A Very Brief Biographical Sketch of Anthony St. John

A biographical description Anthony St. John
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   A N T H O N Y S T. J O H N  A Very Brief Biographical Sketch  Anthony St. John was born 7 October ! in #illia$sb%rg& Brooklyn& New York&'is(nite) States of A$erica. His father*s parents were born in The Ol) So+iet (nion, his$other*s $other was born in -relan) an) her h%sban) was born in rance./r St. John st%)ie) in three %ni+ersities0 St. Bona+ent%re (ni+ersity 1a co%ntry cl%b for-rish2A$erican pe)ophilic 3o$an 4atholic ranciscan $onks who $a)e a b%siness )eal153OTS6689 with the :entagon to sen) their st%)ents to So%th Vietna$ as artillery officers;nat%rally& witho%t paying ta<es =!>?2>>@9, the (ni+ersity of /ia$i 1!7?279,an)& the (ni+ersity of lori)a 1!7279. He specialise) in :hilosophy& British Citerat%re&an) North A$erican Citerat%re.He toile) for the religio%s fanatic #illia$ . B%ckley& Jr*s  National Review   1!>2>?9 as acirc%lation an) correspon)ence assistant./r St. John is a gra)%ate of the (nite) States Ar$y Artillery D /issile School& ort Sill&Oklaho$a 1!>>9& an) ser+e) as an instr%ctor in a $issileErocket training battalion& (nite)States Ar$y Training 4enter& ort Sill 1Cittle John& Honest John& Sergeant& :ershing& Cance$issiles an) rockets9. Cie%tenant St. John wishe) that Albert 6instein ha) kept his $o%thsh%t abo%t 6F$cG an) the Theory of 3elati+ity;there are %st too $any i)iots in this worl) who sho%l) not be entr%ste) with ato$ bo$bs an)Eor artillery or rockets or $issilesloa)e) with ato$ bo$bs. 1'o yo% know a )ifference between a rocket an) a $issileI9 The sa) fact is that n%clear reactors scare people %st as )o ato$ bo$bs. He was statione)in So%th Vietna$ 1A%g%st !>72A%g%st !>9 where he attaine) the rank of firstlie%tenant. He was an artillery forwar) obser+er 1o%rth 'i+ision9& then perfor$e) the)%ties of artillery liaison officer 1A$erical 'i+ision9 at battalion an) briga)e le+els. #hileser+ing in the abo+e2$entione) $issileErocket training battalion& he pro%)ly recei+e) 5The #aywar) /issile Awar).8 #hile ser+ing in the fiel) artillery& he pro%)ly recei+e) 5TheCoose 4annon Awar).8 1He is an 5o%t2of2the bo<8 thinker9 Startlingly& the (S Ar$y aske) /r St John to re$ain in the ar$y& an) he was selecte) to be pro$ote) fro$ firstlie%tenant to captain. The :eter :rincipleI He was a social worker for the state of lori)a*s 'i+ision of a$ily Ser+ices& was %sef%l inthe ghetto of northwest ort Ca%)er)ale 1!>!279& an) was )is$isse) for ha+ing   co$plaine) to a locale newspaper that the 'i+ision of a$ily Ser+ices was not efficientan) ha) faile) to achie+e the goals it ha) planne)& yet co%l) not i$ple$ent& for itsoperation0 helping )estit%te lori)ians./r St. John reporte) for The Hollywood Herald 1!7?279, The Miami Herald  & a Knight23i))er co$pany 1!727 9, an)& The Gainesville Sun  & a The New York Ti$es 4o$pany co$pany 1!7 279. He was a copy e)itor for The Daily Journal  & 4aracas& VeneL%ela*s6nglish2written news )igest 1!779.-n VeneL%ela& trying to win the han) of the wo$an he lo+e)& he associate) hi$self withthe  Acción Democratica political party& lent a han) 1$e)ia cons%ltant9 at the  Ministerio de Información y Turismo & an) re2scrawle);with 4entral St%pi)ity Agency agents looking o+erhis sho%l)er checking each an) e+ery wor);political speeches of :resi)ent 4arlos An)rMs:MreL )%ring his corr%pt presi)ency 1!779. After the  Acción Democratica presi)ential loss&he ta%ght 6nglish 1irst 4ertificate D 4ertificate of :roficiency9 at the British -nstit%te in4aracas. Howe+er& this appoint$ent $%st be taken cum rano salis beca%se the )irectress of  The T%te& an -rish wo$an& abscon)e) with the associations f%n)s ca%sing the clos%re of the centre of British c%lt%re an) lea+ing& fore+er& her goo) %)ge$ent in )%biety. /r St. John is the a%thor of the %np%blishe) The Hi!!ie ieutenant   1a trilogy abo%t hise<periences in Vietna$9, #olitically #hiloso!hical and #hiloso!hically #olitical $ritins%     A &oo' of  (ssays  ,  Men $ithout Honor) $omen $ithout ove   1a trilogy set in 4aracas9, #oetry *y Me) Anthony+     A &oo' of A!horisms and ,uotations *y Anthony St-    John  ,  A &oo' of .ietnam /$ar0 #oetry  , 1ne2!aers on 3orm2ivin 4ause as 4ontrasted with #otential (5istence  , #aes on 3orm2ivin 4ause as 4ontrasted with #otential     (5istence+    $hy I ive &eyond the 6nited States of America+ #innin Ho!e on a 4ontem!orary Style Intended to 4ultivate Gracious &ehaviour) et alia.:lease +isit www.scrib).co$Ethewor)warrior for a larger selection of writings an) literary  works. 3ecor)ings of /r St Johns Vietna$ 5#ar8 poetry are to be fo%n) athttp0EEa%)ioboo.f$Ethewor)warrior. He reno%nce) his (nite) States* citiLenship on ?7 /arch !! 15#hy - Sat %n)er an Oli+e Tree in 4alenLano& -taly& ?7 /arch !! & Set to la$es /y (nite) States* :assport& 'rie)/y 6yes& an) then 3et%rne) Ho$e to #rite a Cetter 3eno%ncing /y (nite) States*4itiLenship89. His re%est was )enie).On  J%ly //P he )onate) his bo)y to Science specifying the 6niversit7 deli Studi di 3iren8e 1The (ni+ersity of lorence in T%scany9 as the sole owner of his re$ains. -n hisarticle& I Have Donated My &ody to Science to Thwart #entaon &ody Snatchers) /r St. Johne<plains his reasons for this %n%s%al )eter$ination.  /r St. John is a st%)ent of 6nglish& rench 1he stoppe) st%)ying rench at the rench-nstit%te in lorence& -taly when Nicolas SarkoLy was electe) presi)ent of rance9& -talian&an) Spanish& an) st%)ie) Catin for si< years in his yo%th.He is an -talianist trying to %n)erstan) the political& social an) econo$ic realities of -taly.He is partic%larly pro%) of the res%lts of an -nkblot 13orschach9 Test taken on www.e$o)$0 /Anthony) your su*conscious is driven most *y PEACE. 9ou have a dee!ly2rooted desire to ma'e !eace in the world- $hether throuh su*tle interactions with loved ones) or throuh ettin involved in social causes) it is im!ortant to you to *e a*le to influence the world in a !ositive way- 9ou have a dee! res!ect for human'ind- 9ou care a*out the future of the world) even *eyond your own involvement in it) and you ins!ire others to feel the same way- 9our innate drive toward PEACE  uides you in daily life towards decisions that are res!ectful toward yourself and others- 9our !syche is very rich+ the more you learn a*out it) the more you will understand who you really are- #eo!le who have unconscious minds driven *y PEACE tend to *e inde!endent thin'ers who often !refer to live *y their own hih !ersonal standards and moral code-0 -n !7& he was inter+iewe) by 5The King of -nter+iewers&8 Carry King& in the ra)iost%)ios of #-O' in /ia$i& lori)a. '%ring this inter+iew he )isc%sse) his Vietna$5#ar8 e<periences an) his The Hi!!ie ieutenant-  He priLes $any +arieties of $%sic...)elights being in the co$pany of others...he can $akepeople la%gh...he %ses p%blic transport e<cl%si+ely...he )i) not per$it the 3o$an 4atholicch%rch to s%ash hi$ physically or intellect%ally...he enoye) the frien)ship of Howar)Qinn...he has kisse) 1on their cheeks9 three -talian princesses0 Ca :rincipessa /arcellaBorghese& Ca :rincipessa Riorgiana 4orsini an) Ca :rincipessa iona 4orsini...he )i) notkill when he ser+e) as an artillery forwar) obser+er in Vietna$;not e+en one brainless (S Ar$y general...he fights with his wor)s not his fists;he is The#or)#arrior...hiselectric bill is the lowest in his apart$ent b%il)ing...he rea)s at last fo%r or fi+e or si< orse+en books at the sa$e ti$e...he possesses a b%ilt2in instinct for what is insincere...heref%se) to recogniLe the three $e)als he was awar)e) for ser+ice in Vietna$...he s%r+i+e)an airplane crash on os Ro:ues   in VeneL%ela...he o%tlaste) two ar$e) robberies in4aracas...he p%lle) thro%gh two ??$$ 4hinese rocket attacks on the 4a$bo)ia2Caotianbor)ers in Vietna$...he o%tli+e) assorte) $ortar barrages in Vietna$...he ne+er ref%ses the)esperate pleas of poor in)i+i)%als who ask hi$ for change;when he has so$e...he%n)erstan)s the VeneL%elan people...he has fo%r )octors0 'r /%sic D 'r 3est D 'r 'ietD 'r 6<ercise...he ca%tio%sly co$prehen)s the -talians...he is a fan of 3oger e)erer b%tshopes 3 has no 5st%pi)8 or cri$inal skeletons in his closet...he bicycles for pleas%re...hes%ggests that yo%ng chil)ren be )iscipline) by tickling the$;not by sl%gging the$...he hasan e<ceptional respect for Nat%re...he coine) the e<pressions 5The 'is(nite) States of North A$erica8 an) 54entral St%pi)ity Agency8...he 5coa<e)8 the resignation of :ri$e/inister Sil+io Berl%sconi...he )oes not own a $otor +ehicle...he wills to preser+e thenat%ral reso%rces he )epen)s %pon...he has hope in the f%t%re...he is pro%) of the +ario%s   work e<periences he has ha) )%ring his life...he has not stolen a cent fro$ the VeneL%elanor -talian people...he has no respect for Tony Blair& John Bolton& Tho$as rie)$an&rancis %k%ya$a& Al Rore& Stanley Hoff$ann& Sa$%el H%ntington& 3obert Kagan& JohnKerry& Henry Kissinger& 4harles Kra%tha$$er& #illia$ Kristol& John /c4ain& Nor$an:o)horetL& Reorge #ill& :a%l #olfowitL...he a)$ires 'aniel Bell& a%sto Bertinotti& H%go4ha+eL& Noa$ 4ho$sky& Hillary 4linton 1$ore beca%se she is a wo$an9& :a%l A 4ohen&3o)ney 'angerfiel)& Reorge 4arlin& 3ichar) 'awkins& Si$one )e Bea%+oir& Vittoriaranco& 6ric Hobsbawn& /artin Jac%es& Karl /ar<& Alain /inc& 3obert 3eich& 'on3ickles& Joan 3i+ers& SMgolne 3oyal 1$ore beca%se she is a wo$an9& 6)war) # Sai)& -sraelSha$ir& :eter Singer& S%n TL%& Rore Vi)al& Oscar #il)e& Howar) Qinn...a$ong others. /r St. John likes rea)ing& na+igating on the -nternet& walking& ri)ing trains& looking atbea%tif%l wo$en& listening to strea$ing broa)casts in 6nglish& rench& an) Spanish& hasnot )ri+en an a%to$obile since lea+ing the (nite) States for goo) 1 'ece$ber !7>9&celebrates C%)wig +an Beetho+en 1> 'ece$ber 779 an) 'a+i) H%$e*s 1?> April 779birth)ays e+ery year& %ses Van 4leef D Arpels  (au de Toilette !our homme an) A%a Bra+a  (au    de 4olone  & enoys 4%ban& Nicarag%an an) 4anary -slan) cigars an) '%nhill !> pipe$i<t%re& )rinks;$o)erately;fine 4hianti wines& an) partic%larly fin)s pleas%re satiriLing 6%ropean 5political8 lea)ers;those -talian& in front row.He li+e) in the (nite) States for thirty2two years& in VeneL%ela for $ore than se+en years&an) has been a resi)ent of -taly since  /ay !.He consi)ers Bertran) 3%ssell to be his 5intellect%al father&8 an) Jean2:a%l Sartre his5spirit%al father.8He is a keen a)$irer of 4. K. Scott /oncrieff*s translation of /arcel :ro%st*s Remem*rance of Thins #ast an) the $aestic prose of 6)war) # Sai)./r St. John is an atheist an) a $itigate) /ar<ist. He hopes that there will be a (nion of So+iet Socialists 3ep%blics encore so that the $e$bers on the 3or*es   $agaLines The #orl)s Billionaires Cist are p%t away in g%lags in Siberia. To those who %estion hisatheis$& he says this0 -f a go) 15go)8 spelt backwar)s is 5)og89 e<ists who is all2perfect&all2powerf%l& all2goo)& all2intelligent& an) all2knowing& how co%l) he ha+e create) twoi$beciles like yo% an) like $e To those who %estion his $itigate) /ar<is$& he says this0:lease rea)  Mar5 by :eter Singer& :ast /asters series& O<for) (ni+ersity :ress& !& an)co$prehen) the reasons why /ar< sho%l) be e<tolle) for the efforts he e<pen)e))efen)ing persec%te) workers thro%gho%t the worl).
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