Abortion Handling

Abortion of animals...
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  Abortion Handling 14.12.07  ã ã Year; 2005 ã Out of 18644 animals of 57 villages ã 973 Buffalo serum tested using ELISA ã Overall incidences 12 % ã Ranged from 0 to 24% ã 3 times higher incidences animals having the abortion history  Leptosprosis(zoonotic) ãEconomic loss  –Infertility –Decrease milk –Occasionally death ãCause  –Parasitic spirochetes genus Leptospira& serovars ãL. hardjocattle ãL. pomonapig and rodents  Transmission ãVia  –Infected urine –Post-abortive uterine discharge  –Infected placenta  –Sexual contact ãOutside the host  –Favored by warm moist climate at neutral pH around water ponds
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