Year 10 & 11 Circulatory Systems Name: ___________________ Year: ________ Homework No: _______ Due date: ________________ Grade: _______ Title: Structure of the Heart Read the Information and answer questions. All the cells in the body need OXYGEN and FOOD to produce Energy for the body to stay alive and it is the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM which transports them, along with many other things, around the body. Ques 1. Oxygen + Food  __________ + carbon dioxide
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  Year 10 & 11 Circulatory Systems Name: ___________________ Year: ________ Homework No: _______Due date: ________________Grade: _______ Title: Structure of the Heartead the ! formatio a d a swer #uestio s$%ll the cells i the ody eed '(YG)N a d *''D to +roduce ) er,y for the ody to stay ali-e a d it is the C!C./%T'Y SYST) which tra s+orts them alo , with ma y other thi ,s arou d the ody$2ues 1$ '3y,e 4 *ood   __________ 4 caro dio3ide 4 water a5 Com+lete the e#uatio $ 5 6hat does *ood refer to7 __________________________________ c5 6hat is the ame of the ao-e /!*) 8'C)SS7 _________________  The parts of the Circulatory System:   o The HEART o The ARTERIES o The VEINS o The CAPILLARIES o The RED and WHITE BLOOD CELLS o The PLATELETS o The PLASMA 2ues 9: There are  mai +arts of the Circulatory System:a5 The 8um+i , or,a ; _____________  5 The <lood ; ____________ =li#uid5 >>?4 @>? <lood cells: __________________ 4 ____________________ 4 _______________ c5 The <lood Aessels: ___________________ 4 __________________ 4 ___________________  The functions of the Circulatory System:  To carry OXYGEN to a the ce! n the #ody $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  To carry %OOD to a the ce! n the #ody $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  To re&o'e WASTE (ro& the ce! o( the #ody $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  To d !tr #)te HEAT aro)nd the #ody $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  To (or& a *art o( the DE%ENCE the #ody ha! a+a n!t & cro#e!  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  To REPAIR t!e( and *re'ent #ood o!! #y cott n+ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,)e! -. The a#o'e n(or&at on ! a#o)t the ()nct on! o( the C rc)atory Sy!te&. /r te do/n the *art! o( #ood /h ch ! re!*on! #e (or the nd ' d)a ()nct on0 e0 Choo!e (ro& PLASMA1 WBC1 RBC1 PLATELETS,)e! 2. Dra/ the d a+ra&! o( /h te #ood ce1 red #ood ce and *ateet0  The 'DOUBLE' pump of the Human Heart   30Deo4y+enated #ood %ROMTHE BODY enter n+ the heart 50The RIGHT ATRI6M -0The VALVES *re'ent #ood(o/ n+ the /ron+ /ay /hen the atr a and 'entr ce! contract 20The RIGHT VENTRICLE 70The th c8er /aed LE%T VENTRICLE 90The LE%T ATRI6M :0O4y+enated #ood %ROM THE L6NGS enter n+ the heart ;0O4y+enated #ood ea' n+ the heart and (o/ n+ TO THE BODY <0Deo4y+enated #ood ea' n+ the heart and (o/ n+ TO THE L6NGS 2ues >: /ael the ao-e dia,ram with the followi , words:i,ht %trium /eft %trium i,ht %uricle /eft %uricle =@ chamers of the heart5 Aal-es8ulmo ary =/u ,5 %rtery 8ulmo ary Aei  Ae a Ca-a %orta =@ lood -essels i the heart52ues B: 6hy is the /eft Ae tricle TH!C) tha the i,ht Ae tricle7 ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________ 2ues : 6hat is the fu ctio of Aal-es i the heart7 ______________________________________________________________________________  How bloo mo!es throu h the heart#  A Ve n ta8e! #ood to the heart /here t enter! an Atr )&0  Th ! contract! and (orce! the #ood nto a Ventr ce0  Th ! then contract! and (orce! the #ood o)t o( the heart and nto an Artery ememer: Aei EF %trium EF Ae tricle EF %rtery i$e$ A % A % 2ues : <riefly descrie the i ter al structures of the heart: ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________ /)*T Side!GHT Side  The following information is about the 3 different types of blood vessels our body:  Arter e! a/ay! carry #ood a/ay (ro& the heart0 = $emember: %%%& A arter e! carry OXYGENATED #ood  ecept  the one carry n+ #ood (ro& theheart TO THE L6NGS0Arter e! ha'e. o THIC>ER WALLS o SMALLER L6MEN o MORE ELASTIC and MORE M6SCLE %IBRES o NO VALVES  Ve n! a/ay! carry #ood to/ard! the heart0 = (%T ?0 A 'e n! carry DEOXYGENATED #ood e4ce*t the one carry n+ #ood %ROM THE L6NGS to the heart0Ve n! ha'e. o THINNER WALLS o LARGER L6MEN o LESS ELASTIC and LESSM6SCLE %IBRES o VALVES to he* #ood ret)rn to the heart  Ca* ar e! are & cro!co* c and the r /a! are ony ONE CELL THIC>0 They ha'e NO VALVES and they LIN> ARTERIES to VEINS0%OOD and OXYGEN *a!! o)t thro)+h the th n /a! nto the ce! and WASTE and CARBON DIOXIDE enter the #ood and are carr eda/ay0 ,)e! <. What ! an artery@  AAA  ______________________________________________________________________________  ,)e! 3. What ! a 'e n@  VAT  ______________________________________________________________________________ 2ues 11: Gi-e 9 differe ces etwee a -ei a d a artery$ ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________ 2ues 19: 6hy ca+illaries are -ery thi 7 ______________________________________________________________________________ 2ues 1: 6hat ty+es of susta ces are carried away from cells i to the ca+illaries7 ______________________________________________________________________________  Cario!ascular isease  The (or&at on o( *a+)eCoronary artery D !ea!e ! 'ery co&&on a&on+ the & dde a+e *eo*e +ro)*0
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