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741 analysis.

Analysis of 741: simple
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  1 Small-Signal Analysis of the 741 We can analyze the small-signal voltage gain of the 741 op-amp by dividing it into its basic circuits and using results previously obtained in the DC analysis.  2 The Input Stage Ω==+=Ω=== = M2.1200, NFor )1(4 k 63.2 µA5.9 mV254 id  Rer  N id  R I T V er er ivei  β  β   3 The load circuit of the input stage er ivoimGeioi 212 α α  ===  4 Finding R  o5 and R  o6 Ω==Ω=Ω= =====+= M7.6//  M2.18 ;M10.5 A9.5V;50 ; k  Ω 63.2)//(1[ 164064 oooo A Aoe E  E moo  R R R R R I V  /I V r  r  Rr  R g r  R µ  π 

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