ACCT1501 2014S2 Final Exam Announcement

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Transcript Last Updated 29 July 2014 CRICOS Code 00098G FINAL EXAM ANNOUNCEMENT 1:50pm-4:00pm on 7th November EXAM DURATION AND FORMAT 2 hour exam with 10 minutes reading time    Question 1 – Financial Reporting Principles, Accounting Standards and Auditing, & Sustainability Reporting (10 marks)    Question 2 – Adjusting entries & financial statements (14 marks)    Question 3 – Accounts Receivable (6 marks)    Question 4 – Inventory (11 marks)    Question 5 – Financial Statement Analysis (9 marks)    Question 6 – Management accounting (14 marks)    Question 7 – Multiple Choice Questions (36 marks, 1.5 marks for each). Note that MCQ can come from any part of the course and formulas for financial statement analysis will be provided. IMPORTANT REMINDERS    Don’t forget to get your calculators approved before the exam. Students will not be permitted to use a calculator that does not have a (tamper-proof) ‘ UNSW Approved ’ label. Labels are available from Faculty and School Student Centres.      You must bring your student card, pen and pencil to the final exam.    Manage your time - don’t spend too long on one question.    Make sure you know where your exam is being held, depending on your family name you will be in different rooms – make sure you know which room you have to attend. Location Name From To   Law Building 201 A - B Law Building 202 KF - LA Law Building 203 PI - SO Law Building 275 SP - T Law Building 276 U - WI Law Building 302 Z - Z Law Building 303 WJ - Y The Scientia - Gallery C - F The Scientia - Leighton Hall LB - PH The Scientia - Tyree G - KE Business School ACCT1501 Accounting and Financial Management 1A Session 2 2014      2 Other Course Administrative Issues:    Practice final exam questions have been posted on Moodle. Solution will be provided on Moodle for your revision soon.    Please check your total assessment marks on Moodle. If you have any queries, please email please email the course email ( before 6th November  so we can finalise your marks.    If you have a query with your tutorial participation marks, please email your tutor who will sort it out and advise us of the change if need be.    For information regarding STUVAC consultation , please refer to the coming announcements on Moodle.    For information regarding special consideration for the final exam , please see below. Special Consideration and the Final Exam: If you are unable to sit for the final exam and wish to apply for special consideration, your application must be lodged online through myUNSW within 3 working days of the assessment (Log into myUNSW and go to My Student Profile tab > My Student Services channel > Online Services > Special Consideration). You will then need to submit the srcinals or certified copies of your completed Professional Authority form and other supporting documentation to Student Central. For more information, please study carefully in advance the instructions and conditions at: Please note that there is only one supplementary exam to be held on 9 th  December —you will need to be available for that date. Supplementary exams will not be held at any other time. For further details, please refer to the course outline. ASB Policy on requests for Special Consideration for Final Exams: The policy of the School of Accounting is that the lecturer-in-charge will need to be satisfied on each of the following before supporting a request for special consideration: 1. Does the medical certificate contain all relevant information? For a medical certificate to be accepted, the degree of illness, and impact on the student, must be stated by the medical practitioner (severe, moderate, mild). A certificate without this will not be valid. 2. Has the student performed satisfactorily in the other assessment items? Satisfactory performance would require all assessment tasks attempted and a satisfactory result in each assessment item specified in the Course Outline and meeting the obligation to have attended 80% of tutorials. 3. Does the student have a history of previous applications for special consideration? A history of previous applications may preclude a student from being granted special consideration. Notification regarding special consideration requests for Final Exams in Business School undergraduate courses: If you lodge an application for special consideration for a final examination in a Business School undergraduate course you will not be notified of the outcome until 7 days prior to the Business School supplementary exam period, i.e. not until around 2nd December. This is due to these decisions being made by the Business School Faculty Panel NOT by the lecturer-in-charge (Refer to    3 Business School Policy in course outline). The Business School UG supplementary exam time period is 9th – 11th December. Until the Faculty Panel meets and makes a decision, the status of your online application will remain listed as “Application submitted”. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified of the outcome through the online special consideration system and the status of your application will change to “Decision made”.


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