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  Service News No. 1100312011-03-03Milking DeLaval cleaning unit C200 and C200 Combi New software version 1.60  A new software for DeLaval cleaning unit C200and C200 Combi has been released. From April2011 (production code ZD) all delivered units willhave the new software installed. For previousunits a software update is available. Updatinginstructions for the software are included in thisService News. Note! If updating from software version older than 1.51, the CPU-board 94776930 needs to beinstalled prior to the update. Corrections from previous ver-sion 1.51 n Display of pre-rinse start temperature is re-introduced. n The number of pre-rinse for tank cleaningC200 Combi was missing in previous version1.51 (always 2 pre-rinses). This can now beprogrammed by parameter P365 . n Parameters P47  and P48  is now functioningproperly. Settings made in these parametersdidn't correspond to the selected function.The parameters was accidentally switched. n Cleaning program 13 phase 5 was incorrectlydefined as rinse. Now corrected to be as cir-culation with disinfectant. n Cleaning program 14, phase 5 was incor-rectly defined as rinse. Now removed fromthe software. n Simplified calibration routine for temperaturesensors, parameter P82  and P83 . The tem-perature correction can now be set directlyinto parameters P82  and P83 . To changedisplayed temperature, press the increase or decrease  buttons until correct tempera-ture is displayed and press the store  button.© DeLaval 2011.2011-03-03, Version 11 (6)86033501  n The clock loose track of time after more than3 days of power off. Sometimes when startingup the unit it was impossible to set the clockand the time didn't advance. This is correctedin version 1.60.When updating from version 1.51, the displaywill show incorrect time and has to be reset. n Restart issue when selecting cleaning pro-grams with 3 different types of detergents.This happened when 2 pumps was installed P53 = 2  but a program which requires 3pumps was selected. The issue is now cor-rected by having no disinfectant dispensed if the required pump is not installed in the soft-ware P53 = 3 . n Parameter P23  External air injection on time.In version 1.51 it is possible to edit, but notstore values below the minimum limit of 0.5seconds. This is now corrected by ignoring allvalues below 0.5 seconds. New functions in version 1.60 n Low energy timer start. Enable to start circu-lation cleaning during low cost energy period. n Remote start of milking. Enable to start milk-ing from for example the parlour via a remotestart button. n  Air purge control from the cleaning unit. n  Acid dominant cleaning, opposite to alkalinedominant cleaning. n Dosage of pre-rinse additive. n  ALCOM setup for Herd Navigator installation. n Configuration of outputs. Some outputs canbe reconfigured according to pre-definedfunctions. n Clear or restore the alarm history.© DeLaval 2011.2011-03-03, Version 12 (6)86033501  New parameter numbers FunctionDescriptionOption Low energy timer start P68  Enable to timer start circulation cleaning during low costenergy period.0 = Off 1 = On P37  Set selectable start time to utilize low cost energy periodat cleaning phase II.00:00 - 23:59Remote start of milking P47  Enable remote start of milking by an external start buttonInstall a suitable push button switch at a location easy acces-sible from the milking pit. Connect the switch to terminal X3:2and 3 and set parameter P47  to 1 .0 = Off 1 = On Air purge control P73  Enable emptying the milk delivery line by an air purgevalve.0 = Off 1 = On P38  Air purge time. Time to let the valve stay open during air purge. After ending milking session the milking LED-indicator startsto flash. The milk pumps starts emptying the receiver andwhen finished the air purge valve starts to sweep the remain-ing milk in the delivery line into the milk bulk tank.1 - 60 seconds Acid dominantcleaning P72  Enable acid dominant cleaning. It is possible to set clean-ing programs that will require numbers of acid cleaning beforean alkaline cleaning.0 = Off 1 = On P40  Numbers of acid cleaning before alkaline cleaning1 - 40Dosage of pre-rinse additive P71  Enable dosage of pre-rinse additive at cleaning programs1 to 8, 11, 14 and 15.The alkaline dosage pump are divert to dosage pre-rinseadditive at first or second pre-rinse (depending on P52 set-tings). Dosage volumes to be set in parameter P6.0 = Off 1 = OnHerd navigator  P58  Enable ALCOM-bus communication between Herd Nav-igator and C200.0 = Off 1 = System con-nected2 = Stand alone P69  Herd navigator installed.To access parameter P69, parameter P58 must be enabled.Herd navigator requires clean air to obtain transport of milksamples during milking. The air is taken via the cleaning lineand C200 air injection valve (open during the complete milk-ing).0 = No1 = YesClear or restorealarm historyIn alarm view,, the alarm history can be cleared by holdingdown the C  button until digit 0 is displayed. Alarm history canalso be restored by holding down the C  button until digit 1 isdisplayed.0 = Cleared1 = RestoredConfiguration of outputs P400  Enable advanced I/O setting0 = Disable» Continue next page© DeLaval 2011.2011-03-03, Version 13 (6)86033501  FunctionDescriptionOption 1 = Enable P403  Configure output 3 (selectable function, see separatelist below)1 - 9999 P404  Configure output 4 (selectable function, see separatelist below) P405  Configure output 5 (selectable function, see separatelist below) P408  Configure output 8 (selectable function, see separatelist below) P410  Configure output 10 (selectable function, see separatelist below) FunctionCorresponding number  Milking active. A continuous Output signal duringmilking1002Plant cleaning active. A continuous Output signalduring cleaning1003Tank cleaning active. A continuous Output signal1004Remote alarm signal. To activate a remote signallamp when active alarm1011Remote alarm flashing signal. Flashing frequency1 Hz.1012Remote alarm flashing signal. Flashing frequency2 Hz.1013© DeLaval 2011.2011-03-03, Version 14 (6)86033501
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