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The Smiths should be left to their own devices. They still matter, and it would be an almighty slap in the face for Morrissey, who has continued to create new and challenging music despite cutting a vulnerable character within the industry. His new album ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ is genius and his ‘fans’ in Spain should have listened to it before bemoaning the lack of hits. As drummer Matt Walker said: “Morrissey has never had an interest in reliving the past, in concert or in the studio. He is driven by the creation of new art.” He is on the outside of an industry he does not trust and does not need. Richard Cross, via email Eve Barlow: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is, essentially, a museum with exhibits on specific artists – like a multi-levelled Hard Rock Café without the chicken burgers and ice-cream floats. And it reduces the joys of music past to randomly cobbled together, glass-encased paraphernalia. The Smiths, as you point guitar hero? Joking aside, NME  ’s pages are full of brilliant musicians week in, week out, male and female. I’m annoyed we don’t have more eunuchs in the magazine, to be honest.   IT’S NOT OVER YET 󰀨EXCEPT IT IS󰀩 The Klaxons gave me and my pals the best two years of our lives in 2006/7. But now, in 2014, none of us listen to them and wouldn’t think of going to see them play, or maybe only at festivals for a bit of nostalgia. The problem is, people who used to like them won’t like them now. I don’t even think they enjoy their own music now. But they still have a huge place in my heart! David Carter, via email EB: Like you, David, I spent many an evening out at uni in those years dressed like a zebra cycling at night, ushering in the nu-rave revolution. I too could not give one shit about new Klaxons or reliving that moment. But it’s never fun to watch the break-up of a band whose hearts are in the right place. BETTER APART A Smiths reunion would be like a thousand Christmas Days come early to most indie fans. It’s surely the most sought-after by NME   readers, with an Oasis reunion a close second. But as the years go by, any reunion of the greatest indie band ever becomes less likely. And although I understand the  joy a reunion would bring fans, I think I’d rather Marr and Morrissey continue their current solo careers. Over the past few months we have been blessed with another excellent solo album from Morrissey, and an also excellent Johnny Marr solo record. If The Smiths were to reunite and record a new album, there is always the risk that it would disappoint, with expectations so high. Robert Williams, via email   EB: Honestly, Robert, I’m not sold on whether a Smiths reunion would live up to our most miserablist fantasies. Their cool has never wavered because they’ve never revisited anything. They are frozen in time like a cryogenically preserved Han Solo. Come to think of it, that would make an IMMENSE museum– much better than the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.Let’s pour liquid nitrogen onFat White Family, Courtney Barnett and Chance The Rapper (below), put them on display in a tiny venue somewhere and remember the class of 2014 in their prime forever. PEEL󰀭YGOOD Yourexcellent10-yearanniversaryJohnPeelfeatureremindedmeofastory(promptedbyMaryAnneHobbs’quote).WhileIwaslisteningtohisshowinearly2004,hementionedatrackthathedidn’thaveonseven-inchvinyl(he’dthrowinobscuretrackswhilehewasDJing).Anyway,Iboughtit,sentittohimandheplayeditonhisshow.Itwasjustafterhisbirthday,soheappreciatedit.Theseven-inchwasStatusQuo’s‘WhateverYouWant’.Amanofmanytastes! AndrewTaravella,viaemail EB:JohnPeelmeantagreatdealtoagreatmanymusicfans.Herepresentedtheimpassionedmusoinallofus,searchedhighandlowforhisnextmusicalfix,andmanagedtocomeacross,ontheradio,asamate.Allofwhichisprobably why you very generously gave him a gift. And come to think of it: it was my birthday last month, pal… Where’s my Showaddywaddy single? HEY LADIES After spending a year abroad, where I was unable to get hold of a copy of my beloved NME  , I was rather excited to return home and be able to flick through the pages of the magazine and keep up to date with the latest music news. However, I’ve been disappointed with the last couple of issues, as they’ve been very male-orientated. All the front covers in the past couple of weeks have generally been the generic stereotype of ‘rock’n’roll’ with men and their guitars. Where are all the independent female musicians? Stephanie Cross, via email   EB: FFS, Stephanie. Will you do nothing to help out the struggling male indie out, were allergic to retrospection, so it’s galling to think of the joyful skip of ‘Vicar In A Tutu’ or the eerie brilliance of ‘How Soon Is Now?’ being turned into a display of wilted gladioli under a dimly lit lamp. EMAIL TWITTER FACEBOOK POST NME, 110 Southwark St, London SE1 0SU I met Gary Powell at a Libertines DJ set at Propaganda in Leeds. I was over the moon. He was lovely! He had so much time for his fans. LOOK WHO’S STALKING Answerin you this week:Eve Barlow TELL USWHAT’SON YOURMIND    R   E   X ,   J   E   S   S   B   A   U   M   U   N   G MORRI󰀭SAY IT LIKE IT IS WINS £50 OF VOUCHERS!   
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