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  8 most interesting buildings for children  Architects and designers who build schools, kindergartens and play centers, work without discounts on the age of their young clients. 1. School  , design bureausi29 ( the dusty classrooms with beige desks in three rows. Designers of this Bureau Amsterdam design school with the latest teen fashion. Theyaccount for three of these projects, one more beautiful than another. The Dutch believe that the school is quite acceptable brutal concrete walls,lounge areas and designer furniture.The school has a sports bias, and the setting is appropriate. Furniture colors and outline resembles sports equipment. On the benches and tableseven have stripes as on sweatpants. Furniture arrangement, too unconventional. Here everything is arranged so that the guys were accustomed towork in a team, not only on the sports field, but also during lessons.  2. Kindergarten Bubbletecture  , architectural officeShuhei Endo Architect Institute ( An aerial view of a kindergarten in the Japanese prefecture of Shiga reminds dance turtles. The building consists of seven volumes, the sameshape but different sizes, the top covered with bubble roof. She recruited from triangular modules, giving it a resemblance to the shell of a reptile.  The building itself is built of timber, also used for finishing wood, so that the building turned out absolutely environmentally friendly. But the mainadvantage of the project, the authors consider a minimum internal partitions. The Japanese believe that physical freedom will help educate childrenin the freedom of the mind and spirit.  3. Erika Mann Elementary School  , architectural officeBaupiloten ( Architect Susanne Hofmann and joined her students specialize in children's projects. Their recent work - school building in Berlin. In the halls andcorridors of the institution they have placed modular furniture - polygonal objects that children can turn yourself into the couch, house or slide.
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