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Fanfiction Based On Characters From Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series Rated M for Mature Content. Dark Themes. By IWantAWerewolfForMyself Summary: Governor Swan has forwarded the persecution of Vampires ever since their existence was revealed. Their leader Aro wants revenge. He sends his best fighter and hater of humans, Edward, to abduct the Governor's daughter Bella. Edward & Bella. DARK. AU. ~*~ Author Blog - extraordina
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  Fanfiction Based On Characters From Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series  Rated M for Mature Content. Dark Themes. byss By IWant WerewolfForMyself Summary: Governor Swan has forwarded the persecution of Vampires ever since their existence was revealed. Their leader Aro wants revenge. He sends his best fighter and hater of humans, Edward, to abduct the Governor's daughter Bella. Edward & Bella. DARK. AU. ~*~  Author Blog -  ~*~ Chapter One Comfort in Tears by Goethe   „ If I have wept in solitude, None other shares my grief,  And tears to me sweet balsam are,  And give my heart relief. The air smelled of death. It was getting dark, only the silvery moon illuminated the lawn in front of my home. The day had started normal. At least as normal as a day in my life could get. My bodyguards had driven me to school and fetched me from it after classes were over. I should have realized that something was different though. Usually, my father let two bodyguards accompany me everywhere I went but today four had followed my every step. I could have never imagined that the day would end so horrible. If I'd known, I would have ended my life this morning after getting up. It would have saved the lives of so many people.  I shivered and drew in a shaky breath. The warm air spread the smell of death, the smell of several dead bodies. I'd have never thought that death had a smell. It was a sharp acid sweet scent. It smelled of blood, of smoke, of despair. The air was filled with death and blood. I wasn't able to get that smell out of my nose. The smell seemed to be burnt into my memory, into my mind, and I knew that this smell would haunt me forever. I knew that even in several years from now I'd awake from a fitful sleep and this scent would still be lingering in my nose. Death was all around. The rattling breathing of the dying filled my ears and I knew that those noises would haunt my dreams, would make every night a living hell. I felt the dried blood sticking to my skin, the fresh warm blood dripping from my wounds, soaking my clothes and hair. I felt the blood drenched earth beneath my trembling fingers and I knew that even in several years from now I'd still feel the sticky blood on my skin. I knew that I would awake in the middle of the night, feeling as though I were still smudged with blood and no matter how often I would scrub my skin until it was raw and red under the hot shower, there would still be this feeling of being covered with blood on my skin and I knew that this feeling would haunt me forever. I shuddered. The lifeless eyes of my bodyguards were staring back at me, mocking me, blaming me, laughing at me. It was my fault that they'd died. They'd been killed because of me, had died in their attempt to protect me. Their machine pistols and Tasers hadn't helped them against an enemy who was impossible to injure. The ground was tinged red from all the blood that had been shed. So many people had died today. All because of me. My bodyguards, and the two house-maids who'd tried to come to our aid when they'd seen that we were attacked. All dead. Because of me. They'd tried to protect me and had given their life in the attempt. I wasn't even worth it. I looked down at my hands. There was blood on them and I didn't even know if it was my own blood or from the many people I'd watched dying tonight. And I knew that even in several years from now, I'd still see the blood on my hands and it would remind me of this day, of my guilt. The picture of my crimson hands was burnt into my mind. I knew that this image of death would haunt me forever. Death was all around and I knew that in this moment of death there was only one consolation left, one thing I was clinging to, one thing that would prevent me from reliving this day, those images of death, over and over again. My sole consolation was death itself, because I knew that soon I'd be one of those dead bodies. Soon I'd be dead like the people who'd died trying to protect me, soon those images wouldn't have the chance to haunt me. I closed my eyes and hoped that all would be over soon, but at the same time I didn't want to die, I didn't want to let go of my life. I felt the dried tears on my cheeks, tears I'd cried over all the people I'd seen dying, tears I'd cried because I was afraid of what those men had planned for me. I'd been their target and they'd killed everyone in their way. What was so special about me that they'd killed to get me? I felt guilty for still being alive while the others had died. I felt guilty because a part of me still wanted to live. I stared down at the blood-red ground. I stretched my fingers slightly, gliding with them through the blood-soaked earth. There was silence around me, no shouting, no fighting reached my ears and I knew what that meant. This was the end. Everything was lost. They'd all given their life to protect me and it had been in vain. I wanted to cry but there were no tears left for me to shed. I wanted to scream but it seemed that my voice had left me forever. I wanted to die but there was still this small part of me that wanted to live. I averted my eyes from the blood-red earth and looked up. The two attackers were conversing quietly, chancing glances at me now and then. They were clad in black and their faces were covered with masks. They were men, that was obvious from  their tall frames. I didn't need to see their faces to know that they were vampires. For too long Charlie had furthered the persecution and killing of their kind. They hated him for it and had threatened his and my life if he wouldn't stop. Of course, Charlie had remained resolute and had hired the best bodyguards to protect himself and me from the threat. In vain. I'd never understood his utter hate for vampires. There were those like Carlisle Cullen and his supporters who were fighting for a peaceful co-existence between humans and vampires. They were in the underground because they, like the rest of their kind, were hunted by my father and other haters. I'd always thought that Mr. Cullen had the right ideas. The majority of the human population however supported my father's hunt, particularly because of the Volturi that represented the majority of the vampires. They were adamant about their right to hunt humans. Their misanthropy led to more hate for vampires. It was a vicious circle. People feared them and thus agreed with my father on his beliefs. Of course, my father didn't care for hunting habits. For him all vampires, human hunters or not, should be killed. He hated them with a fervor that was terrifying to me. My bodyguards and the housemaids had paid the price for his utter hatred and I would soon follow. I was certain that this was the end. Fear and relief flooded my body at the same time. I'd always wondered how I'd die. Being ripped apart or sucked dry by vampires hadn't crossed my mind. Naively I'd thought that maybe I'd die for my beliefs one day, but now I would be dying for my father's beliefs, not mine. Though, I didn't agree on his unwarranted hatred for vampires, I could say that I hated those men in front of me. They'd killed without mercy. They were the reason why so many wanted vampires to be exterminated. And right now a part of me wanted that, too. Creatures that could kill so easily, without hesitation or regret, didn't deserve the right to exist. Those monsters were nothing but the bearer of death, the embodiment of pure evil. They would be my death. I was hoping for a quick and painless death but I knew that it wouldn't be that way. For too long Charlie had angered the community of vampires. I was certain that I'd be tortured and raped before they granted me death. I'd heard rumors about their horrendous crimes and though I knew that some of them were nothing but the lies that my father had spread, I couldn't shake off the fear that part of them were based upon real events. It was a terrifying thought. I watched how they were probably discussing my fate, how they were laughing, how they were celebrating their victory. I wondered briefly how death would be like. I felt too young to die but I knew it wasn't my decision to make. I think it's time for us to take the human with us, said a voice, soft like honey. I gazed at the owner of this voice. He was impossibly tall and I saw red eyes through the slits in his mask. I'd never been face to face with a vampire before and being so close to one who'd tasted human blood only moments before was horrifying. I wanted to die because I knew death was preferable to the fate that was awaiting me. His eyes were cold and merciless as they stared down at me. I cringed when he lifted his hand and began to pull his mask off. If he didn't care that I saw his face, my death warrant was as good as rendered. I held my breath as I waited for the man to reveal the face of a monster, hideous and abhorrent, and was shocked when I gazed at the face of an angel instead. Such beauty couldn't possibly belong to a monster like him. It was unearthly. Pale skin as smooth and unblemished as white Carrara marble, and features that were too symmetric and elegant to belong to a mere mortal, and bronze-colored hair that glowed in the moonlight. The sight took my breath away until his mouth pulled into a sneer of pure disgust. I felt horrible for allowing myself to be blinded by his beauty. It was a clever disguise of what he truly was. A pitiless monster. Disgustingly weak, these humans, he growled, the noise barely human. The other vampire moved towards us and he was just as beautiful as the first but with blond hair. And they dare to hunt us! roared the bronze-haired man, his red eyes turning a terrifying black.  My body shook in fear and I could barely breath as I directed my gaze back to the blood-soaked ground. I didn't want to see the faces and eyes of those monsters. I wished they would kill me already but it was horrible to think that the faces of those monsters would be the last I'd ever see in my life. I knew that nothing good would ever happen again, I knew that nothing I'd ever hoped for would ever come true. I felt tears, that I hadn't believed to be left, stream down my cheeks but I knew that they were useless because those men weren't capable of pity. They were enjoying the misery of humans like me. I chanced a hesitant look up and caught the bronze-haired demon stare at me with black, hateful eyes. I recoiled in fear and my breathing came in short gasps as the trembling in my body turned into a violent tremor. I startled when I heard sobs and whimpers, only to realize that those noises were coming from my mouth. I wanted to die. I wanted to scream for death to take me now. And then the bronze-haired man smiled at me- or rather grimaced because it was too cold and threatening to be anything else- and revealed his teeth. The moonlight illuminated them in such a horribly fascinating way that my breath caught in my throat. The breath left my mouth in a terrified gasp when the sharp-edged fangs extended slowly until they touched his lower lip. I closed my eyes then and prayed for death. I wasn't a religious person and it was ridiculous for me to begin now but it was all I could think about doing in that horrible moment. A chuckle broke the silence and it was so bare of any joy whatsoever that it sent shills down my spine. My eyes flew open and I caught the blond vampire grinning at me in a horribly unsettling way. So much fear. You're outdoing yourself in scaring the human, Edward, he said with another chuckle but it sounded strained, or maybe I was just beginning to imagine things. I wouldn't put it past my mind to slip into insanity in a moment like this. Edward looked at me then, his aristocratic, pale face contorted with disgust and hatred, and I averted my eyes and stared to the ground because the sight of him was too much for me. How could someone so unearthly beautiful be so horribly cruel and pitiless? Why couldn't they just kill me? That would be the kind thing to do. Kindness, however, was unknown to those monsters. He moved closer until I was able to see his black shoes and his black trouser legs. There wasn't the slightest trace of blood on them, not the tiniest stain, even though he had killed six people tonight and drank their blood. He was probably so very adept at killing and drinking from humans that he knew of ways to keep the blood from flecking his clothes. I wondered if they could ever clean their minds from all the blood they'd shed. The blood I'd seen tonight would certainly be burnt into my head forever and I'd never be able to clean my mind from it. Get up, human. I heard his evil, cold voice and I just wanted to die. I tried to keep my eyes on the ground but my head moved up on its own accord and now I was looking into those cold, black eyes and a tiny cruel smile played across the lips of the man they belonged to. I wanted to die, just die. In my mind I spread my arms, welcoming death, pleading death to grant me release but apparently death didn't want me yet and so all I could do was stare into the face of the beautiful monster in front of me, in this emotionless, cold mask that was his face. Get up, I said! He roared, the rage on his face marring his handsome features, and all I wanted to do was scream, run, die. Disobedient, are we? his cold voice seemed to freeze my soul, my heart, simply everything. My eyes were fixed on him, frozen in fear and shock. In a movement too fast for my eyes to register he grabbed my arm in an iron grip and pulled me up to my feet. I cried out in pain but his grip didn't loosen. It felt as if bones were breaking and my stomach began to turn from the agony that ripped through my arm. I kept my eyes on the ground because I didn't want to see him, didn't want to see his horribly hateful eyes but of course he wouldn't grant me that little favor. His cold, strong fingers took hold of my chin and forced my face up until I was looking into his dark-red eyes.
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