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  Muir Woods 2  Ashish Chugh  Holly Cheung  Gareth Lloyd-Owen  Maja Trolle  Moneer Kattan Compañia de Teléfonos de Chile (CTC)  There is One Key Issue Muir Woods Group 2 2  Booming telecoms market but Chile’s infrastructure is poor    Need substantial capital to expand  Alan Bond (owner) has had to sell his 365.5 million shares  CTC is in a difficult financial situation  Unstable Government Situation Complication Question  Garcia must devise a strategy soon  Investors are uncertain about CTC  Many financial complications exist  It is unclear what competitors are going to do Can CTC Finance the Expansion? Can CTC Finance the Expansion?   Compañia de Tel é fonos de Chile  The Questions That Must Be Answered Muir Woods Group 2 3 1.0 2.0 3.0 3.1 2.1 Do Suitable Foreign Financing Options Exist? Can They Convince Investors Into Emerging Markets? Is Chile Stable Enough to See Through The Expansion? Is The Domestic Market Unable to Support The Expansion? Can the Compañia de Tel é fonos de Chile Finance An Expansion?   Can They Attract International Investors? 1.2 Are Domestic Financial Barriers to Difficult to Overcome? 1.1 Does the Government Support CTC? Is the Market to Small to Fund the Expansion? 2.2 Will Foreign Investment Avoid Affecting the Domestic Market? 3.3 3.2 Does The Country Need This Level of Expansion? 1.0 Activities & Analysis ã Identify domestic barriers ã Investigate domestic financing options ã Size of market? ã Capital requirements? ã Population demographics 2.0 Activities & Analysis ã Identify issues (fears) ã Foreign view of Chile (including history) ã Forecasts on investments ã Implications for funding internationally 3.0 Activities & Analysis ã Government History / ITT ã Government’s ambition (what do they want?)   ã GDP growth ã Telecommunication growth rate ã Technological advancements (infrastructures) ã Country benchmarking  Our Analysis Work Flow Muir Woods Group 2 4 Module   Activities   Assigned 1 hr 2hr 3hr 4hr 1 Identify domestic barriers Gaz 1 Investigate domestic financing options Gaz 1 Size of the market? Holly 1 Capital requirements? Holly 1 Population demographics Holly 2 Identify investor issues (fears) Ashish 2 Foreign view of Chile (including history) Ashish 2 Forecasts on investments Ashish 2 Implications of funding the project internationally Gaz 3 Government history / ITT Maja 3 Government’s ambition (what do they want?)  Maja 3 GDP growth Moneer 3 Telecommunication growth rate Moneer 3 Technological advancements (infrastructure etc.) Moneer 3 Country benchmarking Moneer
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