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  EFFECTS OF COMICS ON SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNER’S READING COMPREHENSION. By Ahmad Syafiq Bin Adnan ABSTRACT This action research aims to study the effectiveness of comics in enhancing pupils‟ reading comprehension levels. The respondents were a class of mixed-ability students and the study focused on 5 students who were selected randomly. The comics used were given in the form of series of pictures. The study used qualitative methodology through three lessons in the classroom. Data was collected through non-participant observation, semi-structured interviews, and document analysis. All the data was then categorized, analysed, and triangulated before conclusions were drawn to answer the research questions. The implication is that comics can be recommended to be used in the teaching and learning in ESL classrooms to enhance pupils‟ reading comprehension, promote more meaningful learning besides encouraging pupils to participate more actively and have fun during the language learning activities.  THE EFFECTIVENESS OF USING PICTURES IN IMPROVING PUPILS’ UNDERSTANDING ON ADJECTIVES AMONG YEAR 4 PUPILS By Ainul Amirah Binti Azmee ABSTRACT The primary aim of this research is to explore the effectiveness of using pictures in improving  pupils‟ und erstanding on adjectives among Year 4 pupils. This research has been conducted to find out whether using pictures during teaching and learning session will affect pupils‟ understanding on adjectives. The research has been designed to find out whether the usage of  pictures could be an effective technique in improving motivation and memorization among  pupils in learning English language. The research has been conducted on pupils who have intermediate level of proficiency in a school in Pendang. In order to achieve the purpose of research, all twenty-one Year 4 Bestari pupils have been chosen. The research has been carried out through an experiment, in which the subjects in the experimental group were exposed to using pictures in order to improve their understanding on adjectives. The research instruments are questionnaires, tests and observations. The data collected will be analysed using qualitative method. The subjects were given pre-test which tested them on adjectives; followed by post-test after they have been taught using pictures. The results of both experimental and controlled groups have been compared through a table based on a qualitative approach. Through the result, statistically significant difference between the  performances of the two groups has been indicated. It would be concluded that pupils who received worksheets with pictures improved in their understanding of adjectives.  USING NURSERY RHYMES TO ENHANCE LISTENING AND SPEAKING FOR YEAR FOUR BIJAK SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN KAMPUNG BARU PENDANG By Aziha Binti Tawang ABSTRACT This research examines the issue of listening and speaking skills lesson in the classroom. The focus of this study is on enhancing listening and speaking skills by using nursery rhymes. The title is „Using Nursery Rhymes to Enhance Listening and Speaking S kills for Year Four in a Rural School‟. The aim of this study is to prove that a nursery rhyme is an effective medium to be used as a stimulus to stimulate pupils‟ response during listening and speaking lessons.  Nursery rhymes with visual elements function to stimulate pupils‟ cognitive to think and relate between the stimulus given with the story line. This study involves 5 respondents from Year Four Bijak in Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Baru Pendang. They consisted of two female and three male students. They are chosen based on their intelligent level. Four types of instruments have been used in this study which is an initial and final test, questionnaire, observation and interview. Based on findings discovered from this research, it has been found that nursery rhymes have been effective in enhancing the responses of the students in aspect of their listening and speaking skills in a classroom lesson.  THE EFFECTIVENESS OF USING BIG BOOK APPROACH IN SHARED READING ACTIVITIES IN MOTIVATING YEAR 3 PUPILS TO READ ENGLISH BOOKS By Laila Farhin Binti Abd Manaf ABSTRACT The main aim of this research is to determine the effectiveness of Big Book Approach in reading aloud activities in motivating Year Three pupils to read English book. Specifically, this research will investigate to what extent the effectiveness of the Big Book features, such as the content presentation contribute to the development of students‟ word knowledge. The research is designed to find out whether this approach can be an effective tool in creating  positive attitude and motivation in language learners to read English books. The research will  be conducted through an experiment, in which the subjects in the experimental group will be given the Big Book. The research instruments are questionnaire, observation and interview.Questionnaire and interview have been analyzed using a qualitative approach of descriptive statistics. This research has shown that features from the Big Book Approachhave successfully improved reading motivation of participants. For further improvement,  participants need to learn new words and emphasize on reading skills. Groupwork or individual approach can be employed in further teaching of the English subject, particularly in the field of reading as well as listening and writing.
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