Abhigyan Sakuntalam

This is translation of one of the famous book in sanskrit written by kalidas.
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  Here are some excerpts of the book  Role  The great poet Kalidas Sanskrit literature. He has written three poetry and three plays.Raghuvansh of his poetry, and drama identication Shakuntl Kumarsambv and eghdoot, !lavik!gnimitra and are ikramorwshiy. #esides  ऋ  tusnhar also is said to be written by Kalidasa.  $ot only that, nearly thirty%ve other books Kalidas % composed&s called. These compositions Kalidasa&s poetry % are beginning to enter the beauty lookback on. These three plays and three Kavyon so unambiguously Kalidas % is considered to be composed. Location and time of Kalidasa #ut deep di'erences on scholarly Kalidasa (ho was it) (here were living) *nd poet Kalidasa was one of the names, or the names of many poets have) Some scholars+aini Kalidas % $iwali considered because of their writings +aini, ahakala, and Kshipra etc. alvdesh described in more detail in several places % are undertaken.#ut the other side of the Himalayas, the -anges and the Himalayas and Rsmgn through +ptykaon describes in detail the Kalidas. This is the view of some scholars that the poet was living near the Himalayas. Kalidas #engali #engali scholars have tried to prove that some people told him cashmere. This topic is dicult to say anything with certainty where were residents of Kalidasa. *ccording to /ndian tradition of poets for his introduction of such a large literature not written a line somewhere.The Kalidas % especially in the places described, can be estimated only on the basis thatKalidas places well % like a saw. 0ocation of this type can be multiplied, and they with each other % far away % far away. Kalidasa&s passion however is specically targeted at two locations % one +aini and other Himalayan valley. /t can roughly be estimated so that the life of  Kalidasa have spent enough time in both places. King ikramaditya of +aini are about. *lthough Kalidasa King ikramaditya in the same way as scholars have di'ered about e1ually profound2 #ut standing in relation to continuing our tradition of *ll /ndia ikram Samvat some way % can guide. Strong historical evidence is not going todispute it is believed that these 3nsrustion by Kalidasa now nearly 4,555 years ago by King ikramaditya of +aini $avratanas was one of the imperial court. , but be of Kalidasa evidence to the House of ikramaditya $ot only was he born in +aini. * top artists appreciative abandon his native kings shelter to get away % has to go away. Some scholars estimate that the direct Kalidasa&s eghdoot cloud itself and the message he sent the envoy, he has sent them on their way home. 6loud % The angel on the cloud indhyachal mountain was walking *mrkut Reva came to the river. 7shaarn of the country, where was the capital of idisha. +aini from there. +aini poet wrote that the cloud will not be in the way, however, insist that the poet towards +aini the cloud must go a little way to prolong the. eghdoot is described in detail in +aini. +aini -mbira river walking path to the cloud, 7evagiri ountain, 6harmanwati River,7spur, Kurukshetra and Kankhal is reached, and went on from there *lkapuri. This is particularly noticeable Kankhal also because the whole narrative of identity Shakuntl the Kankhal about fteen % twenty miles away Knwasrm takes place on the shore of the river alini. Hastinapur chef arrived at the foot of the Himalayas to hunt 7ushynt amenities. Kalidas with all Kavyon description of the -anga and the Himalayas. /t appears that Kalidasa special attachment to the places in the Himalayas where the -anges Himalayas and well % well, the terms of this Kankhal state is the only state where the -anges, the Himalayas, near the river alini came to pass /t is. /t&s ust that it will decide what specictown or village was a resident of Kalidasa, probably very dicult. #ut this Kankhal Kalidas same a'ection towards the surrounding region is seen as one of the territories,  where he spent his childhood occurs. 8verything there seems to be delightful. Kalidasa not only the forest % Ruche ountain itself, but also the lion, tiger, Shardul, groan, deer etc. retain their rightful place in their Kavyon. 8ven from the berry of wet 3rberion have gured in his immortal creation. Kalidasa's glory Kalidasa was one or many, not intended us to enter into along%standing controversy in the subect. Kalidasa is seemingly no way to legends that were in the House of ikramaditya, the same type &ban1uet management& Kalidasa also mentions the feast of the House. Some scholars have considered three Kalidasa. Sekhar also wrote that 9works of ne makeup Kalidas no one can win, then the three Kalidason what to tell you:&& ; Kalidasa who were and when) 8<cept where the dispute Shakuntl $ow we come towards recognition of his immortal drama. Kalidasa&s work is admired by his successor poets uktkant.  एकक󰤵वन󰤨क󰤕󰤵लद󰤕सक􀤕स  󰤸 󰤵󐤕यय󰤯कमध  󰤧 रसस󰤨भर􀤕ह  󰤧 ईआम󰤮 रमंज󰤵रय󰤯क󰤨सम󰤕नबत󰤕य󰤕ह󰤹। 2  एकऔरक󰤵वन󰤨󰤵लख󰤕ह󰤹󰤵क '  क󰤵वय󰤯क􀤕 गणन󰤕करत󰤨समयक󰤕󰤵लद󰤕सक󰤕न󰤕मजबक󰤵न󰤵षठक󰤕अंग  󰤧 ल􀤕पररख󰤕गय󰤕 ,  तअन󰤕󰤵मक󰤕क󰤨󰤵लएउनक󰤨सम󰤕न󰤵कस􀤕द  󰤸 सर󰤨क󰤵व not hit upon the name, and the name of the ring finger ring finger was worthwhile.  To thisday was no poet like Kalidasa and .= *nother critic wrote that 9all are known to play in Kavyon2 plays the best in the identication Shakuntl2 Shakuntl points in the fourth, and he points four verses are uni1ue. &> Identication Shakuntl Knowledge of Shakuntl praised by /ndian critics, it does not matter. #y Rspan its foreign critics of the Shakuntl songs of praise. The -erman poet -oethe had read the  -erman translation of Knowledge Shakuntl. Shakuntl&s the beauty of the srcinal Sanskrit, it is impossible not to bring in translation intact, then of course crucial %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ;. *kopi 3iyte Hnt, not Kencit Kalidaso. Srringare 0alitodgare, Kalidasatryi Kimu) ?Raasekhar@ 4. $irgtasu Ksy Kalidassy Suktisu or not. Areetirmdhur % Sandraasu nrishviv 3ayte .. ?#anbhatt ◌󰤃 =. Knishtikadishtit Kalidas ◌󰤃 Full Kveenan Gnnaprasnge.   Tthuly Kverbawadnamika Sarthawati #bhuv so far .. >. Kawyesu amusing drama Shakuntala $atkeshu.  Ttrapi 6turthoc  ङ sttr Ctushtym staff ..  is. we do not know the -erman translation of -oethe had. Shakuntl much of the beauty was missed. Shakuntl which he also criticiBed by reading -oethe, it is indicative of his doting sentimentality., he wrote, &/f you Tarun fragrance of the Cowers of spring and summer with the sweet fruit ripening want to see, or make a (ant to see the obect, so blithe soul, hypnotiBed, becomes happy and contented2 or you want to see in one place the ground and get a glimpse of heaven2 do Rspan the identication of Shakuntl. &; -oethe&s criticism of Shakuntl assessment is deemed to be correct. Shakuntl criticiBed by Rabindranath wrote, 9#eauty is the beginning of Shakuntl and go to the beauty is the culmination Tue. been associated with the immortal poet is mortal. & Knowledge Shakuntl 3udging by the way also, it appears singular creation., its plot, its characters, character % /llustration, ................................ 0l(ouldst Thou the 0ife&syoung #lossom and fruits decline, by which the Soul is pleased *ny enraptured, feasted, fed% (ouldst Thou 8arthand Heaven itself combine in one sweet $*8) / $*8 thee, D Shakuntala, and *ll at once is said %-oethe ?-oethe@ (asnnt Kusumn Eln f Fugpd -rishmsy Srwn f  Fd Fchchanyanmnso Rsaynmt ◌󰤃 Mohnm Sntrpnn.    एक􀤕भ  󰤸 तमप  󰤸 व  󰤰 र󐤮यमथव󰤕 Swrlobhuloyo !  Rashwaryn the (ancsi Ariyske, Sewytam Shakuntl.
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