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1. Proyecto PROHUMCapacitación Docente paraGraduados Profesores de Inglésdel Nivel Secundario 2. “I have taken great care not tolaugh at human actions, not toweep at…
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  • 1. Proyecto PROHUMCapacitación Docente paraGraduados Profesores de Inglésdel Nivel Secundario
  • 2. “I have taken great care not tolaugh at human actions, not toweep at them, nor to hate them,but to understand them.”Baruch Spinoza, Tractatus politicus, 1677
  • 3. “Se acuerdan que vimos que cada humano tiene dosescenas: la que más teme y la que más desea. Conla que más desean ustedes comenzaron la carrera.. . . sobre la escena más temida y más deseadacomo operador (docente). ¿Qué es lo que mástemen como operador (docente) de un grupo?, queel grupo los desconozca, que se quede en silencio,que el grupo se tiña de agresividad, que sedescompense, que me arrastren en su patología?.A cada uno le va a pasar cosas distintas, esto no esmalo. Lo malo radica en no conocer qué temo o quédeseo.”
  • 4. Things we have observed “Apathy” “Special” humor (don´t fall!) (si/no; “Carteras”) Open challenge to authority⇒ Contextualize/personalize⇒ “mild” challenge, invite, play along,⇒ Clear rules, “strong” limits (no getting angry),⇒ “break into their territory”
  • 5. Understanding“ . . . If children (adults, adolescents?) do notunderstand the spoken (written?) language,they cannot learn it. “Cameron, Lynne, Teaching Languages to Young Learners, 2001, Cambridge: CUP,p.36
  • 6.  Diversity“Why there can be no best methodfor teaching a second language”“Teachers can provide ‘general guidelines, restrictions, [and]recommendations’, and each individual brain has to figure out thebest way to adapt to the input”“If the learner cannot find an alternative, learning is likely to beabandoned”Programa Fines el inglés es una de las materias por las que los alumnos no terminan susecundaria) [1][1] Dato aportado por la Prof. Silvana Barboni, UNLP.
  • 7.  Diversity (2)• Teacher/student: L1/translation• Student/student: text/ / no texts Shame/self-consciousness /mistakes(explicit,whenmadeto speak out in public, not only FL)• fear o being madefun of Attention(asthereason why they do notunderstand??): (Teacher explainswell/doesnotexplain well [?]= Teacehr doesnot hold attention bysystematcally calling on studentsin aPROACTIVE/PREVENTIVE WAY?)• Preferencefor bb usefor socialization [?] ;
  • 8.  The Components 5 major components are involved in a direct broadcasting satellite (DBS)system: the programming source, the broadcast center, the satellite, the satellitedish and the receiver. Programming sources are simply the channels that provide programming forbroadcast. Programs are not created by the provider; it pays other companies(HBO, for example, or ESPN) for the right to broadcast their content via satellite. The broadcast center is known as the central hub of the system. At thebroadcast center, the TV provider receives signals from various programmingsources and a broadcast signal is sent to satellites in orbit. The signal is received by the satellites and they re-broadcast them to planetEarth. The dish in a house receives the signal from the satellite and sends it to thereceiver. Finally, the signal is processed by the receiver and the picture is presented ina standard TV.
  • 9.  1. Complete the diagram using the namesof the components.Direct Broadcast Satellite System
  • 10.  The next two activities are intended for them to work on the newvocabulary items. I expect them to find equivalent terms and also todifferentiate concepts from examples.2. Choose the correct option for each icon. CHANNEL – PROVIDER – PROGRAMMING SOURCE SATELLITE – RECEIVER – DISH PROGRAMMING SOURCE – BROADCAST CENTRE - PROVIDERRemember you need a focus on VERBS (as lexis) !!3. KNOW - BROADCAST – INSTALL – SEND - TRANSMITMake sure to check non-transparent verbs and other vocabulary in thetext (not here)4. Create a diagram which represents the Cable TV System inthe text)5. Write a description of the diagram
  • 11. Yesterday I saw an assault in thestreet.A thief stole a bag from a woman.A dog caught the criminal.The police officers arrested the thief.The police officers returned the bag tothe woman.The thief went to prison
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