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  ROCK MECHANICS DESIGN IN MINING ND TUNNELING Z T BIENIA WSKI Pr of esso r o Min eral n g in ee rin g and ir ec tor Minin g and Min eral R esour ces Rese ar ch In stitute Th e e nn sylvania State Uni ve rsity A A BALKEMA ROTIERD M BOSTON 1984  Contents PR EF CE INTRODU CTI ON Rock mechanics applications Sources of information References 2 HI STOR I C L PERSPECTIVE Ancient mining a nd tunn eling Middle Ages Mode rn times References 3 THE DES IGN PROCESS TN E NGfNEERLNG De sign stages Ethics and pr ofessionalism in design References 4 DESI GN PPRO CHES FO R EXC V T I ONS IN ROCK Design methods in mining and civil engineering Co ntra cting and pr oj ec t ma nag eme nt References 5 INPUT P R METERS FO R DESIGN Geo l og ical site characterization Gr o und stresses S tr ength a nd deformability of r oc k ma sses Integral approach to site characterization of ro ck ma sses Summary of parameter s for input data collection References V I V l 3 5 5 8 lO 22 25 27 29 3 33 34 45 51 56 69 7 85 86 92  VIII C0/1/{ JI(} 6 EMPIRI CAL M ET H ODS OF DES I GN Class ili ca Ji on systems in rock eng in eering T er7 ag hi's rock l oad class ifi cation Laufl'cr-Pachcr class ifi ca ti on D ee r e s Rock Qu ality Designa ti on RSR (Rock Struc tur e Rating) co n ce pt Geomecha ni cs Class ifi cation ( RMR ystem) Q-system Guid e to class ifi cation pr ocedures Recent developments References 7 OBSERVATIONA L MET HODS OF DESIGN Rock monitoring techniques The New Au strian Tunn eling Method Th e convergence-confinement method References 8 ANALY TI CA L METHOD S OF DESIGN Numerical modeling Physical modeling Failure crit er ia Validation of analytical modeling References 9 INT EGRATED DESI GNS The Stra ta Co ntrol System for Ge rman coal mining (System z ii r Gebirgsbeherrschung) D es ign of mine pillars Comparisons of pillar s tr ength fo rmula e Integrated design pr ocedure References 10 GUIDED DESIGN General considerations f or supp o rt design R oo f s upp ort de sign in civil eng in eering tunn eling R oo f s upp ort design in hard rock (metal) mining R oof s upport design in coal mining References AUTHOR INDEX SUBJECT INDEX 97 97 101 104 104 105 2 121 1 26 1 28 132 1 37 137 1 52 1 54 55 159 16 164 1 68 1 74 1 80 1 83 1 83 1 87 205 209 214 217 218 219 233 250 267 269 2 71
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