9th Presentation Eng Coal2012 Conference Rev2

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     C  o  n   f   i   d  e  n   t   i  a   l  –   C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t   ©   L  u  r  g   i   G  m   b   H   2   0   1   1           2        0        1        1  Air Liquide Engineering & Constructionfor the Mongolian coal industry ULAANBAATAR, 9TH OF FEBRUARY 2012 14:50-15:10Rev 2  2    C  o  n   f   i   d  e  n   t   i  a   l  –   C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t   ©   L  u  r  g   i   G  m   b   H   2   0   1   1   AIR LIQUIDE : Our Offer at a Glance  LURGI FBDB™ Gasification Process  The Next Generation  Technologies for Clean Syngas  Improved Rectisol® Process & Zero Sulfur   Energy-efficient Ammonia Syngas  Syngas Product Technologies  Enhanced Lurgi SNG  Lurgi Methanol  Integrated GTL.F1 Liquid Fuels  Next Step AIR LIQUIDE Contribution Outline  3    C  o  n   f   i   d  e  n   t   i  a   l  –   C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t   ©   L  u  r  g   i   G  m   b   H   2   0   1   1 Lurgi New Gasification Module –Mark + AIR LIQUIDE: Our Offer at a Glance  4    C  o  n   f   i   d  e  n   t   i  a   l  –   C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t   ©   L  u  r  g   i   G  m   b   H   2   0   1   1 Global Portfolio Hydrogen/Syngas Lurgi    Reformer,   MPG   Gasifier,    ATR,   Lurgi    FBDB,   CoGen Hydrogen   Recovery MEDAL   membranes,   Cold    Box,   PSA Oxygen   /   Nitrogen    ASU,   Membrane Sulphur   Recovery Oxy  ‐ Claus,   Tail    Gas   Treating   LTGT,   MAXISULF,    AQUISULF,   OMNISULF,   SULFREEN,   HYDROSULFREEN Petrochemicals E  ‐ PTA,    Acrylic    Acid,   Butadiene,   PA,   Olefins,   Polymers,   Distapex    (Aromatics) CO 2  Recovery   /Gas   Cleaning Compression   and    Purification   Unit Shift,    Amine   Wash,   Rectisol,   Purisol  Chemical   Conversion Methanol,   Megamethanol,   MTP,   Melamine Biofuels   /   OleochemicalsConsultingFeasibility   StudiesGlobal   ProcurementBasic   and   Detail   EngineeringAuthority   EngineeringProject   ManagementConstruction/ManagementRevamping/RetrofittingTechnical   Services Gas   Supply Technologies Engineering H 2  HydrogenO 2  OxygenN 2  NitrogenUtilities Steam,    power,   demineralized    water    &   compressed    dry    air  CO 2  for    water    treatment Specialty    Gases

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