Instruction Book Part 2 of 2 M-3425A Generator Protection PROTECTION Generator Protection M-3425A Integrated Protection System® for Generators of All Sizes Unit shown with optional M-3925A Target Module and M-3931 HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Module. ã Exceeds IEEE C37.102 and Standard 242 requirements for generator protection ã ã Protects generators of any prime mover, grounding and connection type Provides all major protective functions for generator protection including Out-of-Step
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  Instruction BookPart 2 of 2M-3425AGenerator Protection  Generator ProtectionM-3425A Integrated Protection System ®  for Generators of All Sizes Unit shown with optional M-3925A Target Module and M-3931 HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Module. PROTECTION Exceeds IEEE C37.102 and Standard 242 requirements for generatorprotectionãProtects generators of any prime mover, grounding and connection typeãProvides all major protective functions for generator protection includingOut-of-Step (78), Split-Phase Differential (50DT), Under Frequency TimeAccumulation (81A), Inadvertent Energizing (50/27) and Turn-to-Turn Fault(59X)ãExpanded IPScom ®  Communications Software provides simple and logicalsetting and programming, including logic schemesãSimple application with Base and Comprehensive protection packagesãLoad encroachment blinders and power swing blocking for systembackup protection (21) to enchance security during system abnormalconditionsãOptions: Ethernet Connection, Field Ground/Brush Lift-OffProtection (64F/B), Sync Check (25), 100% Stator GroundFault Protection by low frequency injection (64S) andExpanded I/O (15 additional Output Contacts and 8 additionalControl/Status Inputs)  –2–M-3425A Generator Protection Relay  Optional Protective Functions Sync Check with Phase Angle, ∆ V and ∆ Fwith dead line/dead bus options (25)ãField Ground (64F) and Brush Lift Off (64B)(Includes M-3921 Field Ground Coupler)ã100% Stator Ground protection by low fre-quency injection (64S). The following equip-ment is supplied with the 64S option:– 20 Hz signal generator (430-00426)– Band-pass Filter (430-00429)– 400/5 A 20 Hz CT (430-00428) Standard Features ãEight programmable outputs and six pro-grammable inputsãOscillographic recording with COMTRADEor BECO formatãTime-stamped target storage for 32 eventsãMetering of all measured parameters andcalculated valuesãThree communications ports (two RS-232and one RS-485)ãM-3820D IPScom ®  Communications Soft-wareãIncludes MODBUS and BECO 2200protocolsãStandard 19 rack-mount design (verticalmounting available)ãRemovable printed circuit board and powersupplyã50 and 60 Hz models availableãBoth 1A and 5 A rated CT inputs availableãAdditional trip inputs for externally connecteddevicesãIRIG-B time synchronizationãOperating Temperature: – 20° C to +70° CãSequence of Events LogãTrip Circuit MonitoringãBreaker MonitoringãFour Setpoint Groups Optional Features ãRedundant power supplyãM-3925A Target ModuleãM-3931 Human-Machine Interface (HMI)ModuleãRJ45 Ethernet port utilizing MODBUS over TCP/ IP and BECO2200 over TCP/IP protocolsãRJ45 Ethernet port utilizing IEC 61850 ProtocolãM-3801D IPSplot  ®    PLUS   Oscillograph Analy-sis SoftwareãExpanded I/O (15 additional outputs and 8additional inputs) Protective Functions Base Package  ãOverexcitation (V/Hz) (24)ãPhase Undervoltage (27)ãDirectional power sensitive triple-setpoint Re-verse Power, Low Forward Power or Over-power detection, one of which can be used forsequential tripping (32)ãDual-zone, offset-mho Loss of Field (40), whichmay be applied with undervoltage controlledaccelerated trippingãSensitive Negative Sequence Overcurrent pro-tection and alarm (46)ãInstantaneous Phase Overcurrent (50)ãInadvertent Energizing (50/27)ãGenerator Breaker Failure (50BF)ãInstantaneous Neutral Overcurrent (50N)ãInverse Time Neutral Overcurrent (51N)ãThree-phase Inverse Time Overcurrent(51V) with voltage control and voltage restraint.ãPhase Overvoltage (59)ãNeutral Overvoltage (59N)ãMulti-purpose Overvoltage (59X)ãVT Fuse-Loss Detection and blocking(60FL)ãResidual Directional Overcurrent (67N)ãFour-step Over/Underfrequency (81)ãPhase Differential Current (87)ãGround (zero sequence) Differential Cur-rent (87GD)ãIPSlogic takes the contact input status andfunction status and generates outputs byemploying (OR, AND, and NOT) booleanlogic and a timer. Protective Functions Comprehensive Package  The Comprehensive Package includes all BasePackage functions, as well as the following:ãThree-zone Phase Distance protection forphase fault backup protection (21). Zone threecan be used for Out-of-Step Blocking. Loadencroachment blinders can be applied.ã100% Stator Ground Fault protection using ThirdHarmonic Neutral Undervoltage (27TN) or (59D)Third Harmonic Voltage Differential (ratio)ãStator Overload (49) (Positive SequenceOvercurrent)ãDefinite Time Overcurrent (50DT) can be usedfor split phase differentialãOut-of-Step (78)ãUnderFrequency Accumulation (81A)ãRate of Change of Frequency (81R)  –3–M-3425A Generator Protection Relay PROTECTIVE FUNCTIONS DeviceSetpointNumberFunctionRangesIncrementAccuracy † Phase Distance (three-zone mho characteristic) Circle Diameter #1,#2,#30.1 to 100.0 Ω 0.1 Ω   0.1 Ω  or 5%(0.5 to 500.0 Ω )(  0.5 Ω  or 5%)Offset #1,#2,#3  – 100.0 to 100.0 Ω 0.1 Ω   0.1 Ω  or 5%( – 500.0 to 500.0 Ω )(  0.5 Ω  or 5%)Impedance Angle #1,#2,#30° to 90°1°   1° Load Encroachment Blinder #1,#2,#3Angle1° to 90°1°   1°R Reach0.1 to 100 Ω Time Delay #1,#2,#31 to 8160 Cycles1 Cycle   1 Cycle or  1%Out-of-Step Delay1 to 8160 Cycles1 Cycle   1 Cycle or  1%Overcurrent Supervision0.1 to 20 A0.1 A   0.1 A or  2%(0.02 to 4 A)0.01 A   0.02 A or  2% When out-of-step blocking on Zone 1 or Zone 2 is enabled, Zone 3 will not trip and it will be used to detect the out-of-step condition for blocking Function 21 #1 and/or 21 #2. Volts / Hz Definite Time Pickup #1, #2100 to 200%1%   1%Time Delay #1, #230 to 8160 Cycles1 Cycle   25 Cycles Inverse Time Pickup100 to 200%1%   1%Characteristic CurvesInverse Time #1 – #4——Time Dial:Curve #11 to 1001Time Dial:Curves #2 – #40.0 to 9.00.1Reset Rate1 to 999 Sec.1 Sec.   .02 Sec. or  1%(from threshold of trip) The percent pickup is based on nominal VT secondary voltage and nominal system frequency settings. The pickup accuracy stated is only applicable from 10 to 80 Hz, 0 to 180 V, 100 to 150% V/Hz and a nominal voltage setting of 120V. Phase Undervoltage Pickup #1, #2, #35 to 180 V1 V   0.5 V or  0.5%  0.8 V or  0.75%*Time Delay #1, #2, #31 to 8160 Cycles1 Cycle   1 Cycle or  0.5%** * When both RMS and Line-Ground to Line-Line VT connection is selected.**When RMS (total waveform) is selected, timing accuracy is O  20 cycles or  1%. † Select the greater of these accuracy values.   Values in parentheses apply to 1 A CT secondary rating. 212427
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