A Quick Come-up

When 18-year-old Charlie is in need of some quick cash he decides to try his hand at drug dealing, his plan hits an unexpected obstacle when he finds himself in the wrong place at the worst time.
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  A Quick Come UpbyJohn Conaboy  FADE IN:EXT. STREET - NIGHT The city is sleeping... A BEAT UP CUTLASS passes under the light of a LONE STREETLAMP before pulling over into the darkness. In thepassenger sits CHARLIE, a mature entrepreneur at the ripeage of 18. He takes a hit from the blunt and passes it toTHOMAS, his disheveled friend.THOMASYou going in or what?CHARLIENo they’re going to deal to usright on the street.THOMASDo you see anybody around? My guybrings it out to me all the timeman, relax.CHARLIEYeah well these guys don’t deliver,trust me.THOMASAre we buying weed from Escobar’sgrandson? Speaking of Escobar, heyessay! Wake up!Thomas hits RICARDO, asleep in the back seat, on theleg. Ricardo barely opens his eyes as he takes the bluntfrom Thomas.RICARDOWhat Puto?THOMASCarlito’s Way over here might needyou to translate tonight, you down?RICARDOQue? No hablo ingles motherfucker.THOMASYeah you don’t know how to readeither douchebag.(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 2.RICARDOChupa ma paloma.CHARLIEI’ll be back soon.Charlie exits the car, gives the street a quick glance, andwalks into a dark alleyway.CUT TO:INT. APARTMENT - NIGHTSmoke fills the air of the filthy apartment. THREE MEN ANDA WOMAN are glued to the couch, mesmerized by the rap videoon the TV.In the kitchen sits TRE, his muscles cloaked withillustrations of his youth. He throws a stack of HUNDREDDOLLAR BILLS in a money counter and bands them up. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK... TREHey don’t trip! That’s probably myman.LOOKOUT(from the next room) I hear you Tre. Tre walks to the door and briefly peeks out the EYE-HOLEbefore undoing 2 locks to reveal Charlie.TREYoung blood, what’s good man?CHARLIESame old, how have you been Tre?TREChilling, you know, come on in brograb a drink. Hey! Get the directora beer.LOOKOUTYeah I got you Tre.Tre and Charlie walk into the kitchen. Tre continues abouthis money counting as Charlie cracks his brew.(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 3.TREI saw that shit you did for mycousin, man that was on point, forreal.CHARLIEThank you man, I appreciate that.TREI’m telling you man, you gottalent. My cousin is starting toput on thanks to those visuals.CHARLIEJust wait until the next one, we’restepping it up, trust me.TREI believe it. Alright so how muchare you looking for bro, an Oright?CHARLIEYes sir.TREBet that, hold on real quick.Tre walks into a back room and comes out with TIGHTLY SEALEDBAG OF GREEN and tosses it on the table. Charlie hands himthe money.(cont.)So why the big purchase? Are yougoing on vacation or something?CHARLIENot at all man. I’m actually justlooking for a quick come up.The last hundred dollar bill FLICKS THROUGH THE MONEYCOUNTER. The air is silent as it reads $10,000. Tre reachesinto his pants and pulls out what must be the shiniest .38REVOLVER ever made. He sets it on the table just hardenough to demand its attention.TREOh okay...okay...why? If you don’tmind me asking. I I haveto worry about you down the roadyoungblood?TRE SPINS THE WEAPON like a bottle at a high school party,but instead of waiting for the revolver to find its partnerhe SLAMS his hand on it, the barrel points at Charlie.(CONTINUED)
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