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  AA HHUUNNGGEER R  AAR R TTIISSTT  F F r r a a n n z z  k k a a  f   f  k k a a   A  A  h h u u n n  g  g e e r r  a a r r t t i i s s t t  w w r r i i t t t t e e n n  i i n n  119 9 2 2 2 2  a a n n d  d   p  p u u b b l  l  i i s s h h e e d  d   i i n n  119 9 2 2 4 4  r r e e c c o o u u n n t t s s  t t h h e e  m m o o s s t t  c c e e l  l  e e b b r r a a t t e e d  d   p  p i i e e c c e e  o o  f   f   k k a a  f   f  k k a a .. T  T  h h e e  s s t t o o r r  y  y  w w h h i i c c h h  s s e e e e m m s s  s s o o  t t r r u u e e  t t o o  l  l  i i  f   f  e e  r r e e  f   f  l  l  e e c c t t s s  a a  s s u u b b t t l  l  e e  d  d  a a r r k k  s s t t r r a a i i n n  o o  f   f   h h u u m m o o u u r r  i i ..e e  t t h h e e  t t  y  y  p  p i i c c a a l  l   k k a a  f   f  k k a a  s s t t  y  y l  l  e e ..   A Annaallyyssiiss  The hunger artist being a professional faster , is dedicated to perfect his art and achieve something that no one has ever achieved before. He wants to defy the human imagination of not being able to eat and fast for a longer period and gain maximum popularity. He suffers from starvation but manages to control his hunger and achieves the maximum popularity by limitlessly fasting. The fasting brings inspiration in his life of achieving what no one has ever thought of. He is put up in a cage where he shows his artistic talent of controlling the hunger and starving. He has full control over it. He gains maximum popularity by showcasing his talent. He draws huge crowd to his performance and hopes to become the best hunger artist ever. He wants a performance beyond imagination , since he thinks there is no limits to his capacity for fasting. but the hunger artist has a complicated relationship with the audiences. No one believes his fasting capabilities. They do not understand his art and dedication and this incomprehension frustrates the artist. They trivialize his art and impose on him the blame of cheating of eating the food when no one is looking. This leads to the suffering of the artist and his utter frustration towards the audience. But he being more emotional and intellectual towards his job avoids the blames of audience and carefully watches the food of the audience while he was continuing his fast. His intense suffering was exaggerated by annoying him and teasing him. Children are drawn towards him and when the hunger artist is not withdrawn in the cage he answers their question and talks to them. The butchers and many other people are assigned for he doesn’t  eat during night. He sings to prove that he is not eating. The audience is unsatisfied with his performance because they consider the job impossible and therefore the artist is cheating according to them. This increases the sadness of hunger artist as he depends on others understanding to validate his performance. He requires spectators to appreciate and understand his performance who were the food of his life. But he experiences suspicion from them which frustrates him. He wants his art to be appreciated and devoid of any criticism but he remains unsuccessful which annoys him more. The great irony is that “the audience does not understand the art yet is pleased while the artist who understands is never satisfied”. Also the  limits set upon him of 40 days by the impresario frustrate him as it sets the limits to his ability to reach the sky. The manager (impresario) limits the days as he believed that maximum of 40 days the audience could be entertained. He considered his art as entertainment and even commercialises it by selling the photos of his deplorable state to the audience. The audience and the manager consider the art as mere cheap entertainment and often criticize it. He is made to eat inspite of his denial
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