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  A PROJECT REPORT ON SHADOW DETECTION AND REMOVAL Submitted under the supervision of Dr. Narendra Kohli (Professor , Computer Science and Engineering Department) H.B.T.I , KANPUR.   By: Vartika Pandey (1004510050) Priyal Khetan(1004555014) Ankita Gautam(1004510011)   DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING HBTI KANPUR  INDEX    DECLARATION    CERTIFICATE    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Chapter 1.INTRODUCTION 1.1 Title 1.2 Introduction Review 1.3 Background Analysis Chapter 2.PROJECT OVERVIEW 2.1 What is a Shadow ? 2.2 Geometrical Properties of the Shadow 2.3 Spectral Properties of the Shadow Chapter 3.OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Chapter 4.PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT Chapter 5CURRENT SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Chapter 6 .CHARACTRESTICS OF PROPOSED SYSTEM Chapter 7.PROJECT RESEARCH 7.1 Implementation of Image Processing 7.2 Other Morphological Operations 7.3 Advantages of Morphological Operations Chapter 8. REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS 8.1 Software Requirements 8.2 Functional Requirements 8.3 Hardware Requirements 8.4 Non-Functional Requirements Chapter 9.PROJECT OPERATIONS  Chapter 10.CODE OF THE PROJECT Chapter 11 BLOCK DIAGRAM Chapter12.FEATURES OF THE PROJECT Chapter 13 :PROJECT MODULES 13.1 Shadow Detection 13.1.1 Segmentation using MASK creation 13.2 Shadow Removal Chapter 14 :CONTROL FLOW DIAGRAM Chapter 15:METHOD 15.1 Original Image 15.2 Mask 15.3 Shadow Core 15.4 Light Core 15.5 Smooth Mask 15.6 Output Image Chapter 16.SHADOW REMOVAL METHODS 16.1 Additive Model 16.2 YCbCr Model 16.3 Basic and Advanced shadow removal method Chapter 17 Conclusion Chapter 18 Referrence   \ \   DECLARATION: This is to declare that the report entit led “ Shadow Detection and Removal ”  which is submitted by Vartika Pandey, Priyal Khetanand Ankita Gautam in partial fulfilment of requirement for the award of Degree of B.Tech, from Computer Science and Engineering Department ,H.B.T.I ,Kanpur  . Vartika Pandey (1004510050) Priyal Khetan(1004555014) Ankita Gautam(1004510011)
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