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Engineering and Science Simulation of Fluid Dynamics, Structural Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Systems and Multiphysics Software Magazine
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  VOLUME V ISSUE 2, 2011 BUILDING ON A GLOBAL REPUTATION IMPROVEPERFORMANCE PAGE 4 EXCELLENCE IN ENGINEERING SIMULATION REDUCEDESIGN TIME PAGE 10 ENHANCESYSTEMS PAGE 21  The Intel® Cluster Ready program  can dramatically reduce purchasing complexity, accelerate your deploy-ment timeline and simplify management of your HPC cluster. Intel works with ANSYS and OEMs to provide customers with clusters built for ANSYS workloads. Intel Cluster Ready architecture assures application compatibility and ease of deployment. You can be         ready to run.Learn more at Copyright © 2011 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Intel® Cluster Ready. Intelligent! Reduce. Accelerate. Simplify.   ANSYS Advanag ã V V, Iss 2, 2011www.ansys.c  TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Table of Contents FEATURES 4   CONSUMER GOODS  Mother of Invention   Simulation helps to deliver a milk warmer to market two years ahead of schedule, saving $54,000 in prototypes. 7   CHEMICAL PROCESS  Moving Toward Sustainable Wastewater Treatment   Researchers study the use of fluid dynamics to more efficiently remove environmentally hazardous sludge in chemical plants. 10    AUTOMOTIVE  Stepping on the Gas   Circuit and field simulation reduces inductance sensor application engineering from three months to two weeks. 13   OFFSHORE  Deep Thinking    ANSYS structural mechanics helps save years in designing the first steerable conductor for enhanced oil recovery. 16   OFFSHORE / ENERGY   Forecasting Underwater Noise   Simulation soundly predicts hydro-acoustics during offshore pile driving. 18   CONSTRUCTION  Building on a Global Reputation   NInsight verifies the architectural design of landmark buildings using engineering simulation. 21    TURBOMACHINERY   Breath of Fresh Air   Cummins uses high-performance computing to deliver better turbochargers to market — faster — by simulating the entire stage. SImulAtIoN@Work 24   CONSTRUCTION Better Cooling, Hot Savings Fluid dynamics keeps data center server racks cooler using less electricity. 26   HEALTHCARE Cut to the Bone Simulation reduces surgery duration and patient risk in treating infants with skull disorders. 716182410426  28   OIL AND GAS Separating the Streams Multiphase simulation can improve performance of oil and gas separation equipment. 31    TURBOMACHINERY  Predicting Turbomachinery Erosion Rates Erosion rate predictions help designers to improve longevity of rotating equipment that must operate in harsh environments. 34    THOUGHT LEADER Green Design With simulation and analysis, going green offers many benefits. DepArtmeNtS 37   BEST PRACTICE Fast Study Gas turbine supplier leverages ANSYS Workbench to speed complex turbine blade analysis. 40    ANALYSIS TOOLS   Warming Up to Direct Modeling  Advanced CAE model preparation enhances pellet stove design and optimization. 42    ANALYSIS TOOLS   Simulation to Reduce Automotive Emissions Parametric design optimization of selective catalytic reduction systems helps to meet challenges in emission reduction. 44    ACADEMIC   Virtual Speech Researchers use virtual tools to model and simulate the human vocal tract and upper airway. 47    TIPS AND TRICKS   Understanding Actuators Multiphysics system simulation provides insight into the operations of actuators. www.ansys.c ANSYS Advanag ã © 2011  ANSYS , Inc.  TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 About the Cover The striking architecture of the Florence Railway Station, designed by Sir Norman Foster, has a dramatic roof that allows in ample natural light. Because drainage could be a problem during some rainfall conditions, engineering simulation from ANSYS was employed by consulting firm NInsight to improve the roof design. Page 18. Courtesy Foster + Partners. 28314440   47


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