7th Central Pay Commission - Jagbir Singh

Dated the 28th July, 2014 To The Secretary 7th Central Pay Commission Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhawan, 1st Floor, B-14/A, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-16. Subject :- Grievance of Ex-Cadre Post Employees- Data Entry Operator, Gr.’B’ Respected Sir /Madam, I want to convey the plight of Central Government Servants who are working in ex-cadre posts. There is no promotional avenues in ex-cadre posts. They are restricted to financial benefits under ACP and now MACP schemes. Ex-cadre post employees w
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  Dated the 28 th  July, 2014ToThe Secretary7 th  Central Pay CommissionChhatrapati Shivai !ha an,1 st  #loor, !$14%&, 'uta( )nstitutional &rea,*e Delhi$1+ Subject :- Grievance of Ex-Cadre Post Employees- Data Entry Operator, Gr! ! -espected Sir %.adam, ) ant to convey the pli/ht o Central overnment Servants ho are orin/ ine3$cadre posts There is no promotional avenues in e3$cadre posts They are restrictedto inancial (eneits under &CP and no .&CP schemes 3$cadre post employees or in the same pay scale and pay (and throu/hout their service ven ater 20$50years o service, they are orced to do the same or and have the same status ) canvouch that ith evidence (ecause ) am orin/ in .inistry o -ural Development sinceJuly,168) oined as ey Punch 9perator : P9; in the .inistry o -uralDevelopment on 267168 in the Pay Scale o -s550 $ +0%$ This post as re$desi/nated as Data ntry 9perator rade <!< :D9 r !; in the Pay Scale o -s150$2200%$ on 11168+ :pre $ revised pay $ 4th CPC; Since January,168+, it isan e3$cadre post ) /ot the ne3t scale o -s400 $ 7000%$ :pre$ revised pay $ thCPC;  #irst &CP as /ranted in 681666 ater 12 years in the scale o -s 000 $8000%$  &ter implementation o +th pay commission report, ) /ot /rade payo -s 4200%$ : 6500$54800%$;  Second .&CP as /ranted in 162008 ater completin/ 20 years o service rom26$7$168 :date o re/ulari=ation; rom 2006 ith /rade pay o -s4+00%$   &s per .&CP Scheme ) ill (e a arded ne3t /rade pay o -s 4800%$ inJuly, 201 !ut, as mentioned a(ove, ) ill remain in the same scale and same (and Thus, ) have to or in the same scale and same post even ater 26 years o service (ecause ) am in e3$cadre post o Data ntry rade <!> in the .inistry o -uralDevelopment There is no promotional avenue or this post, hile those ho oin Centralovernment service ith the rade Pay o -s4+00 and (elon/ to any cadre, are atleast holdin/ some supervisory or e3ecutive post ith the rade pay o -s400%$ Thereore, the ?- policy recommended in past (y the previous PayCommissions have not considered the pli/ht o this cate/ory o employees orin/ inovernment o )ndia   ) eel demorali=ed hen interact%compare mysel ith my collea/ues ho oinedsame year :a(out 26 years a/o; (ut are dra in/ much hi/her salary and also holdin/hi/her position in any department they are posted This sta/natin/ approach adopted (ythe ovt has not only inancial, social or psycholo/ical impact on my mind (ut even onmy children ho have /ro n up and understand everythin/ They comment and critici=ethis policy .ay ), thereore, dra your ind attention to the pli/ht o 3$Cadre Data ntry9perator r! and re@uest you to consider and /rant promotional hierarchy under .&CP to D9, r ! so that even ater 26 years ustice may (e done ith theemployees orin/ either in the .inistry o -ural Development or in any other or/ani=ation o the overnment o )ndia P#OPOS$% 1Proper promotional avenues should (e created or Data ntry 9perator as underA  Present Desi&nationProposed Desi&nation Data ntry 9perator rade < &< Data ntry 9perator Data ntry 9perator rade < !< Data 9icer Data ntry 9perator rade < C<Data ntry 9perator rade < D<Data ntry 9perator rade B>Sr Data 9icer   '(e scale of DEOs Gr )C!, )D! * ) E!posts (ave been mer&ed and one &radepay of #s +.- (as been &iven by / t( CPC 2Present minor dierence in inancial (eneits o -s200$500 :rade pay o -s4200%$, 4+00%$ and 4800%$; should atleast (e increased to -s1000 (et een one/rade to other5Those ho are in the /rade pay o -s4+00%$ should (e eli/i(le to apply or departmental e3amination or Section 9icer) shall (e /rateul i my a(ove su//estions are considered avora(ly (y 7 th Central Pay Commissionour>s aithully:Ja/(ir Sin/h;Data ntry 9perator rade < !<.inistry o -ural Development,overnment o )ndia-oom *o +10, C9 Comple3, odhi -oad, *e Delhi $ 110005.o(A 6510451+42


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