old
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