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  Cambridge Discovery Readers Level 1 Series editor: Nicholas Tims  A Little Trouble in Dublin   Richard MacAndrew   79 Anson Road, #06-04/06, Singapore 079906Cambridge University Press is part o the University o Cambridge. It urthers the University’s mission by disseminating knowledge in the pursuit o education, learning and research at the highest international levels o Tis American English edition is based on  A Little Trouble in Dublin , ISBN 978-84-832-3695-6 first published by Cambridge University Press in 2010.© Cambridge University Press 2010, 2011Tis publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exceptionand to the provisions o relevant collective licensing agreements,no reproduction o any part may take place without the writtenpermission o Cambridge University Press.First published 2010American English edition 2011Reprinted 2012Richard MacAndrew has asserted his right to be identified as the Author o the Work in accordance with the copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988.Printed in Singapore by ien Wah PressISBN 978-0-521-18157-0 Paperback American English editionCambridge University Press has no responsibility or the persistence or accuracy o URLs or external or third-party internet websites reerred to in this publication, and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.No character in this work is based on any person living or dead.Any resemblance to an actual person or situation is purely accidental.Illustrations by Kevin LevellExercises by hyphenCover photo montage by Darío PérezTe publishers are grateul to the ollowing or permission to reproducephotographic material on the cover:© Homeester (house);© Zocha K (banknotes)Music composed by Elliot Simons and published by  3 Contents Chapter 1 Funny money 5 Chapter 2 Te man with the orged bills 12 Chapter 3 Going afer Mr. Green Shirt 16 Chapter 4 A taxi to the police station 22 Chapter 5 A swim in the River Liffey 26 Chapter 6 alking to the police 30 Chapter 7 A caé on O’Connell Street 36 Chapter 8 Back at the hotel 40  44 People in the story  Andy Lawson:  a 13-year-old boy; Kim Lawson’s twin brother Kim Lawson:  a 13-year-old girl; Andy Lawson’s twin sister Ms. O’Brien:  Andy and Kim’s science teacher Mr. Green Shirt:  Kim sees this man in a shop Mr. Blue Shirt:  a riend o Mr. Green Shirt Inspector Helen Forrester:  a Dublin police officer Sergeant Tom Brady:  a Dublin police officer BEFORE YOU READ 1 Look at the pictures in Chapter 1. Answer the questions. 1 What does Kim buy at the start of Chapter 1?  2 What do Andy and Kim buy at the end of Chapter 1? 
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