A330 200 Freighter

A330-200F A330-200 Freighter Brochure Issue 5 A330-200F Reference © AIRBUS S.A.S. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary document Prepared and authorized by: The Airbus program department Document reference no.: A330-200 Freighter - Brochure issue 5, April 2013 G25M13017173 A330-200F Contents page page Reference Contents Introduction Chapter 1 - General Airbus aircraft commonality General aircraft features General overview Chapter 2 - Courier area ATA 25.20 - Courier area
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   A330-200F   A330-200 Freighter  Brochure Issue 5   A330-200F Reference © AIRBUS S.A.S. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary documentPrepared and authorized by:The Airbus program departmentDocument reference no.:G25M13017173  A330-200 Freighter - Brochure issue 5, April 2013   A330-200F Contents   pageReferenceContentsIntroduction 4 Chapter 1 - General   Airbus aircraft commonality5General aircraft features6General overview7 Chapter 2 - Courier area   ATA 25.20 - Courier area8 ATA 25.20 - Aft customizable area11 ATA 25.20 - Fwd customizable area14 ATA 25.23 - Courier area lining18 ATA 25.30 / 25.35 - Galleys / Catering equipment23 ATA 25.40 / 38.31 - Lavatory29 ATA 25.60 - Emergency equipment33 ATA 33.20 - Courier area lighting36 ATA 53.00 - Barrier wall42  pageChapter 3 - MD & LD cargo compartment   ATA 25.50 - Cargo compartments lining47 ATA 25.50 - Cargo drainage system52 ATA 25.56 / 25.51 - Cargo loading system57 ATA 33.36 - MD cargo compartment lighting94 ATA 52.30 - Cargo doors98 Chapter 4 - Associated information   ATA 12.00 - Ground handling & servicing104 ATA 21.00 - Air conditioning110 ATA 23.73 - CIDS121 ATA 26.00 - Fire protection125 ATA 35.00 - Oxygen130 Chapter 5 - Appendix  General overview134Live animals transportation135Perishables goods transportation136Dangerous goods transportation137 Glossary of abbreviations   Legal notice    A330-200 Freighter - Brochure issue 5, April 2013   A330-200F Introduction The A330-200F brochure provides an overall general description on  Airbus design solutions for A330-200 Freighter courier area, main deck and lower deck compartments. It shall be seen as an additional general information to the Airbus Freighter Configuration Guide (FCG), providing a better understanding on the A330-200F customization. Any option outside the A330-200F brochure and FCG shall be covered via specific customer request to ensure technical feasibility and lead time compliance. Introduction  A330-200 Freighter - Brochure issue 5, April 20134
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