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  THE EFFECTIVENESS OF USING POETRY TO TEACH VOCABULARY FORM FORM TWO STUDENTS IN SMK RAJA MUDA MUSA, KUALA KANGSAR : AN ACTION RESEARCH Abstract This attempts to investigate the use of poetry in teaching vocabulary among the form two students in SMK Raja Muda Musa, Kuala Kangsar. The subjects in the sample were the form two students. In this work, some issues and concerns related to second language vocabulary teaching and learning were analyzed and interpreted. Data were gathered by means of class observations, field notes, teaching activities, and surveys. The results obtained in this study revealed that, after the implementation of this project, the teacher found out that poetry is an effective in teaching vocabulary. Finally, some suggestions for further research in this area were given.  CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of the study Over the years, the focus on vocabulary in language teaching has evolved. Vocabulary is an element of language that was once neglected. In the Malaysian’s ESL teaching, vocabulary is integrated into the syllabus and regarded as one of the major part in learning the language. In the 1970’s with the shift to communicative language, teaching vocabulary has become very important. Husin, Maarof, and D’Cruz (2000), explain that the drill -and-practice had some  benefits in language teaching but it did not help the students to master the language for a long-term. It is stated that those students who were actually good during the tests, were not able to speak and write fluently as soon as they graduate from their high school. Ratnawati Mohd Ashraf and Ismail Sheikh Ahmad (2003), says that Malaysian school students in the rural area lacked in their basic vocabulary and this causes them not to be able to respond to reading and vocabulary tests. Therefore, the researcher believes that it is very important to identify a good way of teaching vocabulary so that it will be able to assist the students in the process of learning the vocabulary. Literature and language is inseparable from one another. The new curriculum of teaching English language and literature in secondary school (KPM, 2003) developed by the Ministry of Education is a good step in order to promote language acquisition and competence among Malaysian students. Blair (1982) says that literature plays a precious role in the intermediate language classroom whereby with careful selection of the text, literature has great potentials  for the intermediate language learners. Therefore, the implementation of the new literature component in the teaching is relatively appropriate. Literature can easily become the foundation for literary and the focus and it provides sufficient input which can work as models of language so that the students can internalize grammar, work out the meaning of the words, understand the language that they hear and learn to communicate better. Poetry is a piece of literary writing which enables the flow of ideas and information’s and also a powerful vehicle to teach the students reading comprehension. Nesamalar (2007) said that: “Poetry is a piece of literature characterized by rhythm, metre and stanza, by pitchy language and sensory appeal conveyed by the use of various devices.”  Wright (1989) states that reading a piece of literature is not a process of getting the meaning but it’s about making the meaning as well. He also feels that the usage of literature in the classroom gives an insight to the students and also a sensitive perception of the events, characters and situations that is being portrayed in the piece of literature.  1.2 Statement of the problem This research was conducted to find how poetry will be useful to teach vocabulary. The language proficiency of English in SMK Raja Muda Musa, Kuala Kangsar in Perak was low as compared to their mother tongue as more weight age and importance is given to their mother tongue. The usage of English is also minimal as the students don’t have the confidence to converse in the target language and this problem reflects back to square one, lack of adequate vocabulary. On the other hand, the English Language Society in the school put a lot of effort in order to enrich the student’s vocabulary level. They organize, contest and competitions but the students are not participating as they don’t have the interest and motivation to widen  their knowledge in vocabulary. This was because the students have limited vocabulary knowledge thus they perform badly in their test as well as examinations. 1.3   Research questions This study investigated the following question: 1)   Are there any differences in students’ achievement in the learning of vocabulary by using  poetry?
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